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Women Delegation Investigates Murder Case of Two Sisters in Said Sadiq

By Rudaw 8/3/2014
Women's rights activists march in Said Sadiq, condemning the murder of two sisters last month. Photo: Facebook
Women's rights activists march in Said Sadiq, condemning the murder of two sisters last month. Photo: Facebook

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Following the discovery of the bodies of two sisters in Said Sadiq late last month, Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani set up a fact finding delegation to investigate the case.

The aim of the mission was to find accurate information and ascertain facts about the tragic murder of Shler and Halima, (aged 16 and 18), who disappeared on February 11, and were found drowned in a nearby pond two weeks later.

The delegation, chaired by gender expert and member of the Women’s Rights Monitoring Board, Dr. Nazand Begikhani, visited the area and met with the police, public prosecutors, judges, health authorities and representatives of women’s organizations, local population and the family of the two victims.

In an internal report, Begikhani revealed that the two sisters had approached the police seeking help last July.

Based on their file, they were kept in a local government shelter in Sulaimani city, but following a legal order and a Balennama—written document signed between the girls and their family—they were handed over to their family.

The Public Prosecutor of Said Sadiq was suspicious of the decision and asked for the review of the case on two occasions.

The report highlights several shortcomings by government institutions in dealing with the case. In addition, the delegation point to the high level of poverty and lack of government services in the area, which has led to the rise of social violence.

“Women are at the receiving end of such violence,” said Begikhani.

The report urges officials to go beyond their power-sharing disputes and dedicate themselves to improve the standard of living for the local population.

In a statement sent to Rudaw, Begikhani warned that unless an urgent strategy is adopted to address poverty and improve the daily life of the population, violence would crease, with more women falling victims.

On Saturday, the Press Office of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) marked the International Women's Day by reiterating that “the government is dedicated to promote women’s rights in Kurdistan, and will continue its efforts to combat violence against women.”


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Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 8/3/2014
I don't understand what this has to do with poverty ????, there is poverty all over the world but we don't see this kind of honour killing crimes ???. Let's admit it it's our mentality and the cultural norms that we imported mostly from other strict Islamic cultures. The public mentality needs change. We have to teach our people gender equality, our leaders have to lead by example. Some of our leaders hide their wife from public eye what does this practice teaches our people ?????
Yezidi-Girl UK
Yezidi-Girl UK | 9/3/2014
" they were handed over to their family"....This makes my blood boil :( This is a failure on the government's part!! The 2 sisters approached the police seeking for help so WHY in God's name were they handed back to their family??? Ahhh I'm so angry I'm in total shock!!!! This case reminds me of Banaz Mahmod, a beautiful young Iraqi Kurdish girl who got strangled, raped, beaten & burned in London in 2006 by her relatives! Her lifeless body was buried in the woods in a suitcase! The metropolitan Police even admitted that they failed her because they did not "take her case too seriously" even though she went to the police few times prior to her death! There is even video of her on youtube on a hospital bed talking about the death threats she was getting from her family! When is these cases ever going to end? :(
Biji Zheni Kurdistan! | 9/3/2014
Freedom of Kurdistan will come with the freedom of our women, NOT by building tall luxory Hotels, gated communities, private schools or any other authoritarian market-oriented institutions that will "modernize" (read: polarize, divide and depolitize) our society. Shame on the protest movements of Kurdistan for only demanding the end of Corruption etc. without talking about our Deep roted Pathriarcal structures.
Bakir Lashkari
Bakir Lashkari | 9/3/2014
Yes the way how the women could be active and speak out the World to show that this crime is not acceptable and it has to change! No pain, No Gain!
Zaxoyi 1992 | 9/3/2014
I don’t get this ignorant mentally that blames everything on Islam. First of all, every community has or is behaving this way within Middle East. The most notorious case being that of a Yazid girl about five or six years ago. Second, just two days ago there were article on this website talking about women abuse in Europe. But I guess you guys will blame that on Islam too. Educate yourself about the true value of Islam before you become more ignorant. Abuse against women is a cultural thing in Middle East that dates back to before Islam.
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