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Kurdish opposition just as corrupt as rulers: AUIS professor

By Suren Jamal 12/6/2018
Electoral campaign materials are being cleared from Erbil city streets. Photo: Mohammed Shwani / Rudaw
Electoral campaign materials are being cleared from Erbil city streets. Photo: Mohammed Shwani / Rudaw
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – Kurdish opposition parties performed poorly in the May 12 Iraqi election because voters think they are no different from the ruling parties, merely interested in obtaining power and not reforming the system, according to a Kurdish political scientist.

Alan Mumtaz Noory, a professor of political science at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS), believes a mixture of fraud and voter disillusionment cost the opposition at the ballot box. 

“Elections in Iraq and Kurdistan Region have led to a corrupt government without accountability. Insomuch as the opposition has tried to obtain the cake, it hasn’t attempted to revise this type of governance. The majority of those dissatisfied with the conditions aren’t ready to vote. They might have voted to Gorran or other opposition parties, but now they don’t believe in them,” Noory told Rudaw. 

Iraq’s May 12 election brought a number of surprises. The Kurdistan Region’s opposition parties saw their share of the vote fall dramatically, while the two traditional parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), saw their share rally.

The opposition parties insist the election was rigged against them. They demanded a rerun of the vote and a manual recount in the Region and the disputed territories. 

The Iraqi parliament heeded their complaints, agreeing to scrap the votes of IDPs, Kurdish security forces, and the diaspora, and ordering a manual recount of 100 percent of votes. 

The parliament also dissolved the commissioner’s council of the independent electoral commission, replacing it with nine appointed judges. The commission, however, has vowed to fight back, appealing the decision. The final decision rests with the federal court. 

“The electoral process of May 12 has been affected by two factors: unlimited fraud and the incredulity of the people of Kurdistan of the opposition,” Noory said. 

“The main reason Gorran’s vote decreased was it entered the game with the intention of obtaining a piece of the cake. 

“The opposition’s participation with the aim of getting a parcel is the epitome of the opposition’s corruption. Your participation in a government founded on corruption is merely to get a piece of the cake,” he said. 

“The opposition and the rulers are two types of small and big mafia,” he added. 

Noory believes boycotters are Iraq and the Kurdistan Region’s last hope. 

“The people who didn’t turn out to vote are the thirstiest people for political change in Iraq and Kurdistan. The only hope left for the people of Iraq and Kurdistan is the people who didn’t vote,” Noory said. 

He compared the election’s low turnout with that of the Kurdistan independence referendum.

Kardo Mohammed, a Gorran official, believes the fault lies with those who rigged the election, not the inherent failures of the opposition parties themselves.

“There is no indication or proof that the votes of the opposition parties have decreased. The fraud is so rampant that it isn’t possible to determine why the opposition’s votes have decreased,” Mohammed told Rudaw.  

Gorran’s seats fell from 9 to 5, losing them Sulaimani province to the PUK. Gorran insists the PUK rigged the election alongside the KDP. 

Gorran’s relationship with both the ruling parties is fraught. In 2015, the KDP prevented the speaker of the Kurdish parliament, a Gorran member, and Gorran ministers from entering Erbil. 

The PUK allegedly attacked Gorran’s headquarters on the night of the election. 

“No party has been able to transcend the program and aims of Gorran. Gorran hasn’t reneged on its aims and program with the people of Kurdistan for a vacuum to form that would see an alternative to Gorran,” Mohammed said, rejecting the claim that New Generation and the Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ) had split Gorran’s vote.

The passing of Nawshirwan Mustafa, Gorran’s founder, however, has a left a gap, Mohammed said. 

“We are the stage at which we have to fill Kak Nawshirwan’s gap through institutional work and revising the organization of the institutions,” Mohammed admitted. 

He dismissed recent claims the party plan to create an armed militia, insisting it believes in civic struggle. 


KRG | 12/6/2018
Uni professors in Kurdistan are paid by ruling parties. How can opposution parties be corrup like the rulers if they dint control the money. And they dont have family bussnis and their sons in policy and plce their tribe in every important position like ruling parties do. How many talabanis and barzanis do we have in kdp puk and krg peshmerga? To much to count. And how many opposition leaders sons are in policy? Non
Muraz Adzhoev | 12/6/2018
Professor did not mentioned the most important issue, particularly implementation of the outcome of the (25.09.2017) Referendum on reintegration and independence of Southern Kurdistan from deadly failed, bloody, hostile arab-islamic “Iraq”, artificially created 100 years ago and artificially recreated in 2005. Why did you not, professor? Did you believe in “one united democratic Iraq”? Actually KDP is the first leading political force that has been heading the People, all communities of Southern Kurdistan to freedom and independence for 7 decades already.
Artem Lobov | 14/6/2018
nobody is going to vote for powerless opposition parties. the army, security apparatus, economy, business, government institutions, banks and finances, communication technology, natural resources, schools etc. etc. is all in the hands of the big 2 and their not going let go of their power and assets no matter what. weak opposition parties would not even be able to pay salaries. lets keep it real, true opposition in kurdistan is a pipe dream. I voted kdp they are not perfect but at least they have the means and are willing to pay me a salary. not going to find anything better.
josh | 14/6/2018
Artem. correction. kdp cant pay salaries without baghdad. you are slaves to baghdad. wake up and smell the coffee. this is reality
Tron | 16/7/2018
🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 if everybody believes elections are rigged than why not making an online election without a silly own Software you could even use a Facebook or a gmail account and the election would be open everyone to see how everyone voted and no quarrel all the times. It’s almost like kindergarten. And nobody needs to count it the counting would be automatic and everyone who was suspicious could count on his own.

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Pakistani | 2/16/2019 3:28:42 AM
Turkey is a terrorist state , has been killing innocent Kurds for ages ....
parasitePKK | 2/17/2019 3:54:11 AM
As long as the PKK is there Turkey has the right to defend themselves. PKK is a parasite against the Kurds.
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josfe | 2/14/2019 4:59:43 AM
And this man is a graduate with masters ? A college kid would be more objektive and wouldnt let his own opinion shine through.
David | 2/17/2019 1:36:54 AM
Solid analysis and proposal!
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guest2002 | 2/15/2019 8:20:41 PM
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Erbilguy | 2/17/2019 1:17:06 AM
@guest2002 So Isis beheading peshmergas was not terrorism?
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Dutchman | 2/16/2019 11:33:33 PM
Macron is right. When Putin talks about an "inter-Syrian political dialogue" he means that Assad and his Alawit minority regime stays in power with...
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