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Yezidi officials say PKK in Shingal delays reconstruction, refugees' returns

By Rudaw 20/3/2017
The political uncertainty has dissuaded many Yezidis from returning to their homes in Shingal. Rudaw photo
The political uncertainty has dissuaded many Yezidis from returning to their homes in Shingal. Rudaw photo

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The military presence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Yezidi areas including the main city of Shingal has halted the reconstruction process of the war-scarred region and delayed the return of displaced people, according to prominent Yezidi figures who call on the Kurdish guerrilla group to retreat from the area. 

Shingal Mayor Mahma Khalil and Yezidi member of the Iraqi Parliament Vian Dakhil also said that international bodies have delayed their reconstruction plans for the city of Shingal due to the PKK military presence which they view as “unlawful” and “foreign.”

“Several countries and organisations have already shown intention to help the recovery plans in Shingal, but since their donations are usually channelled through the Iraqi reconstruction funds and the United Nations partners in the country, no project has so far been implemented due to the presence of a foreign group such as the PKK,” Dakhil told Rudaw. 

Mayor Khalil said that Shingal has suffered more atrocities, both human and material, than any other region in Iraq with entire communities torn apart and dislocated, which according to him will need years if not decades of reconstruction work and rehabilitation for the victims. 

“PKK presence in Shingal blocks the reconstruction of the region and the return of refugees. Basically allied countries and international organisations won’t be engaged in any major humanitarian work since they see an unlawful group such as the PKK as a menace to their own staff,” Khalil told Rudaw. 

Leading Iraqi and Kurdish officials including the Iraqi and Kurdish government as well as the US have called on PKK to withdraw armed troops from Yezidi areas on the Syrian border. 

The PKK has so far rejected the calls and stated officially that it will leave the area “when local people are no longer in danger.” 


Aso | 20/3/2017
Just leave for god sake. PKK is using Yezidis to gain power under the pretext of "protecting Yezidis". Yezidis don't need PKK anymore. I understand that some Yazidis don't trust Peshmerga after what happened. But they need to understand that ISIS ambushed all of KRG and all Peshmerga initially retreated from Shingal all the way to Khanaqin. Nobody expected that ISIS would be stupid enough to start another war while they were still dealing with Baghdad. But its different now. Peshmerga are experienced, well prepared and better armed than PKK. Most importantly many Peshmerga in Shingal are now Yezidis and the commanders are prominent local Yezidis like Shesho. All Yezidis can sign up as Peshmerga and protect Shingal without being forced to follow PKK party agenda. There is no excuse. PKK must leave. The same way they won't allow Peshmerga to controle any part of Rojava, we cannot allow PKK or any other millitia to controle any part of KRG. If we allow rival millitias it will lead to civil war. Very simple. PKK must leave. Period. Shingal belongs to KRG, not Rojava or Baghdad.
Biji Kurdistan | 20/3/2017
How exactly does the PKK pose a threat to humanitarian staff or impedes reconstruction? I have never heard of the PKK kidnapping aid workers or attacking construction vehicles in Shingal, the PKK and their affiliates also have a presence in Syria, yet there have never been any problems with International or UN affiliated aid groups bringing aid to Rojava. PKK/YBS has been in Shingal for 2 years and have no record of posing a direct threat to UN or civilian aid organizations in the region. This claim is unfounded and the article wasn't convincing.
21.03.-isis-attacks-reported | 21/3/2017
21.03. press massages about attacks from isis on sinjar. if true - now the pesh must push isis back and kill every attacker.
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A Kurd in exile | 9/20/2017 3:53:45 AM
Thank you Dr. Sharifi! Very well said, indeed!
James.P | 9/20/2017 6:33:36 AM
I certainly agree with what you have to say there is ongoing oppression in their ordeal as the Kurdish people's voices are not being heard. You...
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Hamid Sayadi | 9/20/2017 4:56:25 AM
I am just repasting the argument of gentleman above HAMA!!! it's so great expression the war of {Spartacus}! Slave fighting for entertainment of...
Vietnam Veteran | 9/20/2017 6:09:01 AM
State Department is loaded with Obama's people. Their Cockroaches...
US opposes elections in Syria's Kurdish enclaves
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JPL | 9/20/2017 3:48:03 AM
Stick to your guns! Independence is the right of every nation. Kurds are no less of a nation. We must not bow to pressure from others. We the people...
Midwest | 9/20/2017 5:17:05 AM
Not a bad ultimatum. Hopefully this gives the United States the wiggle room to say what it really wants but does not say openly: That we support an...
Barzani gives Baghdad ultimatum: Provide alternative in 3 days or vote proceeds
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Independence | 9/20/2017 3:59:06 AM
It would not be the first war the Kurds have to face for their independence.
Musa | 9/20/2017 4:19:35 AM
Great article. I just hope that Abadi sees this.
Mr. Abadi, be a wise leader and let Kurdistan go
| 12 hours ago | (7)

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