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PUK’s Hero Ibrahim refuses support for Political Leadership body

By Rudaw 2/10/2017
Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, PUK politburo member. File photo: Rudaw
Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, PUK politburo member. File photo: Rudaw
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The newly formed Political Leadership of Kurdistan-Iraq, created to oversee post-referendum developments, is failing to find universal support among the Region’s political parties. 

Politburo member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and spouse of the party’s leader Jalal Talabani, Hero Ibrahim Ahmed said she does not support the body, describing its creation as a “big mistake,” in a statement published Monday evening. 

Saying that Kurdistan is “paying the price” for proceeding with the referendum in the face of widespread opposition, at home, regionally, and internationally, Ahmed decried the formation of the Political Leadership without consultation with the political parties. 

She said that Kurdistan should be re-evaluating their situation “and doing an accurate and realistic assessment of this current situation.”

The September 25 referendum, that saw 92.7 percent support independence from Iraq, has been rejected by Baghdad, Turkey, and Iran, as well as key Western allies like the US and France. In the wake of the vote, Iraq has conducted joint military drills with Turkey and Iran, barred international flights from landing in Kurdistan, and ordered the deployment of troops to disputed areas, among other measures. 

Ahmed compared the establishment of the Political Leadership to the June 7 decision to hold the referendum “without doing any assessing of the developments and possibilities and without consulting the leadership of the political parties.”

The establishment of the Political Leadership was announced on Sunday. The body emerged out of the High Referendum Council, which had overseen the referendum process and was disbanded on Sunday. The multi-party Council was headed by Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani. 

Earlier in the day, Gorran issued a statement calling for the abolition of the Political Leadership


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Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 2/10/2017
Let's admit it we're very weak internally. We need a strong democratic system similar to what Israel built 80 years ago. We can't built a country based on families or clan loyalties and leaders who stick to the chair forever.
JamKurd | 2/10/2017
Political parties and leadership. Get your act together. This is not the time to scatter the unity during the referendum. And don't start public attacks on each other's positions. Quiet discussions to resolve the issues of political council is the best way. Our enemy is at our borders. This is the main issue. Kurdistan's future is at stake.
The Kurdish Boy | 2/10/2017
I ' ve no partisan preferences , I just call all Kurds to unite on independence . The Kurdish state will save our lives and will preseve our honour and dignity.Those who do not fight for independence have no honour or dignity to lose. .
kurt basar | 2/10/2017
Poor woman, she is under influences of the cruel Islamic regime of the Ayatollahs, at this space age neither Iranians or Turks are going to attack the Kurdistan and destabilize their country for good. And if the Iranians take the bait & attack the Kurd's, they are going to receive mother of all the bombs as a gift. And as a civilized country you don't kidnap the American priest or western Journalist for a bargaining chips same as the Turkish lunatic Muslim dictator, which he is going to pay for all of his unjust, immoral & primitive deeds, god help the Kurd's.
Muraz Adzhoev | 2/10/2017
She is just one of the members, but not the politburo itself to talk on behalf of the PUK party. What she sais has nothing to do with and far from the actual requirements of the real situation and the main goal, because she has no reasonable opinion at all. This is meaningless demagogic rhetoric, certainly with no explanation. Maybe she needs psychotherapy?

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Pliny The Kurd | 9/24/2018 11:25:44 AM
Jalal talabani was the father of all divisions, seditiion and treasons against Kurdistan .Gorran and CDJ are bastard children of Talabani .Shame on...
The Kurdish Boy | 9/24/2018 6:30:01 PM
PUK/Gorran/CDJ are chacals and traitors
Top CDJ leader: Two seats in Iraqi parliament will not go to PUK
| 19 hours ago | (2)
Stop Kurdish Genocide | 9/24/2018 6:26:38 PM
PKK/PYD's ultimate aim is to enable the Turkish army occupay all Kyrdistan.It has already succeded to hand over Afrin to Turkey and it will not stop...
PYD turns 15: What next for Rojava?
| 12 hours ago | (1)
Tan | 9/24/2018 1:19:16 PM
What's wrong with these party's? all the hot air from KDP about a united Kurdish front was all lies, here was your chance. They can't even say why...
Freeman | 9/24/2018 4:08:30 PM
We support, president Masoud Barzani's candidate, Dr. Foud Hussien for post of Iraqi president...etc. KDP should get this post, it has most seats in...
President Barzani throws full force of KDP behind Fuad Hussein's presidential bid
| 21 hours ago | (6)
Yade | 9/24/2018 8:34:47 AM
"Almost 70 percent of the planned zone is controlled by either HTS, which is dominated by Syria's former Al-Qaeda branch, or other jihadists". The...
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 9/24/2018 3:37:56 PM
A Daily Sabah columnist has just nominated Erdogan for the Nobel Peace Prize for his "efforts to secure peace" in Idlib ... That isn't as ludicrous...
After Idlib deal, Turkey faces tough task to oust jihadists
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