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Mustafa Hijri: we continue our struggle inside Iran

By Rudaw 18/3/2016
Mustafa Hijri,  leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran (KDP-I). Photo: Rudaw
Mustafa Hijri, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran (KDP-I). Photo: Rudaw
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran (KDP-I) says the party has decided to move its Peshmarga forces into the Iranian Kurdistan after two decades of unilateral ceasefire that virtually meant no military operations inside Kurdish territories in western Iran since mid-1990s.

Mustafa Hijri said the KDP-I wanted to continue its “peaceful political struggle” and get closer to its grassroots supporters in Kurdish areas of Iran.

“We want to change the course for our party, but we will continue our struggle in all circumstances, we will combine the mountain struggle with the struggle in the cities,” Hijri told Rudaw referring to the deployment of their Peshmarga forces from mountainous areas in Kurdistan region of Iraq into the urban areas of Iranian Kurdistan.

With some 2000 Peshmarga forces based in remote bordering areas, the KDP-I is historically considered the most formidable military organization opposing the Islamic Republic in Tehran.

The party says it still enjoys considerable influence among Kurds in Iran to create pressure on the government in Tehran, despite the decades old ceasefire that sent the party into exile in Kurdistan region.

“To achieve our objectives, we need to be a powerful party and our power lies with our young people in Iranian Kurdistan,” Hijri said.

“We want to send our Peshmarga forces to get closer to the young people and give them an opportunity to join our party,” he added.

Hijri’s comments coincide with celebrations of the Iranian and Kurdish New Year, Newroz, which starts on March 20 this year.

The Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party was split into two groups in 2006 but talks have regularly taken place between the two for a unification.

Tehran regards both groups as unlawful and has banned their activity along with several other Kurdish organizations in the country.

“If the world really wants to see a clam Middle East, with no migrations, and with people living freely, then the Islamic Republic (in Iran) should not exist, that will guarantee peaceful coexistence in the Middle East,” Hijri said.    


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Shapur | 18/3/2016
This is ridiculous! What is this guy trying to do?! does he want to cause another war in Iran, that may rip the coexistence of Kurds and other ethnic groups in Iran apart? Aren't Kurds an ethnic Iranian group related to the Persians, Arminians, lurs, Azeris, qashqui and Baluchis? Does he want to start another Kurd vs Kurd war? I don't get this. He also accuses Iran of all the trouble in the Middle East as well! If I remember correctly, it's the Sunni terrorist groups supported and Financed by the Saudies that have destabilised Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Is he under the Saudi payroll? This is an insult to all Kurds, Persians, Arminians and other groups, who bled and died in the Iran-Iraq war, as well as to all the Kurdish soldiers, who died trying to stop terrorism in the country and protect its borders. i would rather not see Iranian Kurdistan fragment into pieces with infighting. The last thing that I want is my homeland to fragment. :(
Shad | 18/3/2016
This is not good. We already have far too many greedy men with stupid ambitions in the Middle East.
Brzoo Kurdi
Brzoo Kurdi | 18/3/2016
you have our full support to diminish the empire of evil in Iran.
K | 19/3/2016
I believe it is time for all Kurdistan to stop using phrases like Iranian Kurdistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Syrian Kurdistan or Turkey Kurdistan that gives the meaning as Kurdistan belongs to these countries. We need to use Rojava, Rojhelat, Bakur and Basur as four states of Greater Kurdistan. With that, we must show unity and support for each other. Rojhelat has kept quite and moved the Peshmerga out of the area in order to show readiness for settlement peacefully. Unfortunately the Islamic State do not understand a language of peace. Since the Islamic movement into the area, the only way they can talk to the people is through the language of swards and blood. It is time for us to say in one voice enough is enough.
Farid | 19/3/2016
What struggle, killing a few people here and there Terrorism never pays, he can run for office in Iran, no one is preventing him. Terrorists beholden to Israel, don't end well.

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Just let people live free and dont care about their privte lives, airport iss very importanr for people who live in kurdistan.
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