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Yezidi girl rescued from ISIS wants to reunite with family in Canada

By Rudaw 8/2/2018

Aziza Jalal, 14, was held by ISIS for three years and five months. She has been rescued from ISIS but her happiness is not fulfilled yet because she has not seen her father, mother, sisters, and brothers. She is waiting to see them to begin a new life, happy again.

Though she was rescued from ISIS clutches a month ago, Aziza has not yet been able to hug her parents as her nine-member family were rescued before her and sought refuge in Canada.

She has begun a new life in her uncle’s home, but she has forgotten her mother-tongue.

 “ISIS captured and beat us. They took me away from my parents and made me their servant. When I was rescued, I came to my uncle’s home," she told Rudaw. " I have no one here. I miss them. I have heard that they are in Canada. I want to see them."

She is calling on organizations to take her to her family in Canada. 

She has forgotten her Kurdish mother tongue, therefore her cousins try to re-teach her Kurdish language. After one month, she understands most words, but has difficulties expressing herself.

“She says ‘I want to go to my parents. I miss them.’ Sometimes she gets upset. She says ‘I want to go to them.’ She is comfortable here," Hoda Hussein, Aziza’s cousin said. "She is provided with everything needed expect that she misses her parents and gets upset. She says ‘I have not seen my siblings for four years.’"


Bangeen | 9/2/2018
Her family has asylem visa if they had her name in file they can bring her to canda very very easy if not she still can get the visa very easy because she is under 18 .she will come to Canada and dose not have to worry 😂😂😂😂 any more .
chris | 9/2/2018
God bless this angel

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Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 10/16/2018 10:13:15 PM
Thank Bafel talabany and his henchmen, how come no kurd is holding the traitors accountable?
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haluk | 10/17/2018 4:53:04 AM
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Orxan | 10/17/2018 11:44:08 PM
This Is Assyria and mesopotamian history Kurds are Iranians, they do not belong in this land
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Ian Birmingham | 10/17/2018 7:41:56 PM
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Burkan | 10/17/2018 9:57:41 PM
Where’s the sources for the conversations and meetongs that took place? Any third party or just what youclaim?
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