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About us

Rudaw Media Network
Rudaw is a Kurdish media network funded and supported by Rudaw Company. The network aims to impart news and information about Kurdistan and the Middle East in a professional manner. Those interested in Kurdistan and the Kurdish cause can follow the latest developments in the region in both Kurdish and English through Rudaw’s multiple platforms.

Digital Portal
An online platform that provides timely coverage of Kurdish issues in both Kurdish dialects. The website also publishes news and information in English.

A radio news channel that broadcasts on shortwave across the Middle East. Audiences from all over the world can listen to a live stream online.

Published on a weekly basis, with hard copies sold in the Kurdistan Region and Europe. In the Kurdistan edition, stories of interest to the local population are covered. The European edition features issues of interest to the Kurdish diaspora.

A Kurdish news channel thatbroadcasts to the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. This newly-launched channel can be received on NileSat and Hot Bird satellites.

A Global Network, a Local Flavour
Rudaw is based in Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The company has correspondents in various parts of the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. This broad network of reporters makes Rudaw a reliable source of information for audiences across the globe.

Two Languages, Two Dialects
Rudaw Media Network publishes in Kurdish and English. This has brought the network a large audience from inside Kurdistan as well as throughout Europe and North America. In Kurdistan -- Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran -- there are two main dialects used by the media: Sorani and Kurmanji. There are also two different characters used: Roman and Arabic (Aramaic). Rudaw publishes products in both dialects of the Kurdish language.

What You Say

bain | 3/24/2017 10:33:44 PM
Damascus should not push their luck, the bloody regime should be very happy it survived and that it controls half of former Syria
Guest | 3/25/2017 4:34:30 AM
Somebody should give Mr. Bashar Jaafari a kick in the butt and tell him to shut up. The Shiite are a small minority in Syria and they have no right...
Damascus condemns US military cooperation with SDF
| 13 hours ago | (4)
Guest | 3/25/2017 4:30:55 AM
George W. Bush was quite justified when he declared Iran, along with Iraq and North Korea, as axes of evils. The mullahs in Iran are truly evil and...
US security agency sees Iran as one of 'top five' cyber threats
| 17/3/2017 | (1)
Bill Thompson
Bill Thompson | 3/25/2017 1:25:22 AM
100 less Muslims in this world to deal with.
New | 3/25/2017 4:06:42 AM
With liberating Mosul and Raqqa isis will not be defeated. Reform and respect of human rights will stabilize the region
Stunning loss of life in west Mosul, says UN as bodies dug out of rubble
| 12 hours ago | (4)
Dasvom | 3/25/2017 3:59:13 AM
Because he is old and will die in few years.
Egypt's former President Mubarak back at home
| 19 hours ago | (1)
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