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Turkish club opens football academy for Kirkuk Turkmens

By Rudaw 20/5/2017
KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region – Beshiktas, a Turkish football club, has opened its first football academy in Kirkuk for the province's Turkmen club, becoming the first such sports facility opened by the club in Iraq.

The organizers raised 16 different Turkmen flags in a ceremony, implying the existence of Turkmens in 16 different countries. 

The academy is in association with the Turkmen sports Club in Kirkuk.

Beshiktas officials were present in the ceremony say that it is party of the club's outreach to their fans everywhere. 

"The Betishktashi group has promised to help the youth," Cengiz Sari Kehi, an official from the Turkish club told Rudaw. "One of our important aims is to serve our fans everywhere. Through this, we want to make Betishktashi a club for all.

Players aged 6 to 14 can benefit from the academy. It will have 3 different branches in the multi-ethnic province of Kirkuk where Kurds, Turkmens, and Arabs live. 

A Turkmen official from the local club maintained that it will be a club for all.

"This school is hopefully for all people in Kirkuk," Ziyad Qadir, from the Turkmen sports club said addign that the club will start its sports activities before the end of the next week.

The Betishktashi club is a European club. It wants to benefit from the potential of the youth through opening these academies. 

It has opened six football academies in the world, including in Germany and the Netherlands.

The Turkish club has made some money in any country it opened football academies. They academy in Kirkuk is for the sake of Turkmen for which they don’t ask for any money. They even sponsor the annual cost of the academy.


JamKurd | 20/5/2017
My question is would Turkey allow a facility dedicated to trainimg Kurds in Turkey and raise the Kurdistan Flag in Amed. Turkmen have the freedom to open a facility raise 16 flags in Kirkuk? So why are the Torani Turkmen complaining about The Kurdiastan flag and spreading lies about being descriminated against?
Kurdo | 20/5/2017
Of coursse they dont ask for money when they make turkmen to anti-kurds. Turkmen of Iraq get citizenship in Turkey, why dont they move there instead? Russian Girenak Joseph, who visited Kirkuk in Kurdistan as a part of his tour throu the 1870 - 1873 AD, who published the results of his trip & his studies later in 1879, in the 4th volume in the Bulletin of the Caucasus department of the Royal Geographical Russian Society estimated Kirkuk's population as many as 12-50,000 people, & he emphasized that except 40 Christian families, the rest of the population were Kurds. As for The Turkmen & Arabs, they have not been already existed at the time. Nor arabs or turkmen belong in Kirkuk, we should welcome Chaldeans and Armenians.
Nam | 21/5/2017
Will the KRG open a football club for Kurds in Istanbul? They should! There are 4 million Kurds in Istanbul.
Roj | 21/5/2017
Only for Turkmens? How about the other people of Kirkuk?
VomitReflex | 22/5/2017
@Kurdo: So, you want to ethnically clean Kiekuk of Turkmens? Maybe the Turks should rid of the couple million Kurds in Istanbul in return? Why stop there, kick Arabs from all KRG and let Arabs fight it out against Kurds in Syria to kick them out? Brainless idiot.

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Soon or later USA and Israel and some European countries will attack Iran and that government must be replace to a democracy government . That is the...
Non kurd | 4/24/2018 4:47:41 AM
Iran is a third world toilet run by corrupt terrorists. If they resume their nuke program, their dismal economy will turn even worse resulting in...
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Thomas | 4/24/2018 3:44:49 AM
None of this would happen if Kurds stopped betraying each other. The most recent one is PUK betraying on Kirkuk, Kurds lost the thousands of years...
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Non kurd | 4/19/2018 7:33:32 PM
The barbarians ruling Iran must be overthrown asap.
Outsider | 4/23/2018 11:00:08 PM
I ask myself, what is the YPG doing with terrorists? Look at first into your own "judiciary" before you complain about others...
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