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KDPI and Iran's revolutionary guards engage in deadly clashes

By Rudaw 9/7/2018
Members of PDKI march in formation. File photo: Rudaw
Members of PDKI march in formation. File photo: Rudaw

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan claimed that Kurdish forces inflicted casualties on at least four Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in West Azerbaijan province.

"Heavy clashes erupted between the Peshmerga Forces and the IRGC [Saturday night] in the village of Koke. In the ensuing battle at least four members of the IRGC were killed and injured," stated the KDPI on Sunday. 

The Kurdish opposition party did not report any casualties and the IRGC haven’t confirmed the clashes or any damages on their part.

Regime forces have completely militarized the area and helicopters are constantly hovering over the mountains of Haji Karim, Besh Barmax, Kani Asman and Pemarray Farhad.

“Following the confrontations the IRGC attacked the defenseless people of the area and detained a number of them,” said in the Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces command in a statement.

Since June, KDPI and the IRGC have clashed several times. On June 23, one KDPI fighter and one IRGC member were killed during fighting in the border area of Piranshahr city.

Mountainous Koke is near the Kurdish city of Bokan in the West Azerbaijan province of Iran.

Armed Kurdish opposition parties have vowed to push deeper into Iranian Kurdistan in 2018 toward cities and population centers.

KDPI says that local residents have been "harassed and imprisoned" over the past week.

"For every act of violence against the Kurdish people by the Islamist regime Iran and its paramilitary terrorist forces, the Peshmerga will retaliate against the regime," added KDPI.

In nearby Kermanshah province, Nooriaw News Agency Director Mozaffar Valadbeigi was arrested by Paveh security forces, Kurdistan Human Rights Network reported on Monday.

PDKI's insurgency against the Islamic Republic was reignited after a ceasefire ended in 2015.


Updated at 10:48 a.m.


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Leon | 9/7/2018
Good. Kill as many terrorist Islamists as you can. Have no mercy and do not let them recuperate!
shahoo | 9/7/2018
islamic regime only understand force. this regime is beyond reform. it must violently be overthrown.
Brian Ghilliotti | 9/7/2018
This is not surprising. The shadow US government is probably coordinating Iranian Kurdish operations from Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan enclave. If the enclaves they once controlled in southern Syria are reduced, their only way to continue applying pressure against the Syrians is through the north. The Iranian Kurds - Nakhchivan corridor is the only viable way to reach the Syrian Kurds. The Azeris are playing a dangerous game, risking their relations with both Turkey and Iran. They are opening themselves to a regime change maneuver from the previously stated two actors. Brian Ghilliotti
Shahab3 | 9/7/2018
Iran should fire missiles at Erbil if border guards are attacked.
Can | 10/7/2018
All Iran has to do to permanently stop Kurdish insurgency is stop oppressing Kurds and grant Kurds their full cultural rights, equal share of representation in the government system and full autonomy. Not symbolic temporary BS like Erdogan to win votes or to temporarily pathefi Kurds to buy time like in Iraq, Kurds would not fall for that and have to see real change over time. Do this and not only will you never have a problem with Kurds but will win over the Kurds of the other parts of Kurdistan. Until then keep barking your threats of attacking Kurds as if attacking Kurds has ever worked through out history. This opportunity will not be on the table for ever, we might suddenly find ourselves in a situation where some regional or big player decides to really back Kurdish independence

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Cwthu | 10/21/2018 7:14:43 AM
This article doesn't reflect reality and appears to be old and not from October 2018 ... and oh by the way "this is the palace where mam jalal works"...
A terrified city: My first trip to Baghdad
| 13/10/2018 | (1)
Mamali Sha | 10/20/2018 12:52:23 PM
Of course they get away with it.These people attached to the picture own and run billion industries in north america, europe with access to deep...
Kurdo | 10/21/2018 1:46:53 AM
This mullah regime is over, follow the restart movement:
Iran hails victory over Trump after getting extension on financial reforms
| yesterday at 12:29 | (2)
Meil | 10/20/2018 9:30:38 PM
this statistics should be on picture (easier to read) and compare to previous election..
Election commission publishes official KRG election results
| 16 hours ago | (1)
Lemon_Kurd | 10/17/2018 3:54:53 PM
Best Friends with Bin Laden, Anti reforms in Saudi, Grandfather Turkish, Muslim brotherhood member/sympathiser, what a load of bollocks, thousands of...
Jim | 10/20/2018 9:25:06 PM
Which "friends" of Jamal's are you talking about. His old friends in the Muslim Brotherhood? He's more recent friends in Al-Qaeda? His buddies from...
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| 17/10/2018 | (3)

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