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KDPI: We will continue our struggle until Kurds are free

By Rudaw 30/6/2016
Peshmerga of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran. Photo: Marta Senk
Peshmerga of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran. Photo: Marta Senk
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Nine Peshmerga of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) have been killed in clashes with Iranian forces since June 15, the KDPI confirmed in a statement issued on Thursday. In all the confrontations with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the PDKI Peshmerga acted in self defence, the KDPI claimed. 

Inspired by the growing autonomy of Kurds in the region, KDPI leadership made the decision to “reinvigorate” their political activities in Iranian Kurdistan “to facilitate closer interactions with the Kurdish people,” said the KDPI’s statement. The KDPI is headquartered in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq. 

“PDKI [KDPI] has sent its political cadres into different cities to carry our political activities. Due to security concerns, they have been accompanied by Peshmerga Forces, the statement reads. “The Iranian regime imprisons, tortures and executes Kurdish political activists linked to PKDI and other Kurdish organizations. Considering this reality, PDKI has decided that political cadres should always be accompanied by Peshmerga for protection.”

The KDPI statement insists they have not targeted any Iranian institutions or military but have clashed with IRGC forces only to defend themselves when attacked. 

Six Peshmerga were killed in Qereseqe and Sergiz on June 15 and three were killed in the Salwatawa region of Mariwan on June 25.

The KDPI state they have confirmed the deaths of 64 Iranian forces, including two high ranking commanders, and estimate to have killed many more.

On Sunday, Iranian forces fired shells across the border into the Kurdistan Region, wounding five civilians including three children, in villages in eastern Erbil province. The shelling also sparked fires that destroyed agricultural land in the area. 

Iran defended their cross-border offensive and warned that their forces would target “terrorists” who attack Iran no matter where they are. “Given the fact that the main strongholds of these terrorists is in Northern Iraq, their positions will be targeted at any point and region in case they don’t act upon their undertakings and in a bid to prevent the repetition of anti-security moves and measures,” said Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, Commander of the IRGC Ground Force, on Monday.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) condemned the bombardment and issued a statement on Sunday calling on both Iran and Turkey, which has repeatedly carried out airstrikes against alleged Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) positions in the Kurdistan Region, to end their activities within the Region’s borders. 

The KRG also called on Turkish and Iranian opposition groups to “no longer use the Kurdistan Region territories for attacks on its neighbours and respect the peace of Kurdistan Region’s peples, international law and the region’s friendly relations with its neighbours.”

On Wednesday, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani met with a high-ranking Iranian delegation in Erbil. They discussed border security issues.

"Prime Minister Barzani expressed his deep concern regarding recent events especially the shelling of Kurdistan Region border areas and the subsequent damage to civilians' property leading a large number of them to flee their homes," reads a statement issued by the KRG after the meeting.

"The two sides stressed the need to preserve the old and strong relations between Kurdistan Region and the Islamic Republic of Iran and to stand against any attempt to hamper these relations."

The KRG, which hopes to hold a referendum this year on independence from Iraq, is dependent on good relations with Turkey and Iran economically; the region exports oil through Turkey and is in talks to build a second pipeline to Iran’s Persian Gulf ports.

The KDPI called on the international to condemn Iranian threats to civilians in the Kurdistan Region, but remains committed to its current strategy of increased activity. “PDKI’s leadership is firm in its decision to reinvigorate the struggle in eastern Kurdistan and we will continue our struggle until the Kurdish people is liberated,” its statement concludes.


