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Gorran announces it has made a decision on its withdrawal from KRG

By Rudaw 17/5/2017
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) building in Erbil. Photo: KRG
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) building in Erbil. Photo: KRG
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - The Change (Gorran) Movement say they have plans to withdraw from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), but this subject is delayed for now because they don’t want the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) “to prevail [in] the coup.”

Jamal Mohammed, head of the Gorran National Council said at the party’s main office in Erbil on Wednesday that "we have made a decision on the question of our withdrawal. The failure of this government has been proven and that we have just procrastinated the withdrawal.”

Explaining when will they officially announce the withdrawal from the government cabinet led by KDP second-in-command Nechirvan Barzani, Mohammed explained they have not yet withdrawn “not because we eye return to the failed government in another form with the current mentality, but that we do not [want to] pave the way for the KDP to prevail [in] the coup.”

The question of changing parliament speaker Yousif Mohammed, who was barred from entering Erbil in October 2015 following the escalation of rivalries between the ruling KDP and Gorran, Jamal Mohammed said they could make the decision to change the speaker of the parliament or not to re-receive the parliament speaker post, but in doing so nothing will develop to solve the existing crisis that have gripped the region.

Relations between the ruling KDP and Gorran declined in 2015 after rioters set fire to KDP offices and killed two of its local party members in Sulaimani province in November. 

The KDP accused Gorran of orchestrating the riots and sacked four Gorran ministers from the KDP-led cabinet in addition to expelling Mohammed, the speaker of the parliament, who took the office after a deal with the KDP following inconclusive elections in 2013.

The regional parliament in Erbil has not convened since October 2015 with Gorran demanding that ousted speaker Muhammad be returned to his post. 


Jamal Mohammed spoke on the one year anniversary of a landmark cooperation between Gorran and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), saying only one point has been implemented but haphazardly which was intended to be the formation of a joint leadership, adding that the bulk of the points have not been implemented.

“Frankly, there was a complete hurdle before implementing the agreement from the PUK side, especially the decision making leadership and they act in reverse to the agreement,” he said.


Gorran and the ruling PUK signed the 25-article pact in the presence of PUK leader Jalal Talabani and Gorran’s leader Nawshirwan Mustafa in the PUK’s main office in Dabashan on May 17, 2016. A year after signing the pact, Gorran blames the PUK for not honoring the agreement.


“The responsibility for not implementing the pact lies with the PUK,” Ismael Nameq, the coordinator of Gorran’s law office and member of the PUK-Gorran joint committee formed to oversee the implementation of the alliance, told Rudaw.


PUK and Gorran have been rethinking the strategic alliance signed last year and each has been accusing the other of failing to honor and implement the agreement.

Leaders of both parties met in Sulaimani last week.

“The content of the agreement between the two parties was discussed in the meeting,” read the short statement.

Addressing the recent political impasse and economic crisis in the region, Jamal Mohammed hoped for an end to the problem.

“We will welcome any attempt or serious project [to end the crisis],” he said.


Guest | 18/5/2017
Good! Let them go! Gorran has become a tool in the hands of the Iranian government and is acting against the interests of its own people (the Kurds).
Kurdo | 18/5/2017
@Guest, you are foolish. Then you should stop tribalism and curraption in KRG before you speak of Gorran. PDK let in Turkeý and their bases in KRG and they have checkpoints now. Turkey also bomb Shingal and Qandil. Start to talk about turks if you dont shit in your pants.
PublishMeFam | 18/5/2017
KRG is falling apart.
kurdishpatriot | 18/5/2017
As much as I dislike Goraran, i understand their concerns. The government is becoming increasingly tribal and Gorran conveyed how its FAR from democractic and exposed its corruption
Muraz Adzhoev | 18/5/2017
Gorran's aggressive opportunism is unacceptable. Gorran has become an instrument of anti-Kurdish hostile forces. Is Gorran one of Kurdish political-patriotic parties? No.

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AzadAzadi | 2/17/2018 12:03:02 AM
CORRECTION……..(Please disregard my previous comment on this article. This is a corrected version )………………………Rudaw only publishes Turkish perspective...
FAUthman | 2/17/2018 6:28:48 PM
Azad Azadi, you make good points. Translator issue is no big deal, leaders want to talk confidentially and freely!
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help the kurds | 2/17/2018 12:51:54 PM
We all know Turkey would use chemical weapons and lie about it, DOWN WITH TURKEY
Andrew | 2/17/2018 2:55:10 PM
Multiple Reports from around the World are saying Turkey's Government carried out this gas attack on Kurdish Civilians in Afrin!! I hope this isnt...
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