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Awarded Kurdish singer, model aspires for more

By Darbaz Younis 12/4/2018
Hadis Sadiq Ayoubi receives the 2018 best in Art & Media Category at the Center for Kurdish Progress in London, England.
Hadis Sadiq Ayoubi receives the 2018 best in Art & Media Category at the Center for Kurdish Progress in London, England.
The Center for Kurdish Progress held a reception in the Attlee Suite of the British Houses of Parliament to mark the Kurdish new year, Newroz. MPs and other officials attended. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivered the keynote speech

Kurdish activists, business leaders, young entrepreneurs, as well as artists and musicians were recognized for success in their respective fields. They represented all four parts of Kurdistan.

Hadis Sadiq Ayoubi was awarded in the Art & Media category for releasing a new single called ‘Baran’ and performing in front of more than 1,000 people at the British Kebab Awards in 2017. The artist born in Iranian Kurdistan spoke to Rudaw after the event, explaining she would like to expand her ventures into the clothing industry.


Rudaw: You recently won an award. What was that?

I won an award for being the most successful Kurd in the area of art and media. The award is given annually by a Kurdish center in the United Kingdom to some social and political figures. Although these awards give me energy and strengthen me more, my dreams are bigger than that.

Why did you leave Iranian Kurdistan? Was there impediment to your art work? Who do you work with in the UK? 

I was working in east Kurdistan too, but singing is legally prohibited for women. I came to Europe for better studies, where I work with two Kurdish artists, Alan and Goran Muftizada. I also will try to work with international artists in the future. 

You initially started as a singer and are also a model. What made you choose the latter? 

I have been doing music since I was a child. I have studied music. I just happened to be a fashion model. I wasn’t focusing on modeling before, but this drew my attention when I came to the UK. I am currently working to develop my own clothing brand. 

You have published only one music clip. Those who listen to your music expect other clips from you. Have you stopped working as a singer? 

I don’t believe an artist should publish new songs and clips every day. I haven’t stopped. I’ll continue. However, I understand how people feel about art. I am working on quality. It is better to have high quality work, no matter the quantity. 

Will you re-sing your old songs or have new clips in the future? 

I am working on new productions, and surely will have new songs in the future. 

Job opportunities abound for beautiful models and singers. Have you ever lost good job opportunities? 

Different opportunities come up for people according to their ability and connections. I consider many factors when I come to choose. I have often been disinterested in opportunities which others might have wished to have. 
You have also worked in the film industry and taken part in the production of several films. Do you want to continue your contribution to the film industry? 

I played character roles in three Kurdish films. In one of them, I was only 5-years-old, for which I was granted an award for being the best child actor in Iran. The film featured the chemical attack on Halabja. I will surely continue with the film industry if a chance for a good film comes up. 

How has your experience as a model been so far? What brands have you modeled? 

I participated in London Fashion Week as a model. I have worked for different clothes brands. However, my focus currently is on my own brand called the ‘Tilinaz Collection.’

Work is being done on a project in Kurdistan called ‘Kurdistan Fashion Week.’ Do you plan to participate in this project? 

I am very happy to see these projects progressing in Kurdistan, especially now with women taking the lead. They haven’t contacted me yet. But if there is a professional request, I will consider it and will be part of it if I can. 


What do you think of modeling and being a public figure in Kurdistan where people who gain fame on social media call themselves models? 

It is good to see women coming forward. It is true that these two fields are mixed. I think they will separate in the future.  

Your father is a drawer. How helpful is he for your work?

I was raised in a home rich with art. My mother is also a known and capable drawer. The artistic atmosphere at home was my biggest encouragement. They still help me, and speak to them whenever I embark on a work.



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