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Baghdad still pays billions on salaries in ISIS-held Mosul

By RÛDAW 15/2/2015
Mosul deputy governor. Hasan Alaf
Mosul deputy governor. Hasan Alaf
Erbil, Kurdistan Region - Baghdad continues to pay  billions each month for the salaries of government workers in ISIS-held Mosul with much of the cash ending up in the hands of militants, a former deputy governor has said.

“We send 20 billion Iraqi dinar [$16 million] for civil servants monthly, some of it through transfer, some through bank cards,” the deputy governor, who now lives in Duhok, told Rudaw.
In a separate report, Aki Perez in New York Times Magazine cited sources saying the Iraqi government has sent a total of 130 billion dinar, or nearly $110 million, to civil servants since the country’s second-largest city fell to ISIS in June.
According to the NYT Magazine report, ISIS captures half of the money sent to Mosul each month, mostly from employees who abandoned their government jobs when the city was captured.


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Kurdistan for the win. | 15/2/2015
I spit on your ugly allah flag.
Argushi, USA | 15/2/2015
What? Iraq sends the money to Mosul which most of them are working and helping terrorists and they refuse to send the money they owe to Kurdistan. As a proud kurd I am outraged with the Iraqi government and ALL kurds should be. enough is enough for Kurds to deal with this evil regime any more. INDEPENDENT IS THE ONLY CHOICE THAT KURDS HAVE. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY CHANCE THAT WE WILL HAVE FOR INDEPENDENT.
Masud | 15/2/2015
So ISIS can have their salaries but Kurds can't?? Isn't time for Kurds to say goodbye to this disgraceful country?
BismarkPA | 15/2/2015
I do not understand why the west continues to support Baghdad, it is very clear to me that they are beyond saving. We should put all of our support behind the Kurds. The Kurds must do their part for this support and make the Peshmerga an independent military entity and not affiliated with the various political parties. Instead of having Yezidi, Christian, and Kurdish militias they should all just be Peshmerga and fully integrated. The PUK, YPG, KRG, and other parties need to put aside their petty differences and rule jointly with an elected parliament instead of all these separate states controlled by each party. I know the Kurdish political parties may not want to hear this but you have to make compromises and swallow your pride a bit if you want to have a strong sovereign nation. The Peshmerga should immediately work on helping consolidate all of the Kurdish territory in Syria. This will help you better fight ISIS, and remove your dependence on Turkey to get heavy weapons into the territory. 2nd you should move west to the coast and secure yourselves a port city, or two. This will ensure that you are not dependent on Turkey, Iraq, Iran, or Syria for international trade. I know I keep repeating the same message but I know I am right. Yes I am an American and god bless the Kurds.
Saman | 15/2/2015
Funny, and still they have face not to pay KRG's 17% share and salaries. I really don't know why our leaders are still going to Baghdad, Mr Prime Minister please come back..

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Muraz Adzhoev | 11/19/2017 10:19:46 PM
“Elections” - that’s democratic procedure.“democracy” - that’s the rule of law, the supremacy of appropriately adopted, approved constitutional...
mik | 11/20/2017 12:15:54 AM
because kurdistan govrnment stolen lotts money of poor people and now they have to pay for it
KRG FM calls on world to be pragmatic in dealing with Iraq
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 11/19/2017 10:01:13 PM
Chemical Ali is laughing and cheering in his grave.
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Ahmad | 11/19/2017 5:04:42 PM
Sad to see infidel Vatican Crusaders like Stewee Guy exposing their own stupidity
Hijab Not! | 11/19/2017 8:22:28 PM
Totally agree with you Stewee! It just doesn't look right, does it?
Kurdish Islamic party calls for establishment of transitional government
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duroi | 11/13/2017 7:35:39 AM
This is a major catastrophe. The Darbandikhan dam capacity is 3000 million m3 (i.e. around 1/4 of Mosul dam capacity) but because it's half of the...
Soran | 11/19/2017 6:56:00 PM
Over a 1000 have died in sarpel in eastern Kurdistan. And there are earthquakes every day.
7 killed in Kurdistan Region earthquake, hundreds hospitalized
| 13/11/2017 | (2)

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