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Iraq’s constitution violations, years of persecution led Kurds to referendum

By Rudaw 9/6/2017
Fuad Hussein, the chief of staff to the Kurdish presidency, meets with US President Donald J. Trump at the White House on March 21. Photo: KRG-US
Fuad Hussein, the chief of staff to the Kurdish presidency, meets with US President Donald J. Trump at the White House on March 21. Photo: KRG-US

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - The Kurds have the right to self-determination as a right endorsed by the United Nations and as a people who have their land, language, culture, history and identity, says Chief of Staff of the Kurdish president Fuad Hussein, and that’s why President Masoud Barzani has suggested September 25 as the day of referendum.

All Kurdish rights have been trampled historically and their demand for freedom and democracy answered with iron and fire, argued Hussein, and they have been subjected to genocide and deportation.


The chief of staff quoted Barzani as saying that the Kurds gave Iraq a chance for democracy, pluralism, a constitution that would guarantee all people’s rights, and a voluntary union after the liberation of Iraq in 2003.


Yet years later Iraq is still violating the constitution and the most important pillars of federalism, which is revenue-sharing and border demarcation, are being ignored. In addition to that Kurdistan Region’s budget has been frozen and Article 140 not implemented.


Hussein cited the preface of the Iraqi constitution that says abiding by the charter will protect Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and its violation would lead to disintegration.


Hussein said that Barzani’s decree stipulates that due to years of the violation of the constitution and the rights of the people of Kurdistan, political parties decided to confer with people in order to decide their own future by themselves.


Meetings have also taken place with the election commission about the mechanism and measures to be taken for holding the referendum in September, said Hussein.


Two seats on the commission have been reserved for Change Movement (Gorran) and Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal), who did not attend the June 7 meeting. They have until Monday to appoint their respective representatives for seats on the commission.


Hussein says Kurds in diaspora will also be able to participate in the vote.


According to a previous statement this week from the Kurdish presidency, the elections for the presidency and parliament in the Kurdistan Region are going to take place on time on November 6.


PLINY THE KURD | 9/6/2017
Finally, the will of the Kurdish Nation will prevail and a strong and prosperous Kurdish State will be established to the admiration and with the support of the free world. God bless the Kurdish State
Rizgar | 9/6/2017
The days of Baghdads oppression and hate towards Kurds are over. The fake and artificially state of Iraq has died long ago. Nobody can take this failed-state alive. The declaration of independence will bring stability in the region. At least we Kurds (and every minority else who lives in our borders) will have our rest. The referendum is the first step to it, Inshallah.
Xoman | 9/6/2017
Kurdish indipendece is a demand by the people, it's not something that will go away or owned by this and that party. A hundered years ago when this started none of the current parties existed. The more Iran Iraq Turkey and Syria wait the better it for us because or demographics and with it our territory is increasing more rapidly than any other group. So if they manage to postpone it another 20 years that will only mean more territory for us, now or later we win either way.
| 9/6/2017
These are the same kurds that have been a Major part of the decision making in the Baghdad central Government as well as taking their share of every single penny. These are the same Kurds that squandered and misappropriated billions of people's money without any accountability transparency or recoverability These are the same Kurds that are now making false representation on a"Kurdistan" that is not fully represented nor would they allow other political parties or any other entity to take part and voice their "God given Right" without their approval and control of what they impose These are the same Kurds that do not uphold their own law and constitutional rights and rule by imposing undemocratically their own ideas and will over others This referendum does not represent ALL the kurds or the whole Nation of Kurdistan, Simply it represents a handful of clans and families using the National interest and the people's patriotic loyalty for their own advantage to secure economic and financial benefits and the prolonged rule of their families

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