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New Generation party urges voters to ‘take revenge’ on ‘failed’ establishment

By Rudaw 13/9/2018
New Generation leader Shaswar Abdulwahid Qadir delivers a speech in Duhok, September 12, 2018. Photo: NRT / Facebook
New Generation leader Shaswar Abdulwahid Qadir delivers a speech in Duhok, September 12, 2018. Photo: NRT / Facebook
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Shaswar Abdulwahid Qadir, leader of the New Generation Movement, urged voters on Wednesday to try new forces and new faces in the September 30 election to punish the ruling parties for the “failed policies of the last 27 years”. 

“Dear citizens, most of the countries that are developed, and whose people lead a good life, reached this day through trying new forces and new faces,” Qadir said, in a campaign video broadcast on NRT, a media channel he founded in 2010.

“Now, for the September 30 elections of the Kurdistan Region, we give you promises that you should 100 percent be sure we will keep.”

“That is why it is necessary for you as a citizen to at least try a new force for once,” Qadir added.

New Generation, which officially launched at the start of 2018, opposed the Kurdistan independence referendum in September 2017, when Qadir launched the “No for Now” campaign.

He led an anti-establishment campaign for Iraq’s May 12 election, exceeding expectations to win four seats.

“It isn’t possible that you as a citizen vest your confidence again into those with failed policies of the last 27 years, of those who got Kurdistan into the situation it is in today,” Qadir said.

Qadir raised the issue again during a campaign event with young supporters in Duhok on Wednesday.

"Kurdish political parties, in the last 70 years, have always tried to sow discord between the cities. They have tried to sow the seeds of hate instead of love, for us to be rivals for them to prolong their existence within that rivalry between the people.” 

“We are proud that today there is a movement around which people, regardless of their colour, age, or sex [can rally],” he said.

“I ask the people of Kurdistan Region to look at the past, and then decide whom to vote for in this election.”

“We shouldn’t forget all the plight and difficulties brought upon us in the past couple of years,” he added.

Qadir said it takes just 10 minutes to go out and vote to “take our revenge” on those responsible for past failures.

Opposition parties and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have been lukewarm about the timing of the Kurdistan Region parliamentary election, which the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has strongly advocated. 

Only Barham Salih’s Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ) has boycotted the election, citing concerns over the voter register and the likelihood of fraud. 

September 30 will be the first Kurdistan Region election since the turbulent closure of parliament and the four-year war against ISIS.


Muraz Adzhoev | 13/9/2018
This is malicious, but absolutely insignificant "movement of faceless generation” which have lost national and patriotic roots, have become deprived of historical memory, have been trying to sow the seeds of unconsciousness, hatred and betrayal in the Kurdish land.
PG | 13/9/2018
"New Generation Party" intends to replace the present government by the declared intention to "TAKE REVENGE" on honest Kurdish leaders . The Kurdish people can fortunately distinguish between malignant traitors and honest leaders. The Kurdish people will punish such bastards on the elections day. May God save Kurdistan from sinister traitors of the likes of " Gorran" and the "New Generation Of Bastards. Their party should ,more prperly, be called "THE NEW GENERATION OF BASTARDS".
Azad | 13/9/2018
If it weren't for those "failed policies" of the last 27 years, Shaswar himself would not be standing where he is. KDP and PUK created the Kurdistan Region through almost a century of constant struggle and fighting LONG before any of the other parties and even before Shaswar was born. They have accomplished more for kruds in Iraq than anyone else. Have they made mistakes? Sure. But their accomplishments greatly outweigh any mistakes. They created the platform that allows Shashwar to speak freely as a kurd in Iraq and the platform that allows kurds in Iraq to be more less secure. Shaswar has done nothing what so ever for kurds. He is all talk. Parties like Gorran and people like Shaswar portray themselves as "opposition" but all they do is spread hatred and divide kurds even more and create obstacles for progress through boycots and constant arguing over EVERYTHING, in many cases they even work with Baghdad to attack KDP and PUK. Never trust Selemani opposition. They are the fake opposition. The most hateful, tribal minded, ignorant, naive people. When Kirkuk was attacked Shaswar did not say ONE bad thing about Haashd-Shaabi or Abadi.
Unite | 13/9/2018
"Revenge"? Is this what politics have coming down to today? I am totally bewildered at these new bollocksticians. A real politician or even a real tactician should revert to making changes with the system or establishment for betterment of the nation and the country; not reverting and encouraging revenge. calling for "Revenge" and killing; for who's benefit? Disgraceful! God help any nation that is or will be governed by revengeful minded people.
Big Papa | 13/9/2018
IF THE SHOE WAS ON THE OTHER FOOT I BET YOU WOULD STAND ON FOLKS JUST TO GET A BETTER VIEW!! This dude is a complete loser like wake up and smell the coffee if they have failed you for the last 27 years like you suggest they have then why is it you have your freedom today and are able to make your own political party! This guy is a jash 100%

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