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Turkmen parties not flying Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk

By Rudaw 24/5/2017
Kurdish and Iraqi flags flying in Kirkuk.
Kurdish and Iraqi flags flying in Kirkuk.
KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region – Turkmen parties running governmental buildings in Kirkuk have not yet abided by a decree issued by the city’s Provincial Council to hoist the Kurdistan flag on the offices, instead they have raised theirs.
The Kirkuk Provincial Council sent a final warning to those not willing to raise the Kurdistan flag.  
“This is a decision made by the Provincial Council and all the institutions must be obliged to execute the decree,” said an official, warning Turkmen parties dominating some institutions “to raise the Kurdistan flag as it has become an official flag of the city.”
He vowed that, if the Turkmen parties persist in ignoring the warnings, “we will go there ourselves and raise it.”
The Turkmen Front, which has nine seats in the Provincial Council and representatives from the city to the Iraqi parliament, is at odds with Kurds not only over the flag, but also over elections and the future of the city.
“In our last congress in Baghdad we reiterated that the Kirkuk situation has to be normalized,” Mohammed Saman, a Turkmen Front official told Rudaw, adding they also discussed “revising the voters’ registration mechanisms.”
The Provincial Council had repeatedly warned that if any institution was found to not be abiding by its decisions, it will face legal charges and punishment.
The local government in Kirkuk raised the Kurdistan flag alongside the Iraqi one over the Kirkuk governorate building in April after a vote by the Provincial Council. Some Turkmen and Arab representatives in the Kirkuk council boycotted the vote.

Shortly afterwards, the move was hailed by leaders of all the Kurdish parties, among them President Masoud Barzani who described it as "normal and legal." Some Arab and Turkmen parties have called the decision "unconstitutional."
The controversial raising of the Kurdistan flag stirred up heated debates among Kurds, Arabs, and Turkmen in Iraq as well as neighboring countries, notably Turkey where Ankara has expressed strong opposition to it.
The multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk is home to Kurds, Arabs, and Turkmen among others. It has been secured by Kurdish Peshmerga forces since mid-2014 after Iraqi government troops left the city ahead of a possible attack by ISIS when they took over large swathes of the country. The province has one of Iraq’s largest oil fields within its borders.


JamKurd | 24/5/2017
I suggest instead of removing the Turkmen flag, leave it there but erecting a higher and larger Kurdistan inform of theirs to essentIlly cover it. That way they will not have the excuse to cry to motherland Turkey or give ammunition to Baghdad to meddle in Kirkuk affairs. Since my childhood in Kirkuk, those Toranis were up to no good. They sided with criminals who were assasinating progressive people in Kirkuk in the late 1950s.
bebegun | 24/5/2017
Important to point out that Turkmen Front doesn't represent all the Turkmens of Kerkuk. it represents mainly the Shia Turkmen of Kerkuk. The Sunni Turkmen are within the brotherhood block which consists of Kurds Arabs Turkmen and Assyrians, that's the biggist block which voted for the Kurdish flag becoming official in Kerkuk
Reber | 24/5/2017
I say we solve this like their Turkish brothers in Turkey. We start by taking away all their religious cultural and political rights and demand they assimilate into Kurds, start calling them 'desert Kurds'. Some of them will of course resist so we use that as "proof" that they're separatists and start attesting and torturing them, out of those tortured some will surly use force to defend themselves so now they're terrorists so we go to work and flatten and burn all the Turkmen neighborhoods/villages to the ground in the name of "fighting terror". If any of their intellectuals raises their voice we can always tell them "come on the regime is brutal against everyone not just Turkmen" or my favorite "violence is not the way to ask for your rights, silence your guns and ask for rights peacefully and we will support you!"
Kurdo | 25/5/2017
Erdogan is doing all he can against Kurds, but some Kurdish leaders are still obeying him. As long as we have this mentality with leaders only thinking about their clans or parties we will not be successful. As Mr Cegerxwin said, either we will win together or we will be defeated one by one. Year 2017, we still don't have a country of our own, at the same time other people are looking for habitable places on other planets. We are 100 years behind for ONE reason, lack of good leadership. It doesn't really matter how well the crew work, as long as captain is steering in wrong direction the boat will not arrive in it's destination. To be successful, to be free Kurds need leaders that are ready to sacrifice them self for their people, not to sacrifice their people for their own benefits. Currently Kurds don't have such leaders, and really none of them is democratic. No names, they are all equally bad.

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None of this would happen if Kurds stopped betraying each other. The most recent one is PUK betraying on Kirkuk, Kurds lost the thousands of years...
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The barbarians ruling Iran must be overthrown asap.
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