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US offered to back year-long talks on all issues if Barzani called off referendum

By Rudaw 14/10/2017
The people of Kurdistan voted on September 25 with 92.7 percent support for independence from Iraq. Photo: Hejar Jawhar/Rudaw
The people of Kurdistan voted on September 25 with 92.7 percent support for independence from Iraq. Photo: Hejar Jawhar/Rudaw
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The United States’ last ditch effort to convince the Kurdish leadership to call off the referendum was an offer of accelerated negotiations to resolve all outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad, including addressing immediate fiscal and security needs, in talks that would be limited to one year, with the possibility of renewal, and a US guarantee to recognize a referendum if talks failed. 

The offer was made in a letter from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on September 23, two days before the referendum. A copy of the letter was published by Bloomberg. 

In it, Tillerson called to mind the US’ relationship with Kurdistan and acknowledged the history that led Kurds to this point, but noted that pushing forward with the referendum at this time “would carry serious consequences – and even, perversely, set back your objectives.”

Tillerson requested four commitments from Barzani. 

First, a commitment to talks, stressing that whatever solution ultimately comes about to Kurdistan’s problems with Iraq, whether it be independence or some formula to remain within Iraq, it will only be achieved through negotiation. 

Second, the Peshmerga remain key partners in the global anti-ISIS coalition while the United States commits to accelerating their efforts to provide joint security in unstable, sensitive areas such as Shingal. 

Third, Kurdistan Region’s borders be established as mandated under Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution that deals with the disputed areas. The US would commit to resolving these issues with cooperation from the UN and Baghdad within the one year timeframe. 

Fourth, Barzani, as a valued statesman, “exert a positive influence in Baghdad” and assist in the formation of a new government after 2018 Iraqi elections. 

In turn, the US would “support and facilitate” resolving three issues within a year’s time: implementing meaningful power and revenue sharing agreements, implementing Article 140, resolving other disputes such as Peshmerga, civil aviation, and diplomatic representation.

“At the end of this process, of course, should the talks not reach a mutually acceptable conclusion or fail on account of lack of good faith on the part of Baghdad we would recognize the need for a referendum,” Tillerson wrote. 

According to Bloomberg, an earlier September 20 draft of the proposal did not contain this support for a referendum. 

The same date as Tillerson’s letter, Barzani met with France’s ambassador to Iraq, telling him that it was too late to call off the referendum, being held in just two days’ time.

“No time is left to talk about postponing and the decision is not in the hands of a party or person,” he said. 

Indeed, the first vote had already been cast by the time Tillerson made his offer. 

In rejecting the multiple requests from international parties to postpone or cancel the vote, Barzani repeatedly said that any proposal must be an alternative to the referendum. The goal of the referendum is independence, so an alternative must guarantee that goal. 

He also warned that any agreement had to be made with Baghdad, not other nations, and in the face of global condemnation of the referendum, Baghdad was emboldened to reject all suggestions with respect to relations with Kurdistan. 

What can take the place of the referendum is “a bilateral agreement between Erbil and Baghdad, if the agreement materialized in a way that could take the place of the referendum. And then the international community, the US, Europe, backs that agreement and give guarantees that this agreement will be implemented,” said Barzani at a rally in the lead up to the vote.
If no viable alternative is offered, “it is impossible to postpone the referendum,” he said, stressing that the purpose of the September 25 referendum “is to tell the world that we want independence.” 


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Kawa Asinger | 14/10/2017
How about suspending the referendum vote, but not cancelling it. Until talks take place between Erbil and Baghdad. If a satisfactory solution is not reached then the referendum outcome should be implemented. Let that be a guarantee. And article 140 has to be implemented under third watch, and its outcome respected.
Hejar | 14/10/2017
US had plenty of time to resolve these these issues. Barzani and KRG gave them every opportunity for a long time. Besides, the US doesn't have as much influence as Iran does so it was about buying time until Isis was finished and they didn't need Kurds anymore. US policy changes all the time so I don't believe Tillerson was being sincere, and that was more than evident when he shamefully called the fair and democratic vote "illegitimate". A real friend doesn't say that. He could've said many things but not that. And lastly, why can't they still do that??? All Kurds did was voice their opinion! Barzani did the right thing! In fact, it should've happened earlier.
Muraz Adzhoev | 14/10/2017
The US should have officially recognized the justified need and legitimacy for the referendum on so ereign independence of Southern Kurdistan first and only then recommended to start negotiations and talks between Erbil and Baghdad in order to resolve all disputed issues and matters before the referendum was to be held. Certainly the US Sectetsry Tillerson's blackmail and threat of victimization was too disgusting and absolutely unacceptable for Kurdistan sovereign authorities, the President-Commander, the Government, the Parliament in particular. The US Ptesident must condemn Mr. Tilletson's policy on Kurdistan and change the US position on the referendum and its outcome the sooner the better and without any hesitation.
Kurdish State | 14/10/2017
Tillerson has betraid the Kurds .
sarwer | 14/10/2017
whatever the consequences happens kurds must not put referendum on hold,we must fight for our rights and independent is one of our rights, iraq facist want destroy kurds like all the other Iraq regim.Shame for anyone let referendum put on hold. never ever any iraqi government support Kurds always they want destroy kurds, so dialogue with facist never work it is a big mistake.
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Muraz Adzhoev | 11/21/2017 11:02:49 AM
It is clear that they want to restore unity and integrity of the Iraqi (pro-Iranian) arab federation in order to “preserve” (autonomous) sovereignty...
duroi | 11/22/2017 5:25:35 AM
There is really no point in shuffling the cabinet which will last few months, a new minister needs several months to get settled and this also...
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| yesterday at 12:45 | (2)
duroi | 11/22/2017 4:59:58 AM
UNAMI needs to stick to its time limited "advisory and assisting" mandate and advise Iraq to withdraw from disputed areas its Iran backed militias...
Enkiu | 11/22/2017 5:08:59 AM
UN is an irrelevant and corrupt organization. UN ignores crimes or is ineffective in preventing them. UN takes no account of the quality of the court...
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Outsider | 11/22/2017 12:24:07 AM
In the medium term, there are only 3 options: (a) accept the demands of Baghdad, (b) cooperate with Iran or (c) cooperate with Turkey. You are...
GUEST2002 | 11/22/2017 2:14:04 AM
what does that even mean?? why not fight the invaders instead?? why just give and give and give?? you gave the shiia jihadis 50 percent of your land...
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FAUthman | 11/21/2017 4:26:36 PM
Abadi's statements on the referendum were more reasonable than the those of the federal court: the referendum, Abadi said was no more than a public...
K | 11/21/2017 9:44:00 PM
Kurds ca never be independent by being a pussy. You should have fought to death for a few weeks and the world opinion about how serious Kurds are,...
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