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Turkish air raids destroy clinic in Kurdistan Region

By Rudaw 30/7/2015
Turkish Parliament. AFP file photo
Turkish Parliament. AFP file photo

DUHOK, Kurdistan Region – Turkish airstrikes on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) targets in the Kurdistan Region destroyed a health clinic in Duhok province Thursday, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Turkish warplanes have been launched a string of air raids on PKK sites in the Qandil Mountains in Iraqi Kurdistan since Friday. Thursday’s attack struck a clinic in the Amediye district of Duhok. 

The warplanes thrice struck the Geli Baze region in Amediye on Thursday, said Bakhtiyar Kadir, Rudaw’s reporter in the region.The destroyed clinic had been serving several villages, including Shinaw and Hiraspi. 

The latest air raids targeted areas on the outskirts of the Qandil Mountain, including Rezge and Maredu. These are the main hideouts of the PKK.

At around 3 pm local time on Thursday, two Turkish fighters flew  reconnaissance flights over the Qandil Mountains, Enze, Lejwe and villages in the Bokriskan area.

Turkey says its attacks are “in retaliation” for the killings of two Turkish police officers last week, for which the PKK claimed responsibility.

Turkey and the PKK began a peace accord in 2013 to end a three-decade conflict that had claimed 40,000 lives. That accord is in tatters following the latest Turkish raids.


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Funny | 30/7/2015
Turkey bombing South Kurdistan, banning Rudaw in TUrkey. And rudaw is still Pro-Turkish.,
Guest | 30/7/2015
We must denounce attacks on medical sites which have no military value. This violates the rules of war. Turkey cannot use disproportionate amount of force against pkk.
Shoresh Barzinji | 30/7/2015
Ordinary Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan and anti war populations in big cities in 'Turkey' they should organize to go on a general strikes and civil disobedience across the country in order to put direct public pressure on the Turkish racist state in order to force that state to halt it's savage attacks on Kurdish civilians in the South of Kurdistan,in the North of Kurdistan and Rojava of Syria,for this general strikes and disobedience movement to be more felt and be more effective needs a supportive general strike and daily demos in the whole of South of Kurdistan.Strike while the iron is hot,we cannot stand by and be spectators at this hour of need and urgency,it's a passive action just to digest the horrible news of this war's aims and dimensions and just rely on line protests instead of actual street protests,role up your sleeves for direct actions and mobilisations of the anti war public opinions.the wealth that created by all labor class are spend on wars is hitting hardest the lives of all poor people from Istanbul to Northern Kurdistan' cities and villages and elsewhere in Kurdistan too.Rise up against the warmongers and their savage state.
Sancte Pius | 30/7/2015
British newspaper The Guardian a few days ago said that Washington had Erdogan's policy change to force directly blackmail - US intelligence Services are supposedly in the hands of "undeniable" documents that can fully reveal the extent peace alliance between Ankara and DAEs. For Erdogan would could be political death, and so "suddenly" for the form has declared war Daes. I do not know to what extent has The Guardian was right, but if it's true it points to the real conditions inside the much vaunted alliance - some its members are actively supporting international terrorism, while on the other that everyone knows, but silent and let your trumps to a convenient blackmail. Awkward. Thus, Erdogan to one side - at least temporarily - bought US silence, for which the US military base in Incirlik offered, so American fighters before the first dropping bombs on Syrian territory will have to fly 1,600 kilometers, but around sixty weaknesses. Barack Obama thanks Turkey's entry into the war against Daes acquired the image of a man who had just silently disregarded the axis of Turkey-Qatar-Saudis, for which rewarded Erdogan consent to the creation of no-fly zones over the north of Syria, which would however should find refuge jihadists (mostly from DAEs) supported Turkey Saudis and Qatar. After all, the United States in the framework of roaring Syrian training program "moderate" rebels managed to send to the struggles in Syria just 54 - fifty-four words - men. Under these circumstances it is then should be considered as a "big success" just the fact that Turkey somehow sideways sometimes fire on Daes, who still supported. It is interesting that Turkey with the US no-fly zone agreed, but would go to the UN Security Council, which means that their procedure violates all conceivable norms of international law, but in international law in the last two decades anyway just tear Calendar ... And to top it all - that in return for the airport, increased flexibility of the US Air Force over Syria and Iraq, and the occasional volley to positions Daes - Erdogan was given a free hand to destroy the Kurds ... And on level over the strange silence of Syria, that in every previous Turkish aggression against its territory strongly protested, as Silence Russia, Syria's main patron. This clearly indicates a kind backroom agreement about which we do not have yet any information and will need to "Read" from the events of the coming weeks and months.
Ciwan Gilani | 30/7/2015
I am from the region, those were not clinics, they were PKK medical supply shelters. Everone from Duhok knows this. Turks may be angry and dangerous, but we shouldn't lie just to get ahead. They would never bomb their allies the KRG.

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Bart 56 | 11/19/2017 4:23:43 AM
Is Erdogen a sectarian, racist dictator?
Christian refugees in Lebanon want to return to Kurdistan
| 16/11/2017 | (1)
duroi | 11/13/2017 4:41:34 PM
It is heart breaking to lose your family and friends. Most of the 500+ victims were across the border in Iran and the city worst hit is SarPol Zahab...
IranMan | 11/19/2017 12:55:52 AM
Is it me, or others have also notice there is not ONE piece of "news" on telling us what the KRG administration, with its super rich...
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Carlo | 11/18/2017 9:29:30 PM
US allies hates each other
Love Kurdistan | 11/18/2017 9:59:20 PM
Mr PM Barzani, make no more mistake. DO NOT COUNT ON AMERICANS ANYMORE. I would be considering of forming alliance with others as well. Be a smart...
Tillerson to PM Barzani: US encourages Baghdad to start serious talks with Erbil
| 18 hours ago | (3)
Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 11/18/2017 8:39:29 PM
Sad to see a full row of Kurdish women wearing ISIS hijabs.
Muraz Adzhoev | 11/18/2017 9:06:21 PM
The “transitional government” must be established in order to provide overwhelming unity only for the achievement of the main goal by implementation...
Kurdish Islamic party calls for establishment of transitional government
| 17 hours ago | (2)

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