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PUK delegation meets with KDP, delivering Gorran response on parliament reopening

By Rudaw 16/7/2017

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A high-level delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) met with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Sunday to discuss a scheduled visit by a PUK delegation to Iran and the Change Movement (Gorran's) response to a KDP initiative on reactivating the suspended Kurdistan parliament.

Senior PUK official Saadi Ahmed Pira told Rudaw that "no pretext or impediment is in the way of reactivating the parliament now."

Pira siad they had met with Gorran on Saturday and are now carrying its response to the KDP.

"We convened with Gorran," he revealed. "We have Gorran's response to deliver to the KDP,"

A senior delegation of the PUK, headed by Kosrat Rasul Ali, the party's deputy secretary general, is set to visit Iran today to discuss bilateral relations and likely the Kurdish referendum that is scheduled to take place on September 25.

The visit comes after a PUK politburo meeting on Thursday that formed a delegation to visit regional countries to discuss the “referendum” among other issues. 


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Gail Grant | 16/7/2017
Excellent news
Gorran is betrayal | 16/7/2017
The Kurdish nation is adamant on holding its referendum on independence and it does not need the approval of ambitious partisan chieftains, saboteurs and agents of the enemy.The KRG has the full backing of the Kurdish nation to declare the Kurdish State. And this will happen immediately after the referendum. I am a Kurd from Afrin .
Muraz Adzhoev | 16/7/2017
Kosrat Rasul as the vice-president should have headed an official delegation of Kurdistan, not the PUK party delegation to Iran. The party delegation has no official and legitimate authority to discuss bilateral relations and referendum with the Iranian regime. That's in fact the wrong decision made by the PUK party leadership, not in favor of the KRG sovereign authorities and the People of Kurdistan.
Gorran is betrayal | 16/7/2017
Are there still some disputing, bickering,cautioning the God-given right of the Kurdish nation to realize its two thousand years cherished dream of independence ? . Stop talking to traitors, go ahead with the referendum and declare the Kurdish State. The international support wil fellow soon and will be amazing .
No need of trators | 16/7/2017
Don't let Gorran hijack our freedom, our right on independence. You don't need any Gorran, any traitor

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