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PKK is threatening PUK leadership, Turkish FM alleges

By Rudaw 5/6/2018
Turkish forces pictured late last month in Kurdistan Region’s Avashin area. Photo: Ozkan Bilgin/Anadolu Agency
Turkish forces pictured late last month in Kurdistan Region’s Avashin area. Photo: Ozkan Bilgin/Anadolu Agency
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A group within the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has been helping the PKK, Turkey’s foreign minister alleged. 

“We are aware that a group within the PUK is helping the PKK, and the PKK has strengthened its position in Sulaimani because of this assistance,” Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters in Antalya, Turkey on Tuesday. 

“I have seen an official from the Talabani party, who confirmed that they support the PKK and that their party is now paying the price for this force,” he added.

The PUK was founded by Jalal Talabani and his family members remain in key leadership roles within the party that has its headquarters in Sulaimani. 

Ankara has refused to open its airspace to flights to Sulaimani’s international airport on the pretext of security concerns because of PKK activities in the province. Last year, Ankara expelled the PUK’s representative to Turkey after the PKK captured two Turkish intelligence agents in Sulaimani province.  

“The PKK has threatened the PUK leadership. They are currently under threat from the PKK,” Cavusoglu claimed.

Turkey is conducting a military operation against the PKK in the Kurdistan Region. The PKK, an armed Kurdish group that has fought for greater rights for Kurds in Turkey for decades, has its headquarters in Kurdistan’s Qandil Mountains. 

Turkish forces have pushed at least 27 kilometres into the Kurdistan Region.

The PKK is named a terror organization by Turkey, the US, and Europe. 

“Qandil operation will be launched and this area will be cleared of the PKK,” Cavusoglu said, claiming that they are coordination with the US and Iraq. 

The PKK is an enemy of Turkey, the US, Baghdad, and Erbil, he said. 

Turkey is ramping up its offensive against the PKK. 

Ankara alleges that the PKK is controlling Syrian Kurdish groups, the armed YPG and political party PYD, who are allies of the United States in the war against ISIS in Syria. 

Cavusoglu has just returned from a trip to Washington where he and his US counterpart Mike Pompeo endorsed a road map for the future of Manbij, a northern Syrian city that is under the administrative and security control of groups allied with the Kurds. 


Kurdi | 7/6/2018
Pkk is wild dog outside turkey,cockroach inside it
Kamu | 8/6/2018
@Kurdi...No, PKK just knows, that as a dog, it has no chance against the Wolf!
azadAzadi | 17/6/2018
Am I reading Sabah or Ortadoğu ? What is PKK and PUK views? Is PKK considered terrorist by KRG? Is Turkey oppresses Kurdish population? Does any of these means anything? I guess reprinting Turkish right wing propaganda is easier than mentioning both sides of the story.
Conan | 2/7/2018
Most of the world do not see the pkk as a terror organization but for some reason and I don’t know that reason they are prevented from lifting that falsely ongoing terrorist charge from the pkk. But one thing is for sure pkk attorneys get killed by Turks and Arabs that might be one reason. Another might be that the Kurds don’t know about the entourage that their enemies have built up through corruption within Eu parliament and us senate through outrageously huge oilmoney bribes. They have even hole banks in Malta that are only for delivering huge amounts of money to corrupt Eu members of parliament that are on Turkish Azerbaijan Iranian payrolls and what have you. And guess what those highly criminals politicians are giving as exchange? Yes they help funding terrorism against Kurds. Worst is CSU infiltration
Conan | 2/7/2018
You guys need to say to eurotrash and us morons to burn in hell if they don’t lift that silly pkk ban or quit playing along with them their dirty games. They are breastfeeding the middle easterner terrorist states. Just tell them that every day whenever you see them. The wild dogs from turkey just label every Kurd or foreigner with kurdish friends as a pkk terrorist or when that is tooooo absurd as a pkk sympathizers and throw them into jail for many centuries. You kurds need to say directly that the west is directly threatening kurdish life’s and promoting terrorism against the Kurds of all kinds.🐎 Mostly Germans are keyallies of terrorist states. They arm them in hope to sell self defense weapons to all the others.

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Gimle | 9/22/2018 1:05:30 PM
First Israel humiliate them by attacking several of their arms depots in Syria, killing dozens, and now this. All less than a month since the heinous...
Jamas | 9/22/2018 4:11:40 PM
Where are the big mouth Iranian trolls who were rejoicing the brutal attack on koya? no big words? Come on show us your 'mighty' Iran and try...
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Gunrash | 9/22/2018 3:25:05 PM
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Hama | 9/22/2018 3:13:12 PM
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Kosar | 9/22/2018 5:49:29 AM
Amazing fighter . I saw him on tv many times . He was a man that believed in Iraq and wanted to make things better . Wish more Kurds are like him .
shahab | 9/22/2018 2:58:59 PM
excessive exaggeration. if it was not for US air power, ISIS would have taken both Baghdad and Erbil. lets be honest
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