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Kurdish-Israeli Singer: ‘I Feel Responsible for Protecting Kurdish Culture’

By Ary Rasool 21/7/2013
Kurdish Israeli singer Hadassa Yeshurun. Photo:
Kurdish Israeli singer Hadassa Yeshurun. Photo:


Kurdish-Israeli singer Hadassa Yeshurun does not speak Kurdish, but likes to sing in the language of her ancestors for the joy it gives her fans, and because she wants to keep the language and culture alive in Israel.  Whenever she picks out a song, Yeshurun says she first tries to understand the words and “connect” with the lyrics. She adds that it is her “dream” to visit and perform in the Kurdistan Region, but that she is waiting for an invitation. Here is her interview with Rudaw:

Rudaw: It is said that you are going to visit the Kurdistan Region after the Eid holidays?

Hadassa Yeshurun: I would be very glad to visit the Kurdistan Region. Many people asked me to come to Kurdistan and hold a concert there. In order for me to be able to come, there has to be some kind of official invitation from the government or an organization. So my visit to the region depends on those who are willing to host me. It is my dream to visit the Kurdistan Region.

I visited several countries like Austria, Germany and Turkey for concerts. Unfortunately, I have not yet had a chance to visit Kurdistan. As a strong follower of Judaism, I once refused to participate in a concert in Germany because it happened to be on Saturday.

Rudaw: Are the Kurdish Israelis connected with the Kurds in the other parts of the Middle East?

Hadassa Yeshurun: The Kurds who live in Israel have relations with the Kurds throughout the world, especially the Kurds in Iraq and Europe.

Rudaw: How do you feel when you sing in Kurdish?

Hadassa Yeshurun: Songs and poems are the most important part of every culture. I am very fond of Kurdish and Aramaic cultures, so when I sing I focus on these two cultures. I also sing in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and Hebrew. I feel it is my responsibility to protect Kurdish culture from extinction through my songs. It makes me happy when I sing in Kurdish or Aramaic, because it makes my Kurdish fans happy. When I sing in Kurdish I notice tears in their eyes and I realize after many years of hardship something finally makes them happy.

Rudaw: Can you speak Kurdish?

Hadassa Yeshurun: No.

Rudaw: Then how can you sing in Kurdish? Do you understand the words of the songs you sing in Kurdish?

Hadassa Yeshurun: In order for me to connect with the song I have to understand the words. When I pick a song I first study to learn the meaning of the words.

Rudaw: What do you know about Kurdistan?

Hadassa Yeshurun: I know the Kurds are the largest nation without their own country. I also know that the Kurds have been repressed throughout history, especially under the rule of the ousted regime Saddam Hussein.

Rudaw: Are you in touch with any Kurdish singers?

Hadassa Yeshurun: I am not, but I still listen to their songs. There are many talented Kurdish singers. If I decide to sing one of their songs I contact them for help with the words. I am currently working on memorizing the songs of Hassan Zirak, Tahir Tofiq and Zakaria Abdulla. I love to listen to Choppi Ftatah. I follow her style when I sing in Kurdish.

Rudaw: Are there similarities between Jewish and Kurdish cultures? If so, how would these similarities encourage a Jewish singer to sing in Kurdish?

Hadassa Yeshurun: Kurdistan and Israel have many things in common. There are many Kurds currently living in Israel, and there were many Jewish who once lived in Kurdistan. My parents were in Kurdistan. For me, singing in Kurdish is the way to protect the language and culture in Israel. Even though I don’t have a tutor to teach me Kurdish I still try to sing in Kurdish.

Rudaw: What is the Kurdish population in Israel and how are their living conditions?

Hadassa Yeshurun: There are currently over 100,000 Kurds living in Israel. We celebrate Newroz, the Kurdish New Year, together and we go out for picnics. We have Kurdish dance classes. We celebrate the holidays together. We make Kurdish food. We still very much protect and use the Kurdish traditional instruments like flutes and drums. Unfortunately, not all of them speak Kurdish, especially the new generation. We speak Hebrew instead. 


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Bakir Lashkari
Bakir Lashkari | 21/7/2013
Good to see that Mrs Hassada is interviewed by our Rudaw. To my view it is a great honour to listen to her songs, although she is learning her mother language gradually. I like her responsible feeling, SHALOM Hadassa to Kurdistan :-)
KurdishMan | 22/7/2013
I simply love Hadassa Yeshurun, she is so attractive!!!!
Rebaz Tahir Benjamin
Rebaz Tahir Benjamin | 22/7/2013
Official invitation? With all due of respect. but are you a government representative for any country? Only artists who have sacrificed their lives for Kurdistan by singing in war times etc, should be treated like that.
PDK Kerkuk | 22/7/2013
As a Kurdish Muslim I love our Jewish Kurdish brothers like I love all my Yezidi brothers etc. We all are Kurds, our Land is occupied, we have many enemies, thats why unity is even more important for us to free our country. There is no different between Kurds, not even our religion make any different between us.
PDK Kerkuk | 22/7/2013
Like our Kurdish national hero Mistefa Barzani said, the different religions in Kurdistan are a gift for our land.
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Wow, how can Mr. Abadi say that kurds are first-class citizens in Iraq. The kurds can see that is not true and the world should see that also and...
LOYALTY | 7/20/2017 5:26:03 AM
Barzani is the founder of the Kurdish State . He deserves our loyalty .
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Adam | 6/16/2017 10:59:32 PM
Go Mr president we are all behind you
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If the Iraqi government is democratic and believes in democracy for all, why they would deny it for us, the Kurds. Our freedom is not from referendum...
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A Kurd in exile | 7/20/2017 12:44:02 AM
This is a good news! I am glad to hear it! Thank you President Barzani!
Argushi, USA | 7/20/2017 1:37:38 AM
All the kurds around the world should see that Barzani is asking for referendum for kurds and kurdistan and NOT KDP.
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