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Fighting breaks out between YPG and Syrian army in Hasakah

By Rudaw 17/1/2015
A Peoples Protection Units (YPG) fighter in Rojava. Photo: AFP
A Peoples Protection Units (YPG) fighter in Rojava. Photo: AFP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Fighting broke out between the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian army on Saturday when the army attacked a number of Kurdish areas in Hasaka province, the YPG said.

A statement by the YPG said that they repelled an attack by the Syrian army on several neighborhoods controlled by the Kurdish forces.

“The forces of the Baathist regime bombed the Salihya, Mufti and Tel Hajar neighborhoods with motor shells,” said the YPG information center.

According to Firat News, the YPG took control of a Syrian army base where 30 soldiers surrendered to the Kurdish forces.

The YPG did not reveal the number of casualties, but said that the fighting continues between both sides.

The YPG is the Kurdish armed force that has controlled the Kurdish areas of Syria (Rojava) since the summer of 2012 when the Syrian army withdrew from the area.


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Kurdish Patriot | 17/1/2015
Her Biji YPG!! I hope President Barzani can send more Peshmerga forces to help the brothers out for more reinforcements
Bakir Lashkari
Bakir Lashkari | 17/1/2015
Some thing for PPK to fight to fight against the Syrian Army, they do not have anything to do! They do not dare to fight in Istanbul or Dyarbakir anymore!
Kurdo | 17/1/2015
Its called Heseke, in kurdish. And several civlians have died by mortars according to Firat News.
Dutchman | 17/1/2015
This is a stupid, useless fight that will only benefit IS. Stop it!
Rawaz a | 17/1/2015
The second the arabs think they can win a war they will start it. The only reason the syrian army did not attack us was because they knew they would lose. We kurds should learn that there is no peace with our arab neighbors. The only way we can keep kurdistan calm is by having a strong military. Just look at Israel. They crushed the arab world in the six day war and all the arabs can do now is to talk.

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Tigran Hakopian | 11/20/2018 8:04:02 PM
See the comments of these so called opressed people: Hate and anger towards Iranian children, Iranian mothers and citizens of Iran. Poor Assyrians...
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SAVE THE KURDS | 11/20/2018 7:51:07 PM
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FAUthman | 11/19/2018 5:03:25 AM
This is a very useful report by Rudaw with a lot of very important quotes here. T.U.
FAUthman | 11/20/2018 5:00:51 PM
A key quote from the US side: “That’s what we’re here to do and once we feel that’s complete ( ISIS defeat ) and our partners (SDF) are taken care...
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