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Barzani: Kurds expected invitation to London anti-ISIS conference

By Rudaw 23/1/2015

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—The Kurdish President Masoud Barzani said he was disappointed that the Kurdistan Region was not invited to the anti-ISIS coalition conference in London where on Thursday world leaders pledged to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS).

“I express my and Kurdistan people’s disappointment with the organizers of this conference and it is unfortunate that the people of Kurdistan do the sacrifice and the credit goes to others,” said Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani in a statement.

Leaders of 21 coalition states gathered in London to stress their commitment against ISIS and the impact coalition air strikes have made against the radical group.

Barzani said that Kurdistan was leading the war against ISIS and it deserved to be present in such meetings.

“The people of Kurdistan bear the brunt of this situation and no country or party can represent or truly convey their voice in international gatherings,” he said.

The Kurdish president said that the Peshmerga “are the most effective force countering global terrorism today,”

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was at the conference where he told the coalition leaders that the Iraqi army need more weapons in its fight against ISIS.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that air strikes had killed about half of the ISIS leaders in the last five months.

The London conference was held a day after Kurdish Peshmerga forces launched a major offensive against ISIS west of Mosul where they killed 200 militants and took tens of square miles of territory from the radical group.


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FAUthman | 23/1/2015
President Barzani is absolutely right the Kurds in Iraq and Syria should have been invited to this conference!!
United Kurds | 23/1/2015
All these countries they brought this war to Kurds and tricked Kurds to fight it for them by giving Kurds a few rifles. They don’t even count Kurds as one of their allies. They have not invited Kurds to their Anti-ISIS conferences yet, while Kurds are the only force on the ground. Meanwhile they are setting behind the stage and running the show without creating enemies for themselves. They are doing just enough to avoid being blamed for doing nothing. They figured Kurds are used to being murdered for century and it is ok if they have one more enemy. As usual at the end they will all reach their goals except Kurds. Kurds should not put their eggs in their baskets. They are cowards, and if they weren’t they would be on ground fighting this war, not Kurds. Kurds has nothing to fight with, Kurdistan is not even a country!!. Shame on them all. Against all odds, peace victory and belongs to united Kurds and Kurdistan.
FAUthman | 23/1/2015
But I would not worry about it. It is just a formality for the member signatories of the Coalition to officially meet, asses, and plan ahead. There is going to be changes in U.S. policy once the Republicans work with Obama about how to conduct and win this war more effectively and how to work with the Kurds and give them greater support and recognition.
Kurdistani | 23/1/2015
To all Kurdistani, never forget that are fighting for our independence. Like the israeli, we need to wage a powerful diplomatic war to get what we want and yet many wars to maintain our independence. Look at the Arabs, they failed over and over again yet look at what they can do with their independence as a nation. We want to build and maintain our own defense forces as we do not trust others to defend us! We want to build our own infrastructure as we do not belie that others in the proximity are capable of doing that even for themselves. We want to educate our own people, we do NOT trust the educators of those states. Independence will give us all that and much much more! Berxwedan jiyane, serhildan jiyane!
John Dingler, artist | 23/1/2015
Barzani is brazen. If Barzani had the heart to give credit to the YPG/YPJ for their effort, then perhaps people would give credit to him and his KRG militia. So it looks like he wants credit but does not want to give it.

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Gulen Turk | 1/21/2019 7:46:46 AM
Turkey sooner or later must go out of Kurdish lands , the sooner the better can not kill 30 million Kurds ...
yanxit | 1/21/2019 2:23:15 PM
how many american peshmergas have fallen in rojava? MORE THAN A DOZEN mcgurks bank group CITI wellsfargo cashing in with his iranian buddies, thats...
Erodgan and Trump call as McGurk lambasts US pullout from Syria
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Mohamedzzz | 1/21/2019 12:07:23 PM
US only can trust the Kurds, it's been long due that he dumps Turkey and supports Kurds unconditionally.
Hishyar Zaxoy | 1/21/2019 1:49:01 PM
6 or so Kurdish fighters killed yet the topic is strangely about US no casualties. This is called ars--licking
Anti-ISIS coalition convoy attacked in Syria
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Kurdish boy | 1/21/2019 7:53:41 AM
God bless Israel ...
kurd | 1/21/2019 1:11:38 PM
where are those big mouth ayatolahs? ghasem solymani is hiding loooooool
Israel says strikes Iranian targets in Syria
| yesterday at 08:04 | (2)
Dang | 1/20/2019 10:31:45 AM
This regime is the great ally according to senator Graham and the Trumpet
Mohamedzzz | 1/21/2019 12:11:56 PM
This starts looking like Pol Pot of Cambodia.
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