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Female self-immolation still major challenge in Kurdistan

A young Kurdish girl, Maryam Nebil, 14, is being treated for sever burning injuries after she set her-self on fire, June 1, 2013. Photo courtesy of BBC UK.
A young Kurdish girl, Maryam Nebil, 14, is being treated for sever burning injuries after she set her-self on fire, June 1, 2013. Photo courtesy of BBC UK.
By Pshtiwan Jamal
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region— A new Rudaw survey of hospitals in Kurdistan’s three main provinces shows that 386 women were admitted to local clinics for burn injuries in just the first quarter of this year.
A total of 57 women have died because of the severity of the burns during the same period, according to documents obtained from hospitals and clinics in Kurdistan.
The survey was conducted in the three provinces of Sulaimani, Erbil and Dohuk, and local emergency centers provided detailed information about female patients who had been admitted to hospitals for burn injuries during that period.
The real number could be even higher, and probably is, as the survey only addressed official data recorded at the local hospitals in the more populated city centers, while countryside cases have not been accounted for.
According to the review, Dohuk province had the highest number of burn cases with 195 between January and March, including 25 fatal cases, while Sulaimani had the lowest.
“It’s a tremendously high percentage for Dohuk when we consider the fact that Dohuk province is also the smallest province in terms of population,” said Dr Ari Habib, a researcher in Dohuk’s health office.
“In the majority of the cases, we are faced with women who set themselves on fire for reasons known only to relatives and family members,” Habib said.   
Erbil’s Health Office in the same period recorded 140 cases with 22 fatalities.
Fakhir Kirmanji, who is in charge of the office, said there are two different types of burn cases: those of the urban and rural areas.
“In the villages and rural areas there has been an increase in self-burning cases,” Kirmanji said. “But the predominant cases come from urban areas where burning is conducted by others.”
Kirmanji said that in both cases mounting social and mental pressure on women is the leading factor behind the tragedies.
The survey also showed 51 cases of female burning in Erbil province, of which 10 led to the death of the patients.
“Most women, if they survive, would not disclose what really happened and refrain from implicating male family members,” Dr Shakhawan Saeb of the Sulaimani Emergency Hospital said.
“The hospital has to find out based on its examinations if a perpetrator was involved or not, but in most cases what the patient says is what counts for the courts,” Saeb said.
Female death due to burning has been a major concern for officials and social workers in the Kurdistan Region. Despite economic prosperity—which has brought large numbers of women into the labor market—and tough parliament legislation against domestic violence, female burning is a lingering social challenge in the country. By some unofficial estimates, nearly 10,000 women have lost their live since 1991 due to self-burning. 
“There are mostly economic reasons behind such tragedies,” said Laila Abdulla, a social scientist who has studied female self-immolation in the Kurdistan Region.
“I think financial difficulties and the fact that many young women at a very young age are forced into marriage leaves them no option other than suicide,” Laila said. 
Official numbers provided by Kurdish women’s rights organizations, however, differ from the Rudaw results obtained by the survey and hospital records.
The Office of Countering Violence Against Women, a governmental organization, reported only 92 women were the victims of burning cases, of which 34 were self-burning and 58 were burned by other means between January and March this year. 


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Dasdas | 3/5/2015
I am ashamed! My dear sisters, break free from the old traditions. The're many kurdish traditions that i am ashamed of and your role in our society must become stronger and more independent! The family hounor is important but when it comes to this, I p#ss on our hounor! God job Rudaw for bringing this subject up! A strong female prosperity is a stronger Kurdistan!
noel oakes | 3/5/2015
this rubbish need to be stamped out if the Kurds want global support for an independent state. you have the best chance at it now but clean up your act or your current support in the west will be lost
lawin | 3/5/2015
It's says that family is what you can trust! but believe they are your greatest enemy in present time! Indenpendence? respect womens first!
Ali Rashidi from Iran | 3/5/2015
Family independency , Comes before Nation independency. Kurdish female fighters showed once again the capacity of Kurdish women .
Pedro | 3/5/2015
There is no future for any society if women are not treated as equals on all levels. the outcome of wealth in all society must include the women and abandoning the old male privilege where male gender is the base for power.

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Kdp sold kirkuk | 10/17/2018 3:28:43 AM
Both sold kirkuk. Kurdistan will never be indipendent with kdp puk. Why kdp join iraq govermentare they not against iraq or are they just liars?
Shawn | 10/17/2018 4:21:31 AM
This PUK guy is blaming KDP for the mess the KirKuk in!!! Are you kidding. This PUK dude needs to get his head out his rear and shut the F****k...
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Y. A. | 10/16/2018 11:28:54 PM
May Allah Khode help The Kurds and make their enemies taste occupation so they would feel it as they have made the Kurds feel it
Kawan | 10/17/2018 1:44:33 AM
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