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Kurdish presidency says Rojava Peshmerga more legitimate than YBS

By Rudaw 5/3/2017
A number of Rojava Peshmerga deployed in the troubled Khanasoor town in Shingal region. Photo: Rudaw video
A number of Rojava Peshmerga deployed in the troubled Khanasoor town in Shingal region. Photo: Rudaw video
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region –The Shingal region is still considered a warzone where the battle against ISIS is ongoing and where the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Region have been tasked with security, said Omed Sabah, the spokesperson for the Kurdish presidency, and therefore no other force should be allowed in the area.
Speaking on the recent clashes between the Rojava Peshmerga and members of the Yezidi protection units (YBS), Sabah said: “It is a military zone where there is still fighting and threats. This region is under the defense of the Kurdistan Peshmerga Armed Forces.”

“It is impossible to allow any party to freely challenge the political will of the Kurdistan Region,” he added.

Sabah rejected concerns by some that the clashes could spark a civil war among Kurds.
He added that President Masoud Barzani too is against the confrontations and that he has called on all parties to ease the tensions.
The spokesperson said: “President Barzani has expressed sadness regarding that incident as he is undoubtedly acting on a strategic national basis and he is deciding within the context of his national responsibilities and looking into the subjects on this regard.”
Sabah went on to say that any armed groups in the Shingal region other than the Peshmerga must leave and that most of them are related to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) whose presence is opposed by local people and the authorities alike.
Seven fighters of the YBS, and its female counterpart YJS were killed in clashes with Rojava Peshmerga on Friday near Khanasoor, in the Shingal region; two of them were from the armed wing of the PKK.
Sabah claimed that the Rojava Peshmerga enjoy more legitimacy as they include people from all parties and walks of life in Rojava and have been trained by the Kurdish Peshmerga ministry.
He dismissed the notion that the YBS represent the people of Shingal “just because they have a few people from Shingal in their ranks,”
“Having a few members from Shingal does not legitimize them.” Sabah argued.
The Rojava Peshmerga were organized in the Kurdistan Region in 2012 and according to Sharvan Derki, a spokesperson of the force, have also received training from the US-led international coalition against ISIS. 
This force has not been allowed by the dominant Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to enter Rojava in Syria and have instead been deployed in areas around the border and played security role.
Following the clashes, a 24-hour ceasefire was reached late Friday after meetings between the leadership of both sides.


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Kurdish Unity | 5/3/2017
President Barzani must deal this crisis responsibly and must detach himself from any partisan interests.He is expected to act as the president of all Kurds, he must act independently from Turkey and reach out to all Kurds, including the PKK without provoking Turkey.Barzani must realize that President Trump is pro-kurdish and he would not let Turkey to invade the KRG. Barzani must convince the PKK to lower hostilities with Turkey , and divert its military force somewhere else were it could be more beneficial for the Kurdish independence .Barzani must mediate to appease Turkish concerns ,by simply declaring a defenitive cease fire.It is time to realize that we are losing on the Turkish front- to be honest. PKk is needed in Rojava,in Kerkuk and in Khaneqin and other upcoming battles for Kurdish independence.If the PKK is truly Kurdish it must integrate in the Kurdish Army and fight for the Kurdish independence as we have now Trump in the White House and he is a great friend of the Kurds.Partisan interests and ideologies are rubbish and major obstacles on the way of Kurdish Independence.
Hersh | 5/3/2017
I've cretisized KDP many times but they are right on this, let's not forget they're in power because of elections in Basur, while the PKK just decided to set up camp using some excuse to help the Ezidis, well they got 7 Ezidis killed and 20 wounded. The sad part is the PKK dosn't allow Kurdish opposition in areas they control let alone elections, people need to be fair and not just criticize KDP because they're pro PKK, sometimes PKK is right sometimes not, in this case KRG authorities have been extremely patient with PKK, it's time for them to do the right think and leave basur, just as Peshmerga left Rojava after the job was done
Azad | 5/3/2017
Ofcourse! Rojava Peshmerga are registered in KRG as Peshmerga. Only Peshmerga can operate in KRG. This means they can go anywhere in KRG. YBS are not registered as Peshmerga and hence are an illegal seperatist millitia. We cannot allow any new millitias. KRG is not land of millitias. Next we'll have Christian millitias, Turkmen millitias, Arab millitias and all want autonomy. And KRG will never become independent. No way. KRG is for Peshmerga only. No millitias. If Yezidis want to defend their land they can serve as Peshmerga in Yezidi units.
duroi | 5/3/2017
KRG gets its legitimacy from the Kurdish voters and PKK and other Kurdish militias and their media (e.g. ANF) must respect the legal order in KRG. The Rojava administration is also the only legitimate Kurdish power in Syria and KRG needs to respect the legal order in Rojava and does not undermine it. Kurds are tired of these recurring in-fightings among the Kurdish parties at the expense of Kurdish nation and damage to the image of Kurds and Kurdish interests in the international stage. Enough is enough.
semantics | 6/3/2017
Rudaw, can you please say "SO-CALLED Ezidi Protection Units"?? It gives the false impression that they actually are Ezidi protection units and that Peshmerga is attacking Ezidi Kurds. Thanks.

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Salim | 5/18/2018 3:44:21 PM
Rudaw make report about date industry in Kurdistan. Here in Europe we just see dates from Tunesia and no from Kurdistan or Iraq even though it have a...
Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 5/21/2018 2:25:11 AM
Looks to me Rudaw is run by the Muslim Brotherhood. There is million issues to talk about in Kurdistan other than Ramadan. BTY I never met an Arab...
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Azad | 5/19/2018 8:19:59 AM
Women covering themselves are much better than half naked women presenting their body to everyone like western women do.
Outsider | 5/21/2018 1:27:14 AM
BTW... if a woman wants to "cover" herself or not, its her personal decision... either way, it does make her a better, more inteligent or trustworthy...
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Zero | 5/21/2018 12:58:53 AM
This is the beginning of the end of a century long plot against the Kurds. With gods help.
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pete | 5/19/2018 9:52:19 AM
God bless the heroes of the PKK, the World supports you against Turkish fascism and nationalist cave dwellers in Iraq.
Trinity | 5/21/2018 12:49:27 AM
Peace talks? The only thing the Turks are concerned about is how to end their miserable life on earth and they stirring people up hoping those will...
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