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Families of jihadists evacuate Mosul as Baghdad prepares for major offensive

By OMER ŞAYAN 27/12/2014
ISIS militants in front of a police station in Nineveh province, Iraq — AP.
ISIS militants in front of a police station in Nineveh province, Iraq — AP.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Families of the Islamic State (ISIS) militants have evacuated Mosul city, Kurdish sources inside Mosul reveal. The Iraqi army, assisted by the US-led coalition air power are gearing up to regain control of Mosul, the stronghold of ISIS.

“According to our sources at least eight buses carrying the families of the militants departed from Mosul towards the Syrian border,” Saeid Mamozini, a Kurdish media spokesperson told Rudaw.  

The ground operation to recapture Mosul will take place in late January next year, Iraqi military sources have said. Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani has not ruled out Peshmerga forces assisting in the fight to recapture the city, which has an estimated 500,000 Kurdish inhabitants. 

“If the Iraqi government and the people of Mosul have a plan, we will study it and see how to assist the Iraqi army in recapturing the city,” Barzani said last week in response to a question by Rudaw.

Mamozini also said the militants had enforced strict public regulations in the city, which “practically banned women to drive or travel alone in the city.”


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Traitors | 27/12/2014
It was proven in Sinjal that local ARABS supported ISIS "Peshmerga forces supported Yazidi fighters who detained 40 IS members around Sinjar town,” Yazidi commander Nawaf Khadida al-Sinjari told an Anadolu Agency correspondent. The captured IS members are Iraqi nationals from the Shingal (Sinjar) area" "Mosul has an estimated 500,000 Kurdish inhabitants" Or rather had so many Kurdish inhabitants as certainly MOSUL Arabs have been busy murdering tens of thousands dumping them in mass graves. Kurdish should liberate Mosul as Iraqi Army would give forgiveness to their local ARAB brothers in exchange for corruption money to pretend they liberated innocent ARAB victims of ISIL Who can trust that this latest arabization in the end will not have been effective till the next ethnic cleansing opportunity comes along 10 or 20 years later. Remember, Mosul was liberated in 2003 helped by many Kurds and then the collaborating Arabs could stay also.
New Borders And New States | 27/12/2014
It is the prelude of a carnage.A carnage that will take place not between two sides but more actors with so oppsing aims and agendas.This war will draw,with blood, new borders of new states on the territorie of the former Syria and Iraq,two countries that no longer exist.
Gazi B Zibari, MD, FACS | 27/12/2014
These terrorist and barbarian the ISIS will be eliminated if Iraqi people get United and choose to do so. I don't think Peshmerga should enter the city of Mosul as it was off the limit for Peshmerga to enter the city before ISIS captured the city. However, we should support Iraqi Army with the liberation of Mosul. People of Mosul and their leadership have had been very antagonistic to presence of Peshmerga in Mosul. However, since they are willing to kick ISIS out we should support that endeavor. Remember, we don't want to have ISIS to be living next door to the Eizidi & Shabak Kurds & to Christian as well as to the Kurds....etc. with Gods help ISIS days are numbered and they will be eliminated much faster than the way they captured the territory. Long live Peshmerga and Kurdistan.
Muraz Adzhoev | 27/12/2014
One way or another, sooner or later, but the victorious ground offencive operation to release and free Mosul, will be finally carried out by the special forces of the Peshmerga army. Mosul, after Baghdad, is now in fact the second main frontline of the arab war between Sunnis and Shiits of the former Iraq. However, Mosul should and will become the capital city of a region inside independent Southern Kurdistan. Iraq is dead, but Southern Kurdistan is alive and getting stronger. This is the fact that can not be ignored any more by Iran and Turkey. The local political parties and organizations should at last take into very responsible account, that there are only the legitimate institutions of sovereign power - the President, the Parliament and the Government, appropriately obliged and authorized for making decisions on behalf of the people of Southern Kurdistan.
Kurds are the new rulers! | 27/12/2014
Without the Peshmerga it will be totally impossible for the shia to do anything.
Tags : ISIS, IS, Mosul

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Andrew | 3/19/2018 9:26:29 PM
Finally the People of the Czech Republic have seen through Sultan Erdogan's Political games & stood up to him. This was an attempt [different Ally...
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| 23 hours ago | (1)
kurt basar | 3/19/2018 9:06:42 PM
They can tweet as much as they want too, but nobody is going to touch NATO member the Turkish terror states Islamic/ISIL thugs, because same thugs...
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kurt basar4 | 3/19/2018 7:29:15 PM
This Lahur Guy must be a very good joker, he surrenders Kerkuk which is love of the Kurd's, to the Shiite savages without any fight by putting his...
Gunrash | 3/19/2018 8:09:36 PM
My fellow Kirkukis should all go and spit this traitor in the face.
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Guest | 3/19/2018 7:22:06 PM
Ethnic cleansing is exactly what Turkey is doing. Their actions show that they obviously favor certain ethnic groups over others.
FAUthman | 3/19/2018 7:39:18 PM
Pompeo has called both Turkey and Iran "Islamic dictatorships" and my feeling is he is not going to be pushed around by either. The investments US...
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