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Sunni Kurd named Iran's first envoy in Cambodia, Vietnam

By Rudaw 3/9/2015
Dr Saleh Adebi. Photo: IRNA
Dr Saleh Adebi. Photo: IRNA

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Dr Saleh Adebi, a Sunni Kurd from Sanandaj city, has been appointed as Iran's first ambassador to Vietnam and Cambodia, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Tuesday.

Adebi, who holds a PhD holder in Persian literature, said the Iranian government first offered him the position of ambassador to Australia, but later decided to send a diplomat of the Sunni Muslim faith to Cambodia and Vietnam due to the large number of Sunnis in those countries.

Iran's move to appoint a Sunni Kurd as an ambassador comes after President Hassan Rouhani promised to give minorities more positions in government.

Rouhani visited Sanandaj, the capital of Iranian Kurdistan, on July 26 in his first visit to the Kurdish-majority province since becoming president in 2013.

“Choosing Kurdistan province as the first place to visit right after the nuclear deal with the West shows the importance of Kurdistan and its people and their role in protecting Iran,” Rouhani told the press at the time.

Rouhani also vowed to improve Kurdistan province’s undeveloped infrastructure. He said 11 dams will be built within the next two years and promised to build new roads in the area.


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ari | 3/9/2015
Why is Rudaw making the Sunni/Shite Kurd divide?
Hawler Man | 3/9/2015
Great offer by Islamic republic to the Kurds, he will learn how to plant Basmati rice and teach the Kurds.
Darin | 3/9/2015
Ha ha ha, the Kurds all over the world should celebrate this!!! what a big favor the persians do to the Kurds by appoint a Kurd as Iran's ambassador in 2015. It shows how racist this islamic regime in Tehran is, and how it discriminates against the Kurds. And the irony is this kurdish ambassador holds a PhD in Persian literature not PhD in Kurdish literature, because the Kurdish language, culture and literature are very marginalized by the muslim persians in Iran.
Kawa | 3/9/2015
What a joke, a Kurd representing Sunni Muslims.. give me a break!
Sunnis still banned from presidency | 3/9/2015
The radical mullah terrorists constitution still bans Sunnis from running in presidential elections. The ability to become so called supreme leader is out of the question for sunni Kurds. Iran is way behind Turkey or any other country for that matter.

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Renas | 4/25/2018 8:12:21 PM
Its your job Mr Barzani, to unite Kurds, at least in Basur. So if Kurds are not United it means you have not Done your job well!
Hejar | 4/26/2018 2:23:23 AM
Kurds are not United so stop selling. If Kurds were united, they would've fought together in Kirkuk, Nineveh and Afrin. You are now slaves of your...
Without unity, Kurds will achieve nothing in Baghdad, warns PM Barzani
| yesterday at 10:45 | (2)
Rogério Porfírio da Silva | 4/26/2018 12:41:52 AM
hope for prosperity, this nation has suffered greatly. union and peace.
love peshmerga, AK USA | 4/26/2018 1:16:23 AM
Don't believe a word he is saying? he is lying and look he went to Sulaimani to thank Heero and her son for giving him a key to heart of kurds and...
Abadi campaigns in Sulaimani, ‘here to listen’ to Kurds
| yesterday at 12:25 | (6)
Dungeons and dragons 🐉 | 4/25/2018 10:01:15 PM
Yes makes total sense while turkey is breastfeeding about 72 terrorist organizations all those who dares not to aid them will be blamed as ...
Turkish court convicts Cumhuriyet journalists on terror charges
| yesterday at 10:42 | (1)
Kurdistan and USA | 4/25/2018 12:50:06 PM
We understand tour concerns, you are right. The USA could control the entire Middle East if they would spend 50% on the Kurds for what they spend on...
Ant man | 4/25/2018 3:02:40 PM
A ant is bigger therat than failed Pesh
The Peshmerga pose no threat to Iraq
| yesterday at 08:30 | (3)

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