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Turkish shelling injures Kurdish civilians

By Rudaw 25/7/2015
Injured civilians being carried to Duhok State Hospital. Photo : Rudaw
Injured civilians being carried to Duhok State Hospital. Photo : Rudaw

DUHOK, Kurdistan Region -- Two injured citizens carried to hospital in the aftermath of Turkish artillery bombardment of Amediye region in Duhok province last night.

Two villagers from Koker village in Duhok’s Berwari region were injured with Turkish artillery shells, said Rudaw’s reporter. One of the victims was 12 years old, and was carried to the State Hospital of Duhok.

The second victim lost his leg in the strikes and was taken into operation room.

Hakurk Mountain near Sidekan town of Duhok was bombarded three times from air and the ground with Turkish artillery last night, 25th July.

Four members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) were killed in the strikes and several others were injured, said Rudaw’s reporter.

A resident of Sergil village told Rudaw that their lives were in danger. Many of residents of this village are members of the Peshmerga forces and are fighting the Islamic State (ISIS), “How could they fight in battle while worrying about their families,” said one villager.

Around 400 villagers have been isolated in a remote area in that region due to the shelling, said Rudaw’s reporter.


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Turkish racist state will be defeated one day. | 25/7/2015
Turkish racist state will pay big prices for their atrocities against Kurdish civilians.
KURDISH UNITY | 25/7/2015
Turkey is killing Kurds at will.It does it every time differently:-sometimes it does it through the I.S.,sometimes through Ocalan who orders his worshipers to performe according to his masters pan-turkish plans, and sometimes directly as it happened in Robosky and now in Kandil mountains.The brave Kurdish fighters must awake and cut their links to Ocalan,and help to form an integrated Kurdish army in the fight for independence.This is the unique opportunity for Kurds to achieve their independence,they can not miss it.They must UNITE IN ONE ARMY.
Visiting reader from Europe | 25/7/2015
To me as a European this shows very clearly that Turkeys present government is supporting ISIS by military means by attacking Kurds from the rear opening a second front. Disgusting, very truly disgusting. So the Turkish government does openly support the ISIS project. Its clear now by Turkeys actions. Im not Kurdish but could not resist to leave my comments on how badly this reflects on Turkey.
Hersh | 25/7/2015
How can this be accepted? where are the Americans? killing the family of Peshmerga that are fighting ISIS? killing PKK who are fighting ISIS?. President Barzani should convene an emergency meeting with all Kurdish parties from all parts of Kurdistan ASAP, send a message to these neighboring countries that this kind of behaviour of violating our territory will not fly anymore, those days are over.
Brino | 25/7/2015
If USA is and the rest of western countries are so called democratic, they would eliminate Turkey but instead Obama is Erdogans big muslim brother, they are Isis. If I were the world leader, I would wipe out Turkey, give it back to Greeks, Kurds and Armenians and send those mongols to where they trully come from, Mongolia.
Tags : Turkey

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what jobs here pay 4500 usd a month !? that is 54 k annually!
SuperJC | 2/15/2019 6:38:20 AM
How this person becomes a poor guy even he's right skill in one of good industry....This poor guy got no brain in the first place and then mix-up the...
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Hansi Oemeran | 1/30/2019 5:58:35 PM
Turkey has literally caused for this conflict to go astray. Now, tens if not hundreds of jihadist groups fighting for supremacy. This is going to...
Schools in Indonesia | 2/15/2019 6:29:49 AM
Syria has a strong diplomatic relationship with major superpowers, of which most of it are closest allies like Russia, Iran ,China, India ,...
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John Bird | 2/15/2019 6:02:41 AM
The Islamic regime in Iran is having a taste of their own medicine. They brought terror and destruction to the region 40 years ago. Let them now...
United Nations encourages states to help Iran after terror attack killed 27
| 18 hours ago | (1)
Artush | 2/14/2019 10:34:43 PM
Its really sad and pity to see the russian flag along side the pirate turkish flag and mullah flag.
Israeli | 2/15/2019 5:21:56 AM
What a picture 3 criminals , 3 killers together .
Putin: Northern Syria must return to Damascus control
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