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150 Kurds en route to Europe captured, deported to Syria plead for help from KRG

By Rawchi Hassan 13/9/2017
Video shows the 150 Kurds on board buses while being deported to Syria. Video supplied to Rudaw by Hamza Ali
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A large number of Kurds en route to Europe were captured on the Romanian-Turkish border and were forcefully deported to Syria, one of the deported persons told Rudaw, pleading for help from the Kurdistan Region authorities to help return them to the Region.
An estimated 150 Kurds who had identified themselves as Syrian as advised to do so by their smugglers were captured on the Romanian borders while trying to migrate to Europe, but ended up captured and deported to Syria. They say they live in a terrible condition and are now asking the Kurdistan Region authorities to return them to the Region.
Hamza Ali from the town of Darbandikhan, Sulaimani, is among those deported that have been trapped in Syria told Rudaw “they have tortured us a lot and forcefully deported us to Syria.”

“We are calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government... to reach out to us and rescue us from this situation,” Ali pleaded. 

He said they were sheltered in Idlib city at a terminal station.
He added “we are living in a terrible conditions and there are children and women among us.”
He recounted they were initially deceived by the smugglers and “when we were captured on Turkey-Romania border, we were told to describe ourselves as Syrian so that we would not be deported and we did so, but we ended up deported to Syria.”
Since 2014, thousands of Kurds have left for Europe, many of whom did not make it. And some of them ended drowning in Turkey’s Aegean Sea.
Ari Jalal head of Refugees Federation in the Kurdistan Region earlier told Rudaw English that since 2015, 220,000 refugees have left Iraq, of whom 45,000 were from the Kurdistan Region.


Ben | 14/9/2017
Turkish-Romanian border doesn't exist.
Hoshyar zaxoy | 14/9/2017
45000 per year means 4.5 million in 100 yrs, not bad provided rate of production is higher than rate of immigration. But it depends on cities and I think Slemani would get empty sooner
rogabe | 14/9/2017
Turkey does not share borders with Romania.
Kurdo | 15/9/2017
I meet a fat sorani from Bashur begging for food in Sweden, he then picks up a new Marlboro and to smoke. I told him to go to church, they help with food and are good people. This fat sorani bastard tells me he is muslim, ahamdillah and wont visit church. I told him to fuck off he became rude and later begged me. I asked him why are you not in Bashur, you are not poor, he said he cant. I bet this scum has commit a crime in Bashur or Iraq. Thanks to these Bashuri, western people see us all as muslims, thanks to Bashuri they say we all speak arabic and thanks to bashuri, we are famous for crime. But hey, they are muslims. If your a muslim kurd then stay in Iraq you scum. My family left to get away from Islam. People like you.

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BIJI KDP BIJI YPG | 11/24/2017 10:27:11 AM
The Kurds of Bashur will not accept this. I love Barzani and I stand with YPG!
Erdogan sees likely cooperation with Assad against YPG
| 21 hours ago | (1)
What a SHAME! | 11/24/2017 2:46:56 AM
I am wondering: Do the KRG and its stupid spokesman, Safeez Dizayee, understand that by calling on the Iraqi government to respect the ruling of the...
guest2002 | 11/24/2017 10:24:11 AM
as I was suspecting , only morons are allowed to be part of KRG.DIDM'T IRAQI COURTS ,JUST RULED AGAINST THE KURDISH VOTE ??? HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET???...
KRG asks Baghdad to respect Federal Court ruling on referendum
| yesterday at 09:41 | (3)
duroi | 11/24/2017 10:18:05 AM
UN is a membership club of states who pay membership fees and UN officials represent their interests. UN condemns the ISIS attack in Tuz Khormatu,...
The ethical missteps of Jan Kubis between Erbil and Baghdad
| 23 hours ago | (1)
Mohamedzzz | 11/18/2017 3:46:05 PM
Nobody can believe these politicians, the most corrupt politicians in EU are the Spanish politicians.
Hander Duukani | 11/24/2017 9:26:56 AM
Please stop relating the Spanish and Catalonian situation. There is no comparison. The unfortunate coincidence of the Catalonian referendum and the...
Spanish PM calls 'bodies on the streets' threats a lie
| 17/11/2017 | (2)

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