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YPG Calls on all Kurdish Groups to Unite Against Jihadist Threats in Rojava

By Rudaw 25/3/2014
YPG fighters in Tel Kocer. Photo: AP
YPG fighters in Tel Kocer. Photo: AP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – All Kurdish groups in the region must set aside their differences and unite to counter threats by Islamic extremists in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), said the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the military wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) which is the most powerful Kurdish force in Syrian Kurdistan.

"All the parties and forces of Rojava, the officials of the autonomous Cantons of Cizire, Kobani and Afrin, the Kurdish national Council and Council of western Kurdistan must put aside their differences at this stage," the YPG said in a statement.

It suspended military operations in the three cantons, created in the northeast last month by its political overseer, the PYD, saying it would only act defensively.

However, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has vowed to take control over the Kobani area and annex it to areas under its control. In the past several days, it has launched heavy assaults on Kobani areas, but has failed to capture territories due to resistance by YPG fighters.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that ISIS has also clashed with YPG in some villages west of Tal Abyad in Raqqa province bordering Turkey. The clashes forced people to flee for Turkey.

"Above all (we urge) the Kurdistan Region presidency, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), BDP (Peace and Democracy Party), Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the Change movement (Gorran) and all the leaders and officials of southern Kurdistan (Kurdistan Region) to take up their historical role and counter the threats facing Rojava," the statement said.

The Kurdish force reaffirmed its resolve to continue to fight the armed groups that launch attacks on Kurdish areas. "We will continue to fight to protect the population of western Kurdistan (Rojava) and prevent attempts to destroy the geographical status and disturb the social relations in the region," the YPG said.

The statement noted that YPG defense does not discriminate against anyone, despite the political differences and problems among the political parties and organizations of Rojava.

The YPG described ISIS assaults on the town of Kobani as "merciless," saying that the jihadist group aims at cutting off Kurdish areas from one another.

"Merciless attacks are launched by ISIS against the people of Kobani, al-Raqqa and Gre Spi." "ISIS attacks are aimed at controlling Ramilan to cut off the Kurdish areas from one another."

The statement also accuses Arab and international media of avoid to cover the incidents happening in Rojava. In the meantime, it accuses the Syrian opposition of silence against the attacks on the Kurds.

"Originally the attack is aimed at all the Kurds because they have targeted Kurdish homeland and its history and it would be stupid to consider the attacks on only one party," the YPG said. "The victory of the YPG in Rojava is the victory for all the Kurds.”

PYD’s ties with the Kurdistan Region have been strained because the former refused to abide by the Erbil agreement brokered by Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani in 2012, which brought the PYD’s People's Council of Western Kurdistan and Kurdish National Council under the newly-created Kurdish Supreme Council.


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Simko | 25/3/2014
It is the duty of president Barzani to come help Rojava in its heroic fight for the Kurdish lives,Kurdish land and history.The Arab jihadists who are killing Kurds in Rojava they came from the same den which issued Maliki the bloody dictator of Baghdad now inciting to murder Kurds of Bashur.The Kurds of Bakur they well know that thousands of Kurds from Rojava went to defend Bakur for almost 30 year and how much dear blood did they let there for the Kurdish freedom and dignity.It is time to pay tribute to Kurdistan in Rojava.
Simko | 25/3/2014
There is no distinction between Rojava and other parts of Kurdistan.The Kurdistan Region must deal with Turkey on the oil of Bashur,Rojava and peace process as three subjects in one package of negotiation.This is the only way for President Barzani to deserve the love of all Kurds and the respect of our enemies.For historical reasons and personal achievements Barzani is entiteled to play this role that the Kurdish nation expects from him.He should pay more attention to his historical mission than any rivalries and the ups and downs of the KDP as a party.
Kak Massoud you now have the chance to prove to the 40 million people that you are a true Kurdish leaders. Put your political disputes aside and help your people. Rojawa is much more important than a good relationship with Turkey . Oil Pipelines can be easily pulled through Rojawa and on the world market . Turkey does not allow the Kurds to withdraw the benefit of our oil. When are you going Kurds realize how important Rojawa is for a future Kurdish state , it is our only contact with the sea if we may form a government then we can carry our own oil in international waters without having a single country's help. Americans and the EU knows this, and therefore they doing everything to prevent a Kurdish state . therefore a Kurdish state with democratic values ​​is their nightmare. they want a corrupt government who can be bribed . So please kak massoud not trust the Turks and the western world they only think about their finances. there is no such thing as human rights for Kurds, they are only betrayal. nearly 100 years of conflict that is not enough ? Help them and show that you are the Kurdistan president
Galnas Herki | 25/3/2014
Very good call. Mamosta Barzani must answer.
Chia | 25/3/2014
Mamosta barzani as some of you call kak massoud is willing to help the kurds in every part of kurdisan. He want to send his troops to rojava for more than 2 years but PYD resufes. They are afraid of losing power in rojava. The PYD want to be the dominant party. They do not let anyone take their wapons unless they fight in the name is PYD. This is the first time the PYD is calling for help while Barzani offered them for more than 2 years help. I hope he will send troops and the PYD put awain his dominance view sp kurds can fight together for a great Kurdistan. Her beji kurd u kurdistan
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