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Fire in Erbil causes estimated 600,000 USD damage

By Rudaw 13/7/2017
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Firefighters are battling two fires in the Kurdistan Region Thursday evening. 

A fire broke out in a storage area behind a fruit and vegetable market on the Gwer road in Erbil. The owner estimated the value of the goods, which included household items and children’s toys, at nearly 600,000 USD.

Eight firefighter teams battled the flames. No injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is unknown. 
A second fire broke out in a recycling plant on the Kirkuk-Erbil road, 10 km outside of Kirkuk. 

According to director of Kirkuk civil defense, the fire was caused by an electricity failure. 

Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim Atya, director of Kirkuk civil defense, told Rudaw, “The fire broke out at 4:00 o’clock in a recycling company. According to preliminary investigations it was due to a short circuit.”

Rudaw’s reporter on the scene said there were 1,500 containers of recycling materials in the plant. It is estimated it will take several hours to control the fire. 

No injuries have been reported. 


Fires are burning in Erbil, left, and near Kirkuk, right.




franzmaximilian | 18/7/2017
I just wonder why fires do not break out more often, seen the quality of electrical lines and connections in most buildings. Almost anywhere in private and public places I see dangers, such as poorly made connections, exposed lines, absence of proper grounding, lack of safety switches and circuit breakers.
Tags : fire

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What You Say

DC in Germany | 10/20/2017 6:06:47 AM
To be fair to Rudaw, they have to be careful how they report, because Abadi and his masters already want to ban Kurdish news. Where is the freedom of...
Lasse Riise | 11/21/2017 7:52:26 AM
The peoples of Kurdistan of all ethnicities and creeds are great. Politicians should kneel in front of the heroic people of Kurdistan and beg for...
Reports: Hashd al-Shaabi withdraws from disputed areas
| 19/10/2017 | (15)
Mcha Londone | 11/12/2017 8:32:56 AM
We all know why Kirkuk fell, a silly naïve boy that grew up in London, was playing with the "big snakes" of the middle east, and he got bit...
Lasse Riise | 11/21/2017 7:09:12 AM
Only someone that totally submit himself to the people of Kurdistan is worthy of serving the heroic people of Kurdistan. Above all, any politician...
Talabani's memorial marked by loss of Kurdistan’s ‘Jerusalem’
| 10/11/2017 | (11)
Mohamedzzz | 11/21/2017 6:47:54 AM
Those Kurds who brace Turkey's brotherhood for religion reasons should distance themselves from Turkey, put aside the religion and concentrate on...
Turkish and Kurdish forces exchange fire in Syria
| 17 hours ago | (1)
Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 11/21/2017 12:01:13 AM
no one cared about peoples rights when the going was good and all were happy, now they stopped getting the freebees they need to get a third party to...
Shawn | 11/21/2017 5:35:58 AM
Back to square one againe. We are being too soft with iraqi government like we did back in 2003. Iraqi threaten us constantly and in Kurdistan we...
PM Barzani: KRG needs 'third party' help to interpret Iraqi constitution
| yesterday at 03:02 | (11)

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