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Peshmerga reach point beyond which they will not advance in Mosul offensive

By Rudaw 24/10/2016
Peshmerga digging trenches at the Bashiqa front

This bulldozer is drawing the borders of the Kurdistan Region. This is the point from which the Peshmerga will not advance any farther  in their operations to evict ISIS from Mosul. On the opposite side from here, bulldozers are also digging trenches. 


This has all the makings of a historical event.


Beyond this trench, the Iraqi army is advancing on Gogjali, or the the Mosul Gate.


After both Tiz Kharabi Gawra and Tiz Kharabi Bchuk came under their control, the Peshmerga began drawing their borders. 


“The is the last point, it is the border that President Barzani assigned for us. If we are commanded, we will advance further. But for the time being we are here,” a Peshmerga official, told Rudaw. 


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Flaminco | 24/10/2016
Did he just say they're line marking the Kurdish border? has there been some kind of deal we're not aware of? 90% of so called disputed areas are under Kurdish control, the areas missing is now mostly in PUK dominated areas such as Gulawla(Jalawla) Saadia, Mandali etc the question is has the PUK the balls to do what KDP has done? can they force Iran to accept it?
Evan Rooney | 25/10/2016
Hi, Thank you for providing such excellent and independent Kurdish journalism. As an American I appreciate knowing what you have to say Among Americans I know, the Kurds are held in very high regard as warriors , an inclusive culture and as a justly governed people. I have some questions: Turkey hates the PKK and yet the Turks are supporting the Peshmerga at Bashiqa. I don't understand at all how this works. Can you please write a explainer / news piece on this element of the conflict? Also, what is the relationship between the Kurdish government and Iran / Shiite PMUs? These are two topics I never see covered. I will recommend to my friends and military oriented family; many of whom served in Iraq. Was USA taking down Saddam worth it? I don't know. Please let me know. Sincerely Evan Rooney
M Gonzales
M Gonzales | 25/10/2016
@ Evan I'm also a American but I've been paying attention too this region for awhile. You have too understand one thing about the Kurds, they are great warrior's but are their own worst enemy at times with internal rivalry's. They are also landlocked and the land they are sitting on is coveted by the Kurds powerful neighbor's. For any independent part of Kurdistan too be free in any economic sense they have to make friends with either Turkey, Iran, Iraq or Syria as a way out so too speak. By doing so you're going to make some Kurds angry. Turkey is at war with it's Kurd's and the dominant Kurds their is the PKK a leftist quasi socialist movement. Turkey was in fact at first against a autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraqi Kurdistan is kinda split between two factions, in the North the KDP led by the Barzanis. In the south before the political split the PUK led by the Talabani's. The current Iraqi Kurdistan government is dominated by the KDP and they are very Pro West and not on very friendly terms with the PKK. The PUK/Gorran south is OK with the west but also friendly with Iran and are ok ...ish with the PKK. I know complicated. OK Turkey has warmed up too the Iraqi Kurdistan government since because of trade and a desire too bring them under their sphere of influence. The Iraqi Kurdistan government has no choice though currently as Turkey is their only way out too sell their oil and natural gas and BT doing so gain independence. Iran and Iraq are not happy about this though. Turkey is currently attacking the YPG Kurds in Syria though too stop another autonomous Kurd region that's friendly too the PKK from coming into existence. Sorry, middle eastern politics is very complicated and long winded.
Andy Routledge | 25/10/2016
Flaminco, this is not the time for bickering. It is more to the point to keep an eye on the real objectives of Turkey should they "join the offensive". Most of us want to see a unified Kurdish entity stretching from the gulf and as far as possible into Syria. Busting the Sykes Picot divisions must be the major Kurdish objective.
Nav | 25/10/2016
@Evan, Turkey is not supporting the Peshmerga, all their claims about being invited by Kurdish authorities and shelling ISIS postions at the request of Peshmerga have been officially denied by Kurdish authorities in KRG. They trained a few dozen peshmerga (symbolicly) last year at their controversial camp at Bashiqa, Kurdish authorities reluctantly let them because all Kurdish oil exports currently go through Turkey. The main reason Turkey is in Bashiqa is to train and support Sunni Arabs not Kurds, but they don't want to say that publicly because it will cause more resentment against the Sunnis in Iraq so they deliberately lie and say it's because of Kurds to create tension between Kurds and Shias. The Turkish government has closed down all the free independent media in Turkey, all remaining media are government controlled so be extremely critical of news coming out of Turkey.

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Mark | 9/26/2017 6:27:55 AM
Israel didn't cause the wars, neither will Kurdistan. The troublemakers are the islamist Arab countries who don't accept freedom for other nations
Zaxoyî86 | 9/26/2017 8:14:18 AM
This racist Arab tries to flatter the Kurdish nation, by claiming that Kurds have all rights in Iraq, while his MP colleagues try to topple Fuad...
Iraqi MP: Like Israel, Kurdistan will cause years of war
| 19 hours ago | (23)
Joker | 9/26/2017 5:23:42 AM
They are "deeply dissapointed" in the "non-binding" referendum.... A democratic voice for godssake of A nation, calling for their basic rights. They...
H Michael Fink | 9/26/2017 7:22:58 AM
The US State Department does not reflect the opinion of the American People who support freedom and independence for Kurdistan and the Kurdish People...
US: Our 'historic relationship' with Kurdistan won't change despite referendum
| 9 hours ago | (9)
A Kurd in exile | 9/26/2017 4:45:11 AM
After everything that they did to stop the Kurds from holding the referendum for independence and they failed, the Mongolian Turks, along with their...
imam mahdi fact checker | 9/26/2017 7:18:06 AM
erdogan always usually hails kurdish media. you must mean hails not halts!!
Turkey halts Rudaw broadcast on Turksat satellites
| 19 hours ago | (9)
in my opinion | 9/26/2017 7:15:22 AM
they donkey in syria had big plans to expand his "empire" with help of maliki donkey number 2 now they are both on 5-2 diet waiting for room service...
American witness to signing of Iraq's constitution believes many articles violated
| 5 hours ago | (1)

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