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Parties welcome Barzani’s initiative for talks, end to political deadlock

By Rudaw 23/11/2016
Rudaw file photo of leaders from five main Kurdish parties meeting in Erbil, September 13, 2015.
Rudaw file photo of leaders from five main Kurdish parties meeting in Erbil, September 13, 2015.
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region—Political parties in the Kurdistan Region have responded positively to a call by President Masoud Barzani to resolve differences and reactivate the regional parliament that has been dysfunctional for more than a year.

“Barzani’s initiative opened the door to talks and threw the ball back into the court of Kurdistan Region’s political groups,” said Shwan Rabar, the spokesperson for the Islamic League (Komal) decision-making council.

Rabar believes that Barzani as president and his Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) were in a position to help resolve the tensions if they took practical steps in this direction. He further suggested Barzani should formally invite leaders of all parties to a high-level meeting if he wants to end the deadlock.

President Barzani said in an official statement on Sunday: “The solution to the political crisis of the region is that the (political) parties begin discussions and elect a new speaker for the parliament. The parties should also reach agreement on establishing a new government and appoint somebody for the region’s presidency until elections take place,”

KDP’s former ally and partner in government, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) also welcomed Barzani’s call and hoped that theirs and other parties will heed the initiative.

PUK’s second-in-command Kosrat Rasul Ali, said that in this difficult situation of Kurdistan Barzani’s initiative had opened a good door on solving Kurdistan Region’s political problems and “if wisely put into action good steps could be taken to solve the economy and people’s living conditions,”

Rasul urged all members and leaders of the PUK to support Barzani’s call and be a force for good.

Shalaw Ali Askari, spokesperson for PUK’s decision center said Barzani’s message had much in common with what other parties have long been demanding.

“I see his [Barzani’s] message as very positive because it contains all the demands of the other parties and not much different from our statements and calls,” Askari told Rudaw.

Mahmoud Sangawi, a veteran military figure in the PUK said that people and his party alike should answer Barzani’s call.

“I ask all the parties not to throw hurdles before this call, to go meet with Mr. Barzani and find a solution,” Sangawi said.

Officials of the Kurdistan Islamic Union said they welcomed Barzani’s initiative and hoped it would be followed by action.

“We think Mr. Barzani’s message is a positive step in the right direction and we hope it becomes a start for solutions to all of Kurdistan Region’s issues and is followed by action.”


Hewlery | 23/11/2016
The people want unity among Kurdish parties. Unity against Terrorists and for independence. May Allah bless the Peshmerga.
kurt basar | 23/11/2016
It's about time, good morning to all of them for not seeing the Kurdish Sun to this day, by attanding to their fiefdom & listening their occupirs Salafi Molahs, who are causing their division for good.
pavel | 23/11/2016
it must be followed up by practical steps, for instance don't "wait" for all the other parties to take steps , go to them if they don't come to you, that's how you'll move things forward
Muhsin Kikani | 28/11/2016
Respect for Serok Barzani , He does not need the chair , but the chair needs him . Goran and PUk wanted to separate sulymani from KRG and deal with Baghdad as a separate entity . To avoid such division within kurdistan he offered to resign and he means it . I want to see how Goran and PUK will manage the region and i guarantee you they will ruin everything we have built so far. Goran which promoted and still promoting division and violence in kurdistan does not deserve any respect in my view , but sadly our people are too partisan and too uneducated to see the right from wrong .

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bain | 7/22/2017 7:56:22 PM
This guy is mad! he has funded dozens of these shia militias and they now outnumbering the Iraqi army 5:1, most are loyal to a foreign cou...
Jay | 7/23/2017 11:46:01 AM
Of course they are from you, they are out of control as your government is. It's sad to see Iraq run by thugs and criminal, surely Maliki and Abadi...
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Dana | 7/23/2017 10:05:06 AM
So KDP last week dropped its precondition for the parliament reactivation, WHY is the parliament not reactivated yet??? no preconditions means NO...
Muraz Adzhoev | 7/23/2017 11:35:36 AM
The decision on the referendum on reintegration and independence of Southern Kurdistan, which was adopted and agreed upon the legislative innitiative...
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Dim | 7/23/2017 9:40:58 AM
@IranMan, calm down, didn't say that Rudaw should censor Iranians or Turks because of "their nationality", but they should do something about...
The realist Kurd is here | 7/23/2017 11:24:43 AM
@IranMan, you go and fight for your basic rights in Iran, which have been violated since monkey Mullahs took the power form Shah. ?Don't worry about...
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hate turkey | 7/23/2017 9:54:24 AM
Behead her now.
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