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KDPI: 6 Peshmerga killed in clashes with Iranian army in Shno

By Zhelwan Z. Wali 18/6/2016
Slain KDPI who died in two days of fighting with Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Official photo
Slain KDPI who died in two days of fighting with Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Official photo
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region--At least six Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) were killed in two days of fighting with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which broke out on Thursday, according to an announcement issued by the KDPI on Saturday.

The party's leader also announced that the return of their Peshmerga to the Kurdish areas of Iran is for "unity and equality for all inhabitants of Kurdistan."

"The martyrs of this defensive fighting in the village of Qereseqe were: Kamal Khazri, Mohammed Khalid Payghami, Luqman Sheikhani, Jamal Ismaeli, Salah Nadri and Saed Omer Husseini," read the statement, adding that Husseini "was a veteran Peshmerga living in Sweden and recently returned to Iranian Kurdistan and Shno to visit his relatives."

The statement claimed that Husseini was wounded before falling into the hands of the Iranian forces, where he died. The KDPI holds the Iranian government responsible for his death.

"Our Peshmerga defended the people of Qereseqe and repelled the enemy, killing a number of commanders and high-ranking mercenaries of the regime,” read the statement. “We caused a major blow to the enemy forces."

The KDPI Peshmerga clashed with the Iranian forces repeatedly on Thursday and Friday in the Shno area.

A KDPI press release issued on Friday, stated, “A group of political cadres who were accompanied by a Peshmerga platoon went to the villages of Sergiz and Qereseqe [in Shno]. Our cadres and Peshmergas came under fire by forces of the Iranian regime. The ensuing battle in this village lasted for 10 hours and continued in several other places of the region until around 23:00 on June 16.”

The KDPI accused the Iranian forces of shelling “the villages of Sergiz and Qereseqe in the most brutal way, causing civilian deaths and destruction of property.”

They claimed to have killed more than 20 Iranian soldiers, stating on Twitter on Friday, “We have the identity of more than 20 killed [Iranian Revolutionary Guards] soldiers & commanders.”

The IRGC also issued confirmation of the skirmishes in a statement published on their website. “In a clash that happened between the Iranian forces and terrorists in the northwest of Iran, 12 of the terrorists were killed and we have captured weapons, ammunitions and classified documents.”

The Iranians announced that three of their forces were killed and they warned they will not let anyone destabilize the security of their borders.

In the meantime, Mustafa Hijri, the leader of the KDPI, issued a statement today regarding the return of their cadres and Peshmerga to eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan from their bases in the mountainous border areas between the Kurdistan Region and Iran.

“They bring a message of unity and equality for all inhabitants of Kurdistan,” he said.

Hijri asked the Kurdish people to support the Peshmerga forces of the KDPI and assured them that the return of the Peshmerga is to “join forces with you in pursuit of interlocking the struggle in the mountains [alluding to the role of Peshmerga] and the struggle [of the Kurdish people] in the cities.”

Hijri reiterated that the return of the Peshmerga was a fulfillment of a pledge that he made in his speech on the occasion of Newroz, the Kurdish New Year, when he announced that the KDPI would send Peshmerga and political cadres to eastern Kurdistan in order to facilitate closer interactions with the Kurdish people.

“We want to change the course for our party, but we will continue our struggle in all circumstances, we will combine the mountain struggle with the struggle in the cities,” Hijri told Rudaw at the time, referring to the deployment of their Peshmerga forces from mountainous areas in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq into the urban areas of Iranian Kurdistan.

With some 2,000 Peshmerga forces based in remote bordering areas, the KDPI is historically considered the most formidable military organization opposing the Islamic Republic in Tehran.

In May 2015, the KDPI deployed its Peshmerga forces to the border between the Kurdish regions of Iraq and Iran.

The KDPI was founded by the president of the first Kurdish republic in Mahabad, Qazi Muhammed, in 1945. The current leader of the party is Mustafa Hijri and its headquarters are based in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Following the establishment of the Islamic republic in 1979, the KDPI and other secular political organizations opposed the republic and a war between the Kurdish movement and the Iranian regime lasted until the mid-1990s.


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Kurd from Village of zeme in shno | 18/6/2016
Im from that area, few kilometers away from qereseqe. we could hear the shootings for over 24 hours. we saw cars full of dead iranian soldiers passing by and ambulances in and out. there was a sniper among the peshmerga that my uncle saw kill dozens of regime soldiers. this 6 peshmerga are not killed, they are martyred. one of them was still alive but the regime shoot him. when he was injured. they bombed half of my village, now im at my familys house in shno, but let regime know that we will never stop supporting peshmerga, they are our brothers and sisters, we are willing to die but still helping them Shehid namre We are ready to fight
Ben | 19/6/2016
After 22 years of being dormant they suddenly remembered they had to fight? I don't know, maybe KRG is trying to force Iran to accept independence like someone suggested, or maybe some other big power has pushed them. I hope it's the first one and the Iranian authorities are not as stupid as Erdogan to fan the flames, accept Kurdish independence in KRG and grant the Kurds of Iran some proper right's, no more Kurdish problem in Iran, that's a good thing for all sides.
shahoo | 19/6/2016
freedom fighters will never die
K | 19/6/2016
If you are a Kurdish patriot you would know our anthem " they don't die; those who live in the heart of the nation". They will never die in my heart. God bless your soul our Kurdish heroes and may god comfort your loved ones.
ARDALAN IRAN | 19/6/2016
The first two comments are from Zionists. There is no way Iranians are taking more casualties than the terrorists. God bless the Iranian army we will make our enemies eat the dirt from our boots. To hell with you collaborators of the zionist regime that evicts people from their homes. Im from Sanandaj and soon our whole family will move near Shno to settle the score with these terrorists.

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FAUthman | 11/19/2018 5:03:25 AM
This is a very useful report by Rudaw with a lot of very important quotes here. T.U.
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