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Yezidis on Mount Shingal further isolated by winter weather

By Rudaw 29/11/2014

DUHOK, Kurdistan Region—Hundreds of Yezidi families are still stranded on Mount Shingal and left at the mercy of the elements.

“The worst news for those on the mountain is that it might rain or that it is going to be cold,” says Xalaf Tamo, a Yezidi refugee on Mount Shingal.

Around 10,000 Yezidi men, women and children have remained on Mount Shingal since August when they fled the advance of the Islamic State (ISIS) militants into their area.

“Our situation in terms of food and winter shelter isn’t very good,” says Tamo. “The relief helicopters haven’t come here for a few days due to bad weather.”

Some of the families have stayed to tend to their livestock while a number of men have created a Yezidi vigilante force to protect their mountain shelter.

Qasim Simer, the commander of the Yezidi force says that the threat of ISIS hasn’t gone away completely.

“The ISIS militants frequently attack and try to reach the mountain, but we repel them every time,” he told Rudaw.

Most of the roads leading to the mountain are under ISIS control and all assistance is delivered to them by helicopter organized by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).



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kurt basar | 29/11/2014
It is a shame that the Mr. Barzani with his petrol dollars can't help them, it is genocide and they get punished by everybody including Sunni Muslim Kurd's. Because they refused to believe religion of the pedophile and villain who is the Bedouin Arab Mohamed. The religion of the Ezidies is the Sumerian origin which is believing of the giver of the divine light, heat & love and has nothing to do with the evil. it is beautiful & pure religion where all the religions take their roots from and need to be study at the Kurdish scholar at the university. at the cosmogony of the ezidies you will find the beautiful Angels who live among us and that is their secret of secret
Hersh | 29/11/2014
@kurt basar the view from your high horse must be nice, "Mr. Barzani" has to feed 5 millions Kurds, more than 1 million Iraqi refugees, 250 000 Syrian refugees, plus wage a war against ISIL with those "petrol dollars". I'm sure you even knew that these particular Yezidi's refused to evacuate Mt. Sinjar when all the rest were evacuated back in September, they were urged to evacuate several times, but why let a small detail like that stop you using it as propaganda against "Mr. Barzani"?
MALCOLM | 29/11/2014
The sense of commitment to or loss of place and home runs very deep in people, and indeed in many languages there is a special single word for it. I do wonder if a little more assistance might help to endorse the admirable Kurdish tradition of defender rather than imposer of faiths.
Kurdistani | 29/11/2014
Well, if we can't convince them to leave the mountain then let us educate them to make the most of what they have. Or make them realize the challenges ahead. Yezidi are Kurdistani and we have to start taking better care of our own people!
redlion | 29/11/2014
I am an American and have a question. please explain . I have great respect for the Kurds, and will visit Kurdistan very soon. I believe they have earned the right to have there own State. Can someone explain the religion of this region? It is mostly muslim? Sunnie or shite? Thank you.

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This is a very useful report by Rudaw with a lot of very important quotes here. T.U.
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