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ISIS beheads another Peshmerga as Kurds back Iraqi army in Makhmour offensive

By Rudaw 29/3/2016
Peshmerga hostages kneel before an ISIS militant in Kurdish clothes.
Peshmerga hostages kneel before an ISIS militant in Kurdish clothes.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Islamic State published a video purportedly showing a Kurdish militant of the group beheading a Peshmerga hostage before a crowd in Mosul, and threatening to kill two other Peshmerga prisoners who kneel before him.

The video was released as ISIS faces an Iraqi Army offensive on villages in Makhmour that is seen as a first step of a war to liberate Mosul, the ISIS stronghold in Iraq since it was captured by the militants in June 2014. Peshmerga units and a US Marine base in the area have been providing backing and artillery support to the Iraqi forces in their fight.

In the six-minute-video published Tuesday, a militant in Kurdish clothes is shown beheading one of the three Peshmerga hostages.

The murderer verbally attacks Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani and the United States.

Since ISIS attacked the Kurdistan Region in August 2014, igniting a war with Iraq’s Kurds that is still ongoing, the group has released several videos showing the beheadings of Peshmerga soldiers.

In the previous such release, a video published in October showed the beheadings of four Peshmerga in Hawija, at the site where US Special Forces and Peshmerga fighters had freed 70 Iraqi Army soldiers from ISIS.

ISIS reportedly had a steady source of Kurdish recruits until it attacked the Kurds.


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Hogir Adik | 29/3/2016
Curse for ISIS and their companions
i hate ISIS | 29/3/2016
Basterds I wish the Peshmerga would start beheading ISIS prisoners every time u do. now they will want to kick your ass even more.
Forked tongue | 29/3/2016
The bearded bastard will be dead soon. A militia group in Iraq has purportedly used Instagram to put to a vote the fate of a captured Islamic State fighter which, if genuine, is “unquestionably” NOT a war crime. The account @iraqiswat, claiming to be that of Iraq Special Operation Force, posted an image to its 80,400 followers on Monday that appeared to show a captured Isis fighter. According to the caption, the Isis jihadi had been arrested south of Mosul, and followers had one hour in which to decide whether he was killed or released. For all of ISIL - EXTERMINATE - no vote required.
K | 29/3/2016
It is most disturbing to see that ISIS have so much time and space to carry out such atrocities against humanity. In my opinion, it is the international communities responsibility to put all resources together and stop this human catastrophe. All I have seen so far is giving Turkey more weapon and billions of dollars to kill the Kurds. Turkey is congratulating themselves for killing 5900 Kurds. Either ask Turkey to turn the weapon on their brothers (ISIS) instead of Kurds or let the Kurds have that weapon and money to eliminate the ISIS. What is most distubing is the last statement in the article. If it is true, the only people to be blamed for that is the Kurdish leaders for allowing Islamic fundamentalists to flourish. Today, there are more Islamic Parties than political parties. People are getting brain washed by these Islamist and if things are not going their way, they pick up a sward and slaughtering people. Kurdistan in need of serious control.
Peter | 29/3/2016
so are they killing kurds who joined them at first ,, or were these captured in battles ,, if they are killing their own it just weakens them and makes others less want to join , either way militant who killed him will probably get his just reward im sure,, though he probably wont think so just to be clear the just reward i refer to is what the 2 real canadians (whites) who attacked us here in canada got ,, the cops saved us the trouble of trials by putting bullets in their heads,,, though its strange that all the true muslim terrorists who have been caught here or sent here all got to live,,,, is this discrimination against white extremists only here in canada ,, guess if we did the same to ommigrants or new canadian extremists we would be rascists,, cant have that now,, hurts our progressive image,, we will keep to killing our own when needed i guess

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Rojhelati Kurmanc | 4/28/2017 6:04:24 AM
NATO and Israel should attack Iran, you will also get support from Kurds, Baloch, Arabs, Majority Iranians and Gilaki in Iran. Entire arab sunni...
Iran’s Kurdish opposition call for boycott of May elections
| 4 hours ago | (1)
michel.kinnis | 4/27/2017 3:21:49 PM
POTUS Trump is not Housein Obama !! He will help the Kurds in both Syria and Iraq to Prevent Iran to come through to Syria and Lebanon. Israel says...
Rojhelati Kurmanc | 4/28/2017 5:48:43 AM
Turkish trolls working hard, how are you doing "Berivan".
After Turkey struck YPG positions, US says it's asked Ankara to stop
| yesterday at 12:07 | (11)
Dutchman | 4/27/2017 1:27:18 PM
Israel has a right to defend itsself against terrorist groups like Hezbollah and its parners in crime: the Assad regime, Iran and Russia. Putin knows...
Rojhelati Kurmanc | 4/28/2017 5:45:05 AM
The kurds in Libanon have no rights in Libanon. Israel should remove the arabs in Israel and put in the kurds instead. Arabs never took the deal to...
Israeli warplanes strike Lebanese Hezbollah weapons cache near Damascus, reports
| yesterday at 12:52 | (3)
T.I. | 4/27/2017 11:18:15 PM
Merkel knows that the EU can't influence or contain Turkey (Erdogan) through "engagement", what she's really saying here is no matter how bad Turkey...
Mohamedzzz | 4/28/2017 5:12:34 AM
Angela Merkel is right, all Muslim countries look guidance from Turkey and an upset Turkey can bring a lot of trouble, with or without adhering to EU.
Merkel calls it a mistake for the EU to turn its back on Turkey
| 13 hours ago | (3)

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