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Official report: thousands of Yezidis still in ISIS captivity

By Aso Fishagi 30/12/2014
File photo of Yezidis in Shingal.
File photo of Yezidis in Shingal.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - The Iraqi Human Rights Committee (IHRC) says that more than 3,500 Yezidi men and women have been captured by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq since it began attacks on the religious minority in early August.

The committee, which is associated with the Iraqi parliament, says that 441 Yezidis, including 280 females, have so far been rescued.

“We have confirmed knowledge of 1,597 females and 1,986 males who are still in ISIS captivity and who are identified as Yezidis,” said Boshra Ubaidi, an IHRC spokeswoman at a press conference in Baghdad Monday.

Ubaidi called on Kurdish and Iraqi authorities to “reincorporate” the Yezidis into their communities, saying they had suffered “severe physical and psychological traumas.”

Kurdish lawmakers say they have developed a compensation package that will help affected Yezidi families “back to normal life.” Maryam Samad, a member of the Kurdish parliament in Erbil, says the package includes both economic compensation and also the possibility of asylum in Germany, where an estimated 100,000 Yezidis already live.

Authorities in Kurdistan fear for the social stigmatization that could haunt the women in their communities after ISIS captivity and alleged sexual assaults.

“We have been in discussion with the German authorities regarding the traumatized Yezidi women and they have accepted to grant them asylum,” Samad told Rudaw. 

Some Kurdish officials maintain, however, that victims have been treated affectionately by their communities, “with no risk of stigmatization.”

“I am overwhelmed by the way fellow Yezidis have shown extraordinary respect for these brave women,” said Nuri Osman, special coordinator for Yezidi refugees in the Kurdistan Regional Government, who in an earlier Rudaw interview indicated that 234 Yezidis had been freed from the clutches of the Islamic State, 150 of them females and many as young as 12.

“They are respected and warmly accepted back into their communities. They are not being stigmatized, and it’s a moment of pride and joy,” added Osman, himself a Kurdish Muslim from Shingal.  

Kurdish MP Samad maintains that, according to their investigations, more than 3,600 females alone are still in ISIS captivity and those who have been freed are in “dreadful shape.”

“We have met with 200 of the 343 rescued women and noted that they are in great despair and suffer from severe psychological traumas,” Samad said.


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Nav | 30/12/2014
But if these woman are accepted back in the Ezidi community why send them to Germany? if some of them are rejected by their family they can be resettled else where in Kurdistan, it's better they stay with there own people. A German team could have setup a trauma center here in Kurdistan instead, both to help these victims and to train more Kurds in this field, God knows we need that kind of expertise in these bloody region.
Ezidi Avenger | 30/12/2014
Kurds won't rescue us. If they wanted they would have done it already. What they really want is that those of us who escaped fight their wars against isis. Once isis is defeated they will butcher and celebrate that they finally killed the "devil worshippers". That's what the heart of every kurd wants. We ezidis must help eachother and start creating our own military force and declare independence. We must create our own country where no one will mess up with us. If we don't do that we will be butchered by kurds or arabs. This must stop.
MALCOLM | 30/12/2014
Very gratifying to know that our good friends the Germans are willing to welcome any Yezidis who may wish to settle there. No one doubts that the Kurds will do their best to reintegrate those Yezidis who wish and are able to return back into their natural homeland within the Kurdistan region.
ܣܗܕܐ ܝܘܢܢ
ܣܗܕܐ ܝܘܢܢ | 30/12/2014
Do you Kurds realize it now? If Kurds didn't succumb to Islam centuries ago, you would've been in the same position Assyrians and Yezidis are in now. You can say I'm wrong but this is the reality.
kurt basar | 30/12/2014
The killers of the Ezidies as well as kidnappers, rapers, sellers and buyers of of those Ezidy girls are the Arabs who are Muslim, and these savages call the Muslim religion, the religion of peace, can you imagine that? There are two opposite forces which rule our Nature with their law, who are the love and strife (hate). As a human being love bring us together but strife (hate) separate us which is the Muslim religion. Because believers of the Muslims religion hate the Hebrews, Alevis, Christians, Ezidies, Druze, ETC, except the sunni/Salafi order which is Fascist Muslim sect and believers of this sect are Arab Androids who are need to contained for the future of the peaceful world otherwise god help all of us.

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