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Is there a split among Kurdish parties on the question of independence?

By Rudaw 27/6/2016
 The joint PUK-Gorran delegation meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi in Baghdad.
The joint PUK-Gorran delegation meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi in Baghdad.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—A top member of the ruling Al-Daawa Party in Iraq told Rudaw on Sunday that a visiting Kurdish delegation in Baghdad had told him they had no plans to break away from the country and wanted new negotiations to start as soon as possible with Iraq’s central government.
“They told us they wanted to renegotiate with Baghdad and had new perspectives,” said Ali Hallaq, politburo member of the Daawa, referring to the joint delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Change Movement (Gorran), who met with the Iraqi Premier Haidar Al-Abadi, also a senior Daawa leader, on Saturday.
“We don’t want to break away from Iraq since we are part of the united Iraq,” said Hallaq, quoting the Kurdish delegation.
The PUK and Gorran have been visiting other Iraqi and Kurdish parties over the past month following their controversial pact in May, which basically unified the two former nemeses around the same political agendas for both the Kurdistan Region and in their relations with Baghdad.
Gorran is originally a breakaway party from the PUK and was established in 2009 mainly as a reaction to the PUK’s strategic pact with another Kurdish faction, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), signed in 2006.
However, the KDP’s increasingly strained relations with the PUK and its recent public row with Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa paved the way for the PUK and Gorran to form an alliance and decide to run on a joint ticket for the 2017 general elections in the Kurdistan Region.
With elections tentatively set for July next year, both Gorran and PUK are acutely aware of how the question of a referendum and independence could boost public support for the KDP, for which the drive towards independence has become a historical trademark. 
In one scenario, it could mean that even if the PUK and Gorran came out with strong support for the referendum and independence, the KDP’s gains would simply outnumber theirs as voters turn to the ballot boxes in 12 months. That is especially the case in the so-called disputed areas such as Kirkuk, which are outside the Kurdistan Region’s administration but could have a defining say in the referendum, whether they want to integrate with the Kurdistan Region.
Seen in this way, regardless of what the PUK and Gorran do, the referendum, which will by all accounts favors a permanent breakaway from Iraq, could in the end strengthen the KDP’s camp and weaken theirs, particularly if the referendum vote is held before the general elections.
This simply means that the PUK and Gorran are trapped between ‘a rock and a hard place’ since their supporters also favor a breakaway from Iraq.       
“We have conveyed to Baghdad [government] that we will block KDP’s autocratic tendency and will create a balance of power,” said Shwan Dawoodi, a PUK official who was also a member of the joint delegation visiting Baghdad. “We told them the KDP is no longer Number One,” Dawoodi said, referring to the Gorran-PUK alliance as the two groups  now hold 42 seats in the Kurdish parliament compared to the KDP’s 38.
The alleged comments of the PUK-Gorran delegation have already provoked reactions from other officials who maintain Kurdish unity could be at risk if the factions fail to find common ground.
“Partisan interests and ties have already split the Kurdish unity in Baghdad,” says Ahmad Haji Rashid from the Kurdistan Islamic Society (KIS). “It will harm our common objectives if we enter talks with Baghdad as a divided faction,” he says.
In August 2014, only days after Kurdish president Massoud Barzani’s speech in the regional parliament where he officially called for a referendum on independence, the Islamic State unexpectedly attacked the Kurdish Yezidi town of Shingal and effectively postponed the much-anticipated public vote.
Two years later, as Shingal and virtually all Kurdish areas have been recaptured, it remains to be seen if there are other detours on the way towards complete self-rule.
The PUK and Gorran, however, will in the end likely endorse the referendum regardless of its impact on their and the KDP’s voters since self-determination and independence are also their historical slogans. 


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kurda | 27/6/2016
This is simply not true All the Kurdish major parties are for independence Kdp needs to re-activate democracy and not confuse the issues
Kajik | 27/6/2016
This Issue needs to be raised again and again so that the supporters of PUK-Gorran realise that these parties has now shown their true colours. Hopefully the supporters of these two parties stands up against this selling of Kurdistans future and force these Arab servants to exit the political arena in Kurdistan.
American Kurd for Independence | 27/6/2016
Traitors!!! They should not be allowed to return to the Kurdistan region! PUK-Gorran politicians do not deserve the freedom that the rest of us Kurds seek. They should stay in Baghdad so Abadi and Maliki can ride them like Donkeys! These Arab and Iranian ass kissers have never done anything to help the Greater Kurdish cause. They are so jealous of the one and only Supreme Leader of all of Kurdistan Massoud Barzani that they are willing to risk perhaps our only opportunity at Independence. Shame on PUK and Gorran!! I urge all of their supporters to switch sides immediately, do not follow donkeys!!!
Muraz Adzhoev | 27/6/2016
Even for the majority of PUK-Gorran regular members and supporters the "joint" delegation's position during these dirty negotiations with Baghdad perhaps is something absolutely unbelievable. But for the majority of independent and true patriots, especially for the Peshmerga forces and for the Commander-in-chief of Kurdistan it has been predictable. The "joint delegation" of traitors and provocateurs and top leaders of PUK and GORRAN "Partisan Corporation" HAVE NO RIGHT AT ALL TO BE IN KURDISTAN ANY MORE. The Kurds, push them all to leave KURDISTAN for Tehran or/and Baghdad the sooner the better.
Diar | 27/6/2016
This is definitely a move in the wrong direction, but let's not forget that PUK and Gorran tried reasoning with KDP for weeks but were rejected every time. The KDP leadership would not even meet with them so why are they complaining now? I'm sorry to say that KDP has hijacked the parliament, they won't allow the reactivation of the parliament because they know they might not have enough votes this time to stay in power. On top of it all they pay the salaries of Duhok and Erbil first before other places. They do all this but expect all the other Kurdish parties to fall in line and support them in Baghdad on other issues.

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KRG | 5/24/2018 11:50:53 AM
A good step but will change nothing.
Shivan | 5/24/2018 12:25:27 PM
When are the Kurds going to grow up. Unity is the only way if you have Kurdistan in heart.
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After the referendum going back to kiss...
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I feel sorry for the child and its parents!
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