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PKK group denies sabotage against Kurdistan-Ceyhan pipeline

By Rudaw 24/2/2016
 Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline. Photo: Anadolu Agency.
Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline. Photo: Anadolu Agency.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), an affiliate of Turkey’s Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) denied claims it sabotaged a key oil pipeline from the Kurdistan Region to Turkey's Ceyhan Port.

Demhat Agit, a KCK spokesperson, told PKK media that the group did not know who was behind the Feb. 16 pipeline bombing.

Agit claimed Turkey has "outright hostility against the Kurdish nation,"  reiterating that relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Turkey “serve the Turkish state not the (Kurdish) national interests; it will even damage it."

On Feb 18, Agit said his group was against agreements between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey to export natural gas, since that would bolster Turkey's economy.

"They want to use the natural resources of Kurdistan as a source of life for the Justice and Development Party (AKP)," said Agit, referring to the KRG-Turkey energy deal.

"We will not accept such an agreement to bolster Turkey and to let it stand on its feet since this agreement is a conspiracy putting the lives of the Kurdish nation at risk," Agit added.

In the past, PKK-linked groups have sabotaged pipelines carrying crude oil from the Kurdistan region’s oilfields to Turkey.

The economic loss from the sabotaged pipeline exporting the Kurdistan Region’s crude oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan is estimated at $14 million per day, a Kurdish minister said Tuesday.

Meanwhile Safeen Dzayee, the KRG’s spokesman, warned “there are still bombs around the pipeline and now Turkish authorities are working to defuse them."Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said on Thursday that attacks on the region’s energy pipeline were unacceptable and Erbil’s deals with the outside world were a domestic affair.

His comments came hours after the KCK declared it opposed Erbil’s gas exports to Turkey.Energy experts see a Turkey-Kurdistan agreement on natural resources as a means for the KRG to emerge out of the economic crisis it has been suffering for the past two years.


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Kandil | 24/2/2016
All the lands of the Ceyhan pipeline crossings are Kurdish land, only by giving back Turkey Kurdish land to Kurds to have their own Independence can bring peace in the area
ABO JOJO | 24/2/2016
You have 4 enemy countries surrounding to build a pipeline and sell : 1)IRAN (Shia Dominant, will say KRG stole baghdads resource) 2)IRAQ (Will say it's ours anyways). 3) SYRIA (WAR ZONE). 4)TURKEY (ship to Adana, then to Israel, then sold worldwide). Please pick one because you can't ship and sell to the sky.
kurt basar | 24/2/2016
The sad part is they are going to sell the poor Ezidies natural gas to a country, which is burning the kurdish civilians alive and killing them by thousands without any mercy or regret. because of their problem with the Russian who are natural gas suppliers of the Turks, and KRG need money for to sustain their survival, it is dirty politic. The only solution for to end this Kurdish drama is, both Kurdish feudal lords of the & leaders of the Rojava must unite asap for the future Kurdistan, otherwise god help them for their stupidity.
Muraz Adzhoev | 24/2/2016
How often do PKK, its affiliated parties and organizations - KCK, HDP, PYD use slogans like "independence, national sovereignty, territorial, cultural and humanitarian reintegration of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan"? How often do they use the Kurdish national flag? They consciously never do it, because of their obviously pseudo "Kurdish agenda". Are not they provocateurs and traitors? Certainly they are and they do "business" with Teheran, Damascus, Baghdad and another neighboring capital city not far from Turkey's borders. Those, who are aware of, know very well what and whom I mean about. PKK leadership has crossed the red lines and should take full responsibilities for all consequences.
Kero | 24/2/2016
The PKK achieved 2 of its strategic goals with the attack on the pipeline: (1) It weakens an alternative Kurdish political project (KRG). The number one priority of the PKK is and always will be to destroy all alternative forms of Kurdish politics. (2) It stopped the KRG from paying the Peshmerga and so the fight against ISIS stalled. This helps the PKK because they want to be seen as the ONLY effective force fighting ISIS. KRG Peshmerga were getting too effective against ISIS and they were taking the spotlight away from the PKK branch in Syria (YPG).... Something just had to be done. You see, the PKK is a very cunning and self-serving violent gang.

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