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Sherri Kraham Talabani: Kurdistan’s future lies in investing in women, youth

By Rudaw 8/7/2016
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—A stronger, more democratic, prosperous future for the Kurdistan Region lies with empowering the nation’s women and supporting them in leadership and decision-making roles, said Sherri Kraham Talabani, co-founder of SEED, in an interview with Rudaw.

Talabani, an American, co-founded Erbil-based SEED (Social Educational Economic Development) with Tanya Gilly-Khailany, originally from Kirkuk, in 2014.

Talabani described SEED is a unique merger of international expertise and experience with local know-how. It is focused on long-term improvement, investing in the people of the Kurdistan Region, giving them the tools they need to improve their lives.

As a lawyer with years of experience working with developing countries and democracies, Talabani applauded the Kurdistan Regional Government for opening their doors to 1.8 million refugees and internally displaced Iraqis, all with very few resources, and lauds the Region for the improvements and advancements it has made, in terms of economics, infrastructure and education.

But, she said, the decades of trauma and persecution the Region has suffered means people, including both the government and the private sector, are in survival mode, thinking only about what they need to do to get through today. She believes the Region needs to start thinking about the future by investing in and strengthening all people, particularly women and youth. 


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Nali Mirani | 8/7/2016
Kudos to Sherri Talabani for taking the initiative to do something real and essential for the Kurdistan society, especially women. She is emphasizing genuine ideas instead of spouting useless shibboleths. Instead of emulating the decrepit and sclerotic state machinery of the Iraqi state, Kurdistan Region needs to focus on achieving innovative political, social and economic progress.
mam jalalist | 8/7/2016
viva maaaaam jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalal | 8/7/2016
Thank you dear.
Hoshyar Zaxoy | 8/7/2016
Never heard of the lady with my respect. Any connection to our beloved Talabani?
Ann | 8/7/2016
This strong, independent and articulate woman with sharp intelligence is echoing what research consistantly has shown that societies where women are given equal rights to men in every field, have minimum levels of violence, its members are psychologically healthier and more prosperous.In kurdistan, women are held backward by male family members who still view their women as carriers of their "honor", hence their need to control their lives. A kurdish friend of mine who was killed by her male relatives when she escaped the demostic violence of an arranged marriage and fell in love with a man of her choice. She lived a life full of terror. Women living in such environment of terror, unable to make decisions regarding their own life, can't contribute to the health and wealth of their societies, before first being allowed to break free from the control of male members of their family. The men, first need to be educated to break free from their outdated backward tribal cultural traditions before any functioning, modern, forward looking, 21 Century society could be created.

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FAUthman | 11/19/2018 5:03:25 AM
This is a very useful report by Rudaw with a lot of very important quotes here. T.U.
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