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Bird hops a flight from Kurdistan to Austria

By Rudaw 12/2/2019

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A finch from Kurdistan was refused entry into Austria after it unbeknownst to flight crew boarded a plane in Erbil on Monday.

Authorities at the airport in Vienna did not permit the foreign bird to enter the country.

It wasn't until the plane was in the air the flight crew noticed the special passenger.

Vienna airport emailed Erbil International Airport to inform them of the bird and then put it into a box and sent it back to Erbil.

"It is normal in every country. The sky is open to planes. Birds can fly anywhere they want. Erbil has plains and there are lots of these birds here. They can enter the airport and come into the terminal," said EIA Operation Manager Sulaiman Taha.

Reporting by Payam Sarbast


Sam | 12/2/2019
I bet most Kurds would have wished they where the bird instead . To get out of this hell hole . Haha
Hishyar Zaxoy | 12/2/2019
even birds immigrate from Kurdistan. Eventually all will people disappear and Turks will celebrate. Thanks to our mentality; leave everything behind for the false dream. No love or loyalty to family, friend, memories,history,culture. It is like knocking at neighbour's door asking to live there because we think it is better home than ours.
delshad | 13/2/2019
life in kurdistan is 1000 times better than life in europe but unfortunatly people they dont relise that until is to late ,just because you leave you country to europe dosnt mean you get better life.
josfe | 14/2/2019
@Hishyar Zaxoy No , but I think Turks will celebrate when you and your people will leave Turkey , for sure. You came as refugees when fleeing Shah Ismail and later with Saddam. Ungrateful people is the kurds , I know you from Switzerland and Sweden.
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Pie | 2/19/2019 8:52:00 PM
Not even been a 100 years since the British and French created Syria and linked Rojava (West Kurdistan) to it. Rojava used to be almost all of...
Factchecker | 2/20/2019 5:09:24 AM
Correction: Kurds control quarter of Syrian not quarter of north Syria
In Moscow, aide to Assad rejects idea of Kurdish autonomy - report
| 19/2/2019 | (4)
BiratiyaGeleKurd | 2/19/2019 9:26:37 AM
The PKK is one attempt for in freedom and peace living people. The kurdish government in Irak has to get seen as the same thing. Before this attempts...
Peace | 2/20/2019 4:30:12 AM
Just think if we could all converge to equal living without race religions phrase equal lifestyle. Middle East needs a proper law and...
Kurdish villagers driven off their mountainsides by Turkish airstrikes
| 15/2/2019 | (8)
rebwar | 2/19/2019 6:39:29 PM
Whats rven more funny is that our “leaders” are scared to say something to Erdogan while syria russia and US makes fun of him and makes him run left...
John Bird | 2/20/2019 3:06:57 AM
It’s unrealistic to expect people to obtain a permission first before protesting! People were fed up with both Turkish bombing and PKK incursions in...
Protesters accused of storming Turkish military base linger in jail
| 19/2/2019 | (6)
Milan | 2/19/2019 5:41:20 PM
Iran created this kurdish hate turks just follow. Actually Persians invited turkic tribes to conquer their enemy and this is how you got Ashkenazi,...
Indian | 2/19/2019 6:09:10 PM
There is only one solution to this problem , Turkey must go out of Kurdish lands ...
The significance of the Shahba Canton for the YPG
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