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‘Blackmailed’ EU has failed to justly condemn Turkey in Afrin: VP

By Znar Shino 8/2/2018
Many European nations have failed to justly condemn Turkey’s military operation in Afrin because they are being “blackmailed” by Europe’s refugee deal with Ankara, a vice president of the EU parliament told Rudaw in Brussels. 

Turkey is “bombing the Kurdish soldiers that were the real authors of the defeat of Daesh [ISIS] on the ground. This is a paradox. We have seen a very silent approach from the EU, not condemning these kinds of attempts in the strongest way that is really deserved, just because we think, in a certain way, many European countries are blackmailed by this illegal agreement with Turkey,” said Fabio Massimo Castaldo.

After more than a million refugees and migrants from the Middle East, Africa and beyond walked into Europe, thousands dying in treacherous boat crossings, seeking safety and better lives, the European Union signed a controversial deal with Turkey in March 2016. 

Under the deal, Turkey would stem the flow of people into Europe in exchange for financial assistance, visa concessions, and progress in negotiations regarding accession to the European Union. 

Castaldo, however, said that the current Turkish government is showing “less and less” respect for human rights and “clearly does not have the will” to respect EU principles. 

He accused Turkey of putting Kurdish lives at risk with its ongoing Operation Olive Branch in Afrin that is “clearly undermining the peace process” in Syria.

Europe’s “soft approach” to Turkey has not seen any success, Castaldo said. 

Instead of using all the means available, including pressure through NATO, Europe has turned their heads, he said. “This is not acceptable.”

He extended a personal message of support for the people of Afrin, saying, “Don’t give up. Maybe the European governments are not beside you, but for sure many millions and the large majority of European politicians are beside you. They will recognize the huge force and the terrible blood tribute you paid to defeat the terrorists, defeat Daesh, and we will stand for your rights.”

Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin on January 20.


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Thank you | 8/2/2018
Thank you Mr Castaldo , thank you Rudaw .
Free Kurdistan | 8/2/2018
The Kurds are being massacred by Turkey with American and European support and weapons .Mr Castaldo rightly reminds everyone here that the Kurds have authored the defeat of ISIS and they have paid a terrible tribute with their blood in the fighting .The Kurds deserve recognition of their rights on freedom and self-determination.Europe is failing to condemn and stop the Turkish war on Kurds because it is being blackmailed by Turkey because of the agreement on immigration. This war on Kurds must stop immediately and the Kurdish territories must be put under international protection .
Jagerxin derashy | 8/2/2018
The new sultan is reborn and new Ottoman Empires on its way ! The world needs to wake up before it’s to late...!!!
Catarina | 8/2/2018
Turkey is blackmailing and humilliating whole Europe and America, it is waging a savage war on Kurds with the confessed aim to cleanse Afrin and other Kurdish lands from Kurds.
Richard | 8/2/2018
Finally, an EU official with the balls to tell it as it is!!!!

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Ahmed Karson | 10/23/2018 5:24:01 PM
Ho ho, one moment. KDP has 45 seats and can easily make goverment on its own. You dont have anything to say until KDP orders you to do so.
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Brutus | 10/23/2018 4:39:12 PM
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