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Why the PKK wants to participate in the Mosul operation

By Paul Iddon 18/10/2016
Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters in Shingal. AP file photo.
Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters in Shingal. AP file photo.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) wants to participate in the ongoing operation against Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Mosul, analysts say this is a gambit on their part to become accepted as a legitimate political entity in Iraq.

Aliza Marcus, an analyst on Kurdish issues and author of ‘Blood and Belief: The P.K.K. and the Kurdish Fight for Independence’ argues that “joining in the Mosul operation takes on more symbolism,” for the PKK.

“I see the PKK’s demand to take part in the Mosul attack as more about being accepted as a legitimate political and armed force in Iraq than anything else,” Marcus told Rudaw English. “If the PKK were allowed to join in the Mosul operation, this would be a sign that it had been accepted as a legitimate force in the Kurdistan Region in particular.”

This acceptance as a legitimate force in this region comes as the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) wants the PKK to vacate its forces from the foothold they are still retaining in Shingal in contravention of the KRG’s sovereignty over that region. Stein also identified the PKK presence there as something which “will have to be addressed in the post-Mosul operation Iraq.”

“Practically speaking, I don’t see the PKK in a position to send a large force to Mosul or play a key role,” Marcus added, “but the symbolic importance is big.”

Here Marcus sees a parallel between why the PKK wants to participate in Mosul with why its arch enemy Ankara does.

“In some ways, this isn’t so different from what Turkey is demanding, which is also a role in Mosul, which is something that could boost Turkey’s claims to being an important player in the region,” she explained.

Since early this year the PKK and its Yezidi offshoot, the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS), have voiced their willingness to fight in the Mosul operation. The military commander of the YBS, Haval Mazloum, told Rudaw back in January that his group is determined to participate alongside the PKK. When asked if they would be permitted to do so he simply declared, “It is already decided that we would participate in liberating Mosul.”

A commander of the PKK’s armed wing, the People’s Defense Forces (HPG), Agid Kalari, has also reiterated the group’s determination to participate in the battle this month.

Marcus doubts that these forces can unilaterally enter the Mosul battle, saying such a move would be “too difficult and dangerous,” for them.

“This is a highly organized operation and it would be hard for groups to join in without coordination,” she explained.

Aaron Stein, a resident fellow of the Atlantic Council think tank, whose areas of expertise include US-Turkey relations, doubts the PKK will play any significant role if it does participate.

“The PKK, operating as the YBS could try and play some very small, limited role in areas they control near Shingal, and then try and pretend they are playing a decisive role in the Mosul campaign,” Stein told Rudaw English.

“Turkey could choose to make this an issue, but the reality is that the YBS/PKK will not play any meaningful role in Mosul,” he added.

Mahmut Bozarsian, a journalist who has written on this issue before, fears that PKK participation will lead to another war front between the group and Turkey in Nineveh.

“If the PKK do participate this will increase tensions in the region given Turkey’s opposition to the group and open the possibility for a new front against Turkey, which will also fight the PKK,” Bozarsian told Rudaw English.

He also pointed out that the possibility of PKK participation depends on relations between Baghdad and Ankara, which are extremely tense at the moment over the Turkish military deployment to the Bashiqa training camp near Mosul.

The United States has made clear that it opposes any PKK participation in the operation. However, it remains somewhat unclear if Iraq would willingly prevent its participation given its current consternation with Turkey over its aforementioned Bashiqa presence and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s insistence that Ankara play a major role in shaping Mosul’s future and preserving its Sunni Arab, Kurdish and Turkman demographics.

“I think forces in the region will use the PKK to keep Turkey busy,” Bozarsian predicted.


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I promote Truth | 18/10/2016
PKK wants a Coup against KRG.
Kawa | 18/10/2016
KRG is a joke. Please stop talking about independence when our politicians are fighting about the dumbest things. President Barzani shakes hands with Erdogan, a guy who says 'Kurds are more evil than Isis.' Lol.
Jay | 18/10/2016
PKK has a bigger task to liberate Kurdish parts in Turkey and protect Kurds from Erdogan's regime who has been terrorizing them in the last year or so, why meddle in Iraqi Kurdistan business. PKK are paid by the Iraqi central government to stay in Shingal which by itself a treason to the very spirit of Kurds, no one needs PKK in Iraq. KRG has a strong Peshmerga force, PKK is only making their mission more complicated. As for Turkey's insistence in participating in the liberation of Mosul; they are concerned about their men who are fighting with Isis, Turkey wants to make sure those men get out of this conflict unharmed. The story when Isis invaded Mosul and Turkish diplomats trapped in Turkish council was just a cover up to see how much Turkey is involved with Isis.
Silemani | 18/10/2016
Look I will never talk bad about any Kurd who is fighting for Kurdistan not KDP PUK or PKK. But the only thing I say is that we need a united army under the Peshmerga minitry, no party armies like KDP PUK or PKK. Yes no PKK in Bashur but also no KDP force, all Peshmerga must be under KRG and I think all Kurds would agree to that. Inshallah we will see a united army soon where no party have influence on them.
Guiseppe | 19/10/2016
@Kawa When and where did he say that ?

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And finally KRG took off the last piece of clothes they are wearing . Now we can go back to work and live normally . Thank you for a great adventure...
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Muraz . Hot much does the kdp pay you so you can write garbage all day . Everything you say is useless and a lie . I suggest you go read some history...
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