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Middle East

US-Turkey don’t agree on no-fly zone in Syria because of Kurds: militant leader

By Rudaw 15/12/2015
A screen grab of the Mohammad Jolani interview with the Arab journalists.
A screen grab of the Mohammad Jolani interview with the Arab journalists.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The leader of al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate, the al-Nusra Front, claimed that the Kurds are the reason that the United States and Turkey do not see eye-to-eye on a no-fly zone over Syria.

"The situation is very complex: Turkey alone cannot impose it (the zone) and America is against it, because it won’t be to the benefit of its Kurdish allies," Mohammad Jolani said in an interview with four Arab journalists inside territory controlled by the militant group.

Turkey “does not accept a Kurdish political elite on its border and America is supporting the Kurds,” he said in the interview, which was released on social media sites affiliated with al-Nusra or al-Qaeda.

“How come America does not allow a no-fly zone in Syria? Because Kurds will suffer the consequences. They fight ISIS, therefore they are important for America," he claimed, referring to the Islamic State group.

Turkey has pushed for a no-fly zone across its border in Syria, where it opposes any strengthening of the Kurdish YPG forces that have been fighting against ISIS. 

But the United States, which has been helping the YPG with air support in the fight against ISIS, has been lukewarm about the suggestion from its NATO partner.

Turkey is not concerned with the lives of civilians in Damascus and other parts of Syria, Jolani claimed, as he predicted that the Kurds would also be fighting against al-Nusra in the future.

Turkey, he claimed, "does not care about the expansion of ISIS and they do about the expansion of the Kurds. Ten million Kurds live in Turkey, while ISIS has no national roots there and will not put the country at stake." 

Turkey has been criticized by other NATO allies as a reluctant partner in the war against ISIS. Ankara has turned a blind eye to Islamist groups using its territory for jihads in Syria and Iraq. Since it declared a war on terrorist groups in late July, Turkey has been mainly pounding its own outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
Jolani predicted that Turkey’s oppressed Kurds would have their own homeland.

“Allowing the emergence of a Kurdish elite (in Iraq) paved the way for the Kurds in Syria to create an elite, and in the next 20 years there will be another Kurdish elite in Turkey which will stretch to the land of Iran," he claimed.

Jolani said that his group considers the Kurds as one of their own. “We think they are Muslims too and consider them as part of us." 

He said that al-Nusra had withdrawn from fighting ISIS and would not be part of any coalition against the group.


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Brzoo Kurdi
Brzoo Kurdi | 15/12/2015
If Turkey believed in democracy and freedom,they should not be scared to see a new state in Mideast ,after all the Kurds do not ask for anything that is not theirs , they don't want to take anyone's land, they just want their own land. so why Turkey is so worried about Kurdish they want us to be their slave? sorry it does not work that way.the world is changing rapidly, you can not commit another genocide.
Flaminco | 15/12/2015
What do you an honest terrorist, one of his statements was "Turkey is in fact not fighting ISIS, Turkey is fighting Kurds". Imagine that! even Al-Qaeda admits that Turkey is cooperating with ISIS and Turkey is Kurds worst enemy.
fermin | 15/12/2015
The entire Kurdish nation and literally all the Kurdish political parties despise the Turkish regime and know exactly what they are, except for one party who refuses to see the truth for short term gains. Rumors are that the Turks have promised them a "kingdom", through out history Iranian Shahs and Ottoman Sultans have used this exact strategy over and over again to spilt up and ultimately destroy strong Kurdish blocks from forming. Too bad that our leaders don't know their own history.
kurt basar | 15/12/2015
As a Kurdish web site, how could you publish the interview of this killer & subhuman critter? who is killer of the women & childrens by beheading them. it is very strange and tasteless.
Forked tongue | 15/12/2015
Another Forked tongue cowardly Islamist. "The leader of al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate, the al-Nusra Front." The Kurds know in which bed you lay or lie.

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