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Iraq situation must remain calm, focus to stay on ISIS: UN ambassador

By Rudaw 27/9/2017


The British deputy ambassador to the United Nations Jonathan Allen says that the UN Security Council was against Kurdistan Region’s independence which took place on Monday. 


Answering a question from Rudaw’s UN correspondent Majeed Gly, Allen said that now that the vote has happened all parties—Iraqis and Kurds—need to stay calm and focus on the war against ISIS and bringing services to liberated areas.


“We did not support the referendum. We’re disappointed that it took place despite efforts by a number of countries to try to talk to the Kurdish leadership to resolve any differences with the government of Iraq,” Allen said.

“We continue to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq.” 
“We believe what has to happen now is the situation needs to stay calm and we all need to focus on the fight against Daesh and the efforts of the government of Iraq to provide services in those liberated areas.”


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Freedom | 27/9/2017
Fanatical arabs, turks and iranians dont know the meaning of calm! Just look at how they react to a democratic referendum! They are ready to start a war just because the kurds demand every nations basic right, the right to self-determination! Shame on all countries not supporting the kurds, especially the US, Britain and France!
free kurdistan | 27/9/2017
Wheres your UN charters now you hypocritical piece of sh*t? The UN rather support countries like Iran and its proxy Iraq than the democratic and peace loving people of Kurdistan who have done nothing wrong by exercising their rights! YOUR so called organization is supposed promote and support democratic values, but clearly thats bullsh*t since you like to support totalitarian and autocratic countries!!
duroi | 27/9/2017
The Brits have used the Indians in the past century as their cannon fodders and now they want to use Kurds as cannon fodders to fight the monsters they created and unleashed in Afghanistan and Syria in their cold war. They have taken Kurds for granted as if we are their slaves. Let's free our nation first from 100 years of UK chains of slavery. And go get a proper haircut, dude.
Gary | 27/9/2017
The ironic and sad thing is, if you ask an arab, turk or iranian what they think of the west, America and their values, they'll all tell you the same! That they hate the US and the west and what they stand for, but the Kurds who have been a true ally and who share the same principles are npw being ditched and opposed in their time of need!
Gerbert d'Aurillac | 27/9/2017
The British statement is disappointing as it opposes the basic norms of democracy , human rights and the rules of decency .It is an unashamed and arrogant disrespect of the will of the Kurdish nation. Never in the history a British polling was so clear-cut and sound as the 25 September held Kurdish referendum on independence.

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