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Third Kurdish party joins armed struggle in Iran

By Rudaw 1/5/2017
A group of Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Communist Party of Iran (IKCP). Photo: Rudaw video
A group of Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Communist Party of Iran (IKCP). Photo: Rudaw video

SORAN, Kurdistan Region— The Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan has mobilised its Peshmerga troops along the Iranian borders in a bid to resume armed struggle against the Islamic Republic, following two other Kurdish parties that broke a decade-long ceasefire with Tehran last year. 

Party officials told Rudaw their armed forces were now based some three kilometers away from the Iranian army posts near the borders with the Kurdistan Region. 

“Our main objective is to establish communication with our organisations in Eastern Kurdistan (Iran),” said Komala commander Khalil Fatahi. “We are able to do that in a better way from here since we are closer to our people and can do plenty of work from here and not in the cities,” Fatahi added. 

The two other Kurdish parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (HDK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (HDKA) have recently accelerated their anti-government campaigns, including sporadic border clashes with Iranian forces. 

The HDKA, which is based mainly in the Kurdistan Region, announced last year it will bring its fight closer to the Kurdish areas in Iran after years of non-violent movements outside Iranian Kurdistan.

Iran has said its intelligence agencies have boosted their collection of information and surveillance in northern Iraq to counter what they see as terror threats from Iranian Kurdish separatists.

Tehran has in the past accused its regional rival Saudi Arabia of arming and funding Iranian Kurdish groups opposed to the Islamic Republic allegedly through its consulate in Erbil, a claim Kurdish officials have categorically rejected. 

The HDKA has accused Tehran of masterminding the deadly bomb attacks that targeted its headquarters in Koya, Kurdistan Region in December killing 6 people and wounding 4 others. Iran has not addressed the allegations.  

HDKA has welcomed IKCP’s decision and said armed struggle is the likely option that all Kurdish factions will resort to for Tehran to come to the negotiating table. 

“We would be happy to see all other Kurdish parties as well to join our campaign, and our partnership with the IKCP will only strengthen after their decision,” said HDKA commander Rahim Mangori. 


Dang | 1/5/2017
Isn't it the 4. party since Komala was the 3.? Anyway, the way I see this is Erbil is trying to force the mullahs to accept Kurdish independence for South Kurdistan, don't know if it will work but one thing is sure, only Erbil can stop it as all these parties operate from South Kurdistan.
kapanak | 1/5/2017
we need a whole iran liberation from the mullas hands not only kurdestaan! a federal iran may work,with all the different nationalities to manage their own affairs with their languages atec!
Fredabod | 1/5/2017
It's seems that Israeli and Saudis support is going to pay off. These rats have no place in Iranian hearts and minds. They are just a bounch of loosers who are looking to milk up thier rich bosses. Sooner and later they will be wiped off from the face of Kurdistan. Kurds are purest Iranian community. They never betray thier mother land.
Socius | 2/5/2017
3 groups? Bring 30 groups. Anyone who raises their weapon against Iran will bring nothing but death and destruction upon their entire bloodline. All the Arab nations combined can't counter Iran. Israel and the United States can't counter Iran. You think a few rag tag Kurdish groups can do anything? All they'll do is hurt their own brothers in Iraqi Kurdistan.
General Dastan | 2/5/2017
@ Dang Erbil is forcing Iran? are you sure you are OK?Iran can devastate KRG's infrastructure and send it back to stone age.Erbil want to put pressure on Iran via 1000 drug dealers?What is the type of heroin you use?

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guest2002 | 1/19/2019 3:30:37 PM
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Capital | 1/19/2019 6:21:16 PM
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