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Komal supports ‘Yes’ vote

By Rudaw 24/9/2017
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – One of the two parties that has criticized the timing of the Kurdistan referendum and urged for its postponement has declared it will support voting ‘Yes’ for independence.

“We will vote yes whenever the referendum is held,” read a statement issued by Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal) on the eve of the historic vote. 

While maintaining that Kurdish decision-makers had shown “negligence” in preparing for the vote, Komal said Baghdad and the world are not justified in rejecting “this natural and God-given right of the Kurdistani nation.”

“Any Kurdish loyalist will say yes to the question whether they want an independent state,” Komal stated. 

The party concluded, however, that it would hold the decision-makers who led the referendum process “responsible for the implications and feared possibilities.”

Komal, along with Gorran, has thus far refused to participate in months of meetings, decisions, and preparations leading up to Monday’s vote. 

Earlier this week, Komal and Gorran issued a joint statement saying self-determination is a natural right of Kurdistan and the referendum is a tool to achieve this objective. 

“However, holding a referendum under the current complex circumstances marked by numerous crises and an uncertain future doesn’t serve this strategy. Rather, it is a dangerous step for now and the future of our nation,” read the statement. 


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Kurdish State | 24/9/2017
Bravo Komale for joining the independence.
Agha | 24/9/2017
Of course they have to support it, it's political suicide for any Kurdish poltical party to take a "No" stand, specially now that we are being threatened.
Free Kurdistan | 24/9/2017
Wise and smart decision by Komala. Yes to referendum! Tomorrow the world will face the birth of a Kurdish state! Bijî Kurd û Kurdistan!
Hama | 24/9/2017
Gorran from Slemani are the only traitors left then. The only reason Gorran are against referendum and independence is because Barzani proposed it and no matter what Barzani says they will oppose it. If Barzani says the sky is blue they will argue its red. If Barzani says kurds should be independent they will say kurds should stay with arabs. The last part is not a joke. So sad how some former PUK have been fooled by corrupt Gorran politicians to oppose the very essence of what it means to be kurdish. They say not yet? If not today then when? We know for sure circumstances will never improve and noone will gift us independence. We already have many outside enemies and Gorran are trying to fight kurds from the inside. Their tribal hatred against Barzani is greater than their love for independence. Hopefully PUK and Barham's new party can get rid of Gorran as quickly as they came about. Kurds have no time for traitors and saboteurs. We have enough enemies already.
Help the Ezidis | 24/9/2017
The only reason why they are support the yes-vote is because the leaders of this party know already that the outcome will be yes and they are very afraid that they will very, very heavy loose votes in the following parlementarian elections.

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dilan | 2/22/2018 9:43:31 PM
customs falls under KRG control, otherwise anyone can smuggle out anything out of south kurdistan and KRG gets the blame.
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