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IMF: 2018 Iraqi draft budget won't 'cover the needs' of Kurdistan

By Rudaw 22/12/2017
The International Monetary Fund (IMF). Photo: AP
The International Monetary Fund (IMF). Photo: AP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The International Monetary Fund believes Iraq's 2018 budget share proposals "do not suffice in our view to cover the needs of the Kurdistan Regional Government.” Baghdad’s proposal would slash the budget of the KRG by more than 4 percent.

"[W]e've communicated to the federal government that the 6.6 trillion [Iraqi dinars] (about $5.56 billion) that are currently in the 2018 draft budget do not suffice in our view to cover the needs of the Kurdistan Regional Government. To that, in our opinion, these transfers should be increased to about 10 trillion Iraqi dinars ($8.43 billion)," IMF Deputy Division Chief Christian Josz told Rudaw on Thursday.

The Government of Iraq has relied heavily on international loans and bonds because of the global drop in oil prices coupled with a three-year war against ISIS, and now a campaign to rebuild the country's already aging infrastructure.

"We lent money to the entity of Iraq because it's a member of the IMF and has the right and the circumstances to draw on the resources of the IMF," explained Josz. "As part of the standard arrangement, the standard arrangement is based on the budget that is approved by parliament."

Since 2014, Erbil has contended Baghdad is not sending the 17 percent share of the Iraqi government budget.

"In that budget, until now, there was a budget-sharing agreement between Baghdad and the KRG and its via that way that we encourage the whole of Iraq to benefit from the IMF loans, i.e. by implementing the budget-sharing agreement, which has obligations both on the sides..." said the deputy chief.

In a proposal for next year's draft budget, the KRG is allocated 12.6 percent of Iraq's total share.

"In the 2018 budget, we have made clear to the federal government that it is very important to us that the Kurdistan Regional Government gets sufficient transfers to cover the expenses to cover the Kurdistan Regional Government," added Josz.

Many Kurds believe the central authorities are taking punitive measures against the Kurdistan Region for holding the September referendum on independence. Regional autonomy is enshrined in the 2005 Iraqi constitution.

The government in Erbil has complained that Baghdad has used the budgets as a tool to prevent Erbil's independent exportation of oil to world markets through a pipeline that terminates at Turkey's Ceyhan port.

KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani has said the people should realize that the KRG’s revenues “have been slashed by half” since the loss of the oil-fields in Kirkuk in mid-October.


Amo | 22/12/2017
Why do you keep saying the budget will be cut by 4%? The budget will be cut by 4 percentage points of the whole Iraqi budget. It's closer to 35% of the KRG budget.
Eugene | 27/12/2017
There are 5x as many people in Baghdad controlled Iraq than So.Kurdistan...? economic colonization of S.Kurdistan helps to build the new oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Ceyhan for free....but multiplies the hurt for the Kurds...many times over...
jo | 29/12/2017
when will the Iraqi dinar RV!!!!!!
BigBob | 29/12/2017
Uhm, didnt KRG get a divorce from Iraq, so isnt the KRG and independent country now?
victoria keating | 30/12/2017
The military is at present deliberate - he would need to begin the draft again to make any critical increments. In the event that you need to stop this issue, we should stand up and drive the legislature to keep our troops at home. On the off chance that we don't have wars we won't need to stress over a major military.

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dv6 | 4/20/2018 12:48:22 PM
good KRG treats these small companies well they believed in Kurdistan oil sector early on and invested in Kurdistan energy sector.
KRG makes payments to 3 international oil companies
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anon | 4/19/2018 1:03:56 PM
kurd, even without pkk turkey would still hunt down every kurd and kill them. Turkey doesn't care about the PKK the PKK is a scapegoat in order to...
Amin Mab | 4/20/2018 12:04:51 PM
The atheist crusader party known as the pkk will make peace with muslim turkey if they want to survive as a party. kurdish genocide against popular...
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Outsider | 4/20/2018 7:49:53 AM
(A) the Americans did not kick Saddam in the bu@@ because they were unhappy about "democracy" in Iraq...they did it because he invaded Kuwait. ..and...
ms rehman | 4/20/2018 11:46:49 AM
excellent analysis except the three regions should have a federal stucture like UK
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Outsider | 4/20/2018 8:02:12 AM
The last paragraph says everything... "the Kurds were never able to secure one of the province's 12 MP seats in Parliament. .." meaninf there was...
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