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Second patient dies following liver transplant by visiting American team

By Rudaw 26/5/2017
WATCH: Video report filed on Tuesday.
DUHOK, Kurdistan Region – A 41-old patient who received a liver donated by his brother has died in a Duhok hospital days after his donor brother also died following a transplant surgery conducted by a visiting American medical team.
Nawzad Ahmad was in a coma since the surgery on Monday. He died on Friday in Duhok, Rudaw’s Peshawa Pahlawi reported.
Dr. Ghazi Zebari, the American-Kurdish transplant surgeon leading the medical team from the charity Operation HOPE, told reporters in a press conference on Thursday that Isa died from bleeding and an air leak into his heart during the final stages of the transplant operation.
“The cause of his death was not bleeding alone, but air leaked into his heart,” Dr. Zebari said. “There was nothing we could do at that stage to save his life.”
Dr. Zebari said that they informed the family about the cause of death. 
The brothers’ family had told Rudaw on Tuesday that they were told the cause of Isa’s death was bleeding.
“The doctor said – what was the word for it – bleeding. They said we could not treat it, and he dies. That is all they said. What can I say to the doctor now?" asked Isa’s mother.
Zebari said that he and his team have been doing these operations around the world for many years. In Kurdistan, they train local staff and help patients to receive treatment in the Region, especially the many who cannot afford to go abroad.
The brothers’ mother had told Rudaw that they sought medical treatment for Nawzad abroad, but were unsuccessful. Isa, therefore, volunteered to donate part of his liver to his brother. 
Dr. John Thomas, founder of Operation HOPE, praised the records of the doctors on his team, saying he has full trust in their abilities. 
“It’s very rare that somebody will die on the table, but it can happen,” he stated, He declined to comment directly on the case.
Dr. Ahmad Mukhtar, head of Duhok's syndicate for surgeons, said the liver transplant is a “risky surgery.”
He said his syndicate along with the health department would form a committee to investigate the matter. 

Operation HOPE comes to the Kurdistan Region every year. This is Dr. Thomas’ 18th trip, bringing a different team of specialist doctors to conduct consultations and operations. They also train Kurdish doctors in specialized techniques. 



Haseeb Ahmed | 26/5/2017
I'm sorry for saying this but Rudaw reporter should improve his English language. regards Haseeb Ahmed
Za. Kh. | 27/5/2017
I don't know till when the medical mistakes will be left without proper investigation,if a mistake have been done then there should be a kind of penalization. Many cases have been reported through the last year in Kurdistan and we didn't hear about any serious reaction from the the respective authorities.
JamKurd | 27/5/2017
This is the most stupid reporting by Rudaw I just checked DR. Zebari's credentials. He is an American Board Certified surgeon. He has 32 years of experience and his favorability among patients 5 out of 5 stars that meant a grade of 100. He does transplants of internal organs in Louisiana and is well respected. Kurdistan patients should appreciate this group of highly specialized doctors who are volunteering their time to perform these surgeries that are extremely expensive in the US. Death happens during routine surgeries. This appears to have been a very delicate surgery. Unfortunately the patients did not survive and I am sorry for the family's loss. However, Please done assume that just because these are American Doctors, that no deaths would happen at or after surgery. Many factors enter into these surgeries. I have one suggestion for our esteemed team. Please check that you have all the tools, equipment, clinical support of other health professionals like nurses and technicians. Also, check to make sure that after surgery care is done by experienced professional nurses. If those conditions are not there, the patient better off going to Turkey or Europe and seek treatment or surgery there. Thanks a bunch for a tireless and sometimes thankless volunteer Jo. To DR. Zebari, Supas for your valuable service. A true Kurds who has not forgotten where he cam from!
Hoshyar Zaxoy | 29/5/2017
Mr Ghazi Zebari should not experiment on his people. Better return to your adopted country.
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