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Eiffel replica erected in Erbil’s Minara Park

By Rudaw 12/7/2017
Erbil is the latest of one of 30 cities around the world that has an Eiffel tower look-alike decorating its skyline. 

The French Consul General in Erbil, Dominique Mas, was “very surprised” to hear the tower was being built. He described it as “nice,” if a little smaller than the original. 

The Eiffel tower in Paris is 324 metres high and visitors can reach the top by elevator or stairs. In contrast, tourists cannot access the top of Erbil’s 11-metre replica.



corrupt krg | 12/7/2017
Are there replicas of Diyarbakir City Walls in Erbil? Are there replicas of Taq Bostan? Are there replicas of Bisotun inscription? Are there replicas of Malabadi Bridge? Are there replicas of Mardin stone houses? Are there replicas of Urfa Pool of Sacred Fish? Are there replicas of Gobekli Tepe? Are there replicas of Ishak Pasha Palace? Are there replicas of Tombstone of Ahlat? Are there replicas of Afrin's "Dead Villages"? Is the purpose of corrupt KRG leaders to look as Western as possible? Why are they erecting replica of a monument that has nothing to do with Kurdish nation? We have so many ancient and million times more beautiful historic structures in other parts of Kurdistan, but they ignore those? How many "Western" Villages are there in Erbil? American Village, Canadian Village, English Village, Italian Village, German Town N1, N2, N3, etc. But not a single "village project" according to traditional Kurdish style. Disgusting.
Hoshyar zaxoy | 12/7/2017
I thought Erbil won't be like Suliwood
Jinan Ali | 14/7/2017
Dear Corrup King. I think you just wanted to show off your knowledge and tell us how many historic places you know about. Some of those places you mentioned in your comment are like lake!!! A Temple!! A complete city!! A bridge!! Mountain or a Tombstone?? Who want to replica a Tombstone for God sake I think none of those you mentioned is suitable. And by the way not all that mentioned in your comment related to Kurd.
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Kurdo | 7/26/2017 4:00:34 PM
Of course he isnt, he and his family has pockets full with billions of dollars. He is lying. Turkey is on its knee and now buying russian S-400, but...
Rastgo | 7/26/2017 7:20:56 PM
Erdogan is a threat to the interest of whole so-called western world and I to the kurdish interest as well.
Erdogan: Turkey not frightened by German threats of embargo
| 17 hours ago | (3)
Kurdo | 7/26/2017 4:02:51 AM
@The realist Kurd is here, thats because they follow Allah. Kurds should remove that sun of their flag when they worship satan (Islam)
Dryasiulia | 7/26/2017 6:38:34 PM
Who is Iran defending against? No one but Daesh has attacked them.
Report: Iran inaugurates production line for missile
| 23/7/2017 | (6)
polemos | 7/26/2017 3:21:46 PM
@kurdo Here is your answer to start, the prophet dident told people to be araps he told pople to be muslim that simple it is. Also hewal we kurds...
Dryasiulia | 7/26/2017 6:18:30 PM
Kurdo, Use the internet you seem to have. You got this little square thing called a "Search Box". You type into the box what interests you...
Sergey Lavrov to Rudaw: Referendum is expression of Kurdish people’s aspirations
| 24/7/2017 | (13)
S | 7/26/2017 3:57:35 PM
He fought for kurds with peshmarga while we are sitting in our comfortable home and do nothing. May he rest in peace...
thurgood bardico | 7/26/2017 5:50:22 PM
RIP brave man
YPG announces death of former US Marine in Raqqa
| 21 hours ago | (4)

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