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FAUthman | 1/7/2016
KDPI Kurds, please consider your options carefully. You are not going to achieve very much for your fellow Kurds shooting few soldiers and policemen and then becoming outlaws hiding in the mountains. Please cease all tit for tat hostilities. It will only bring you misery. Let the Kurds in Iran enjoy a bit of prosperity now that the sanctions on Iran are lifted. The region is going to boom as a result. Learn from the wisdom of President Barzani. He will tell you Kurds have had enough of shelling and bombing and hiding in caves in the mountains, self rule or more of it can "happen naturally" or gradually. Kurds and Persians have lived on this land for a very long time and they have a common Indo-European genetic makeup and language roots. Surely if they tried they could get along peacefully!
realist | 1/7/2016
@FAUthman, I think you might've fallen for Iranian propaganda here, it seems you have the impression that the Iranian regime is a fair reasonable one that will distribute the wealth after the sanctions some what equally across Iran, but nothing of the sort will happen. First and for most the regimes hotshots and henchmen will get the biggest peice of the pie, after that comes their weapons industry and their foreign mercenary armies like Hizbollah, after them regime friendly populations and regions in Iran, after that areas of tourism and industry, and the crumbles that are left in the bottom will go to dead poor Kurdish Lor Arab and Baluchi regions. Now add the severe political and cultural oppression which is is implemented 10 times harsher on minoraties such as Kurds Baluchs Arabs etc
fact | 1/7/2016
PKK worshippers are hypocrite. they praise kurds fighting turkey but they advise iranian kurds to avoid fighting islamic regime. in fact, in trueky there is a clear democratic channele for kurds to advance their interests. for kurds in iran, this option is not available. so iranian kurds should fight islamic regime whereas pkk should comone donw from caves and enter political process
Iranian nationalist | 1/7/2016
Kurdistan is landlocked, so they should choose between Iran and Turks: "The KRG, which hopes to hold a referendum this year on independence from Iraq, is dependent on good relations with Turkey and Iran economically; the region exports oil through Turkey and is in talks to build a second pipeline to Iran’s Persian Gulf ports." Iran is building a new export route to Europe through Armenia and Georgia, by passing Turkey. Iran is the only country which can make Kurdish import and Export possible to both East and West. However if some parties want to try to disturb stability of Iran they will be crushed like ants under the legs of elephants. So PDKI/KDPI don't bring troubles for KRG and stop shooting policemen. Lenin and Stalin died long time ago and with that also your fossil ideology.
Kurdistan Unite | 1/7/2016
A Wake up call for Iranian Kurds (Rojhalat)Parties and leadership I was Komala when was only one Komala when Komala become many Komala me and 90% of Komala and kurdish public lost interest to stay.because we believe we are strong when we all together we can make different and make change when we all together. there is same problem with KDP for past 25 years or more Komalas and KDP unfortunately they stock in 5 to 10 acr (hektar) (urdugah) the have hard time to control their own security. every 2-3 years one party is make one announcement yes we need to work together inviting the other one for dinner or coffee or tea after the tea finish with no result goes off for another 3 years. we all tired of this model of politics. I am asking all Kurdish leaders especially (Rojhalat) what kind of school you learn this modal of politics. for past 25 years you can not go forward and you can not go back. you going around the circle. enough is enough. what is the solution.I can not go on in details in order to win this battles we have to give up to having ideology party because I can not find one person in this big world to have every same as my believe and it is not necessary to be there are 2 main issue in every society parties they need to work on it and those are 98% of public demand to 1) Economy 2) Human Right lets all parties get together and work to gather and with timetable move on lets go for victory. Iranian regime is most unwanted government in Iran and Internationally. Entire world dose not want this Terrorist government .

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Muraz Adzhoev | 11/19/2017 10:19:46 PM
“Elections” - that’s democratic procedure.“democracy” - that’s the rule of law, the supremacy of appropriately adopted, approved constitutional...
mik | 11/20/2017 12:15:54 AM
because kurdistan govrnment stolen lotts money of poor people and now they have to pay for it
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 11/19/2017 10:01:13 PM
Chemical Ali is laughing and cheering in his grave.
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Ahmad | 11/19/2017 5:04:42 PM
Sad to see infidel Vatican Crusaders like Stewee Guy exposing their own stupidity
Hijab Not! | 11/19/2017 8:22:28 PM
Totally agree with you Stewee! It just doesn't look right, does it?
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duroi | 11/13/2017 7:35:39 AM
This is a major catastrophe. The Darbandikhan dam capacity is 3000 million m3 (i.e. around 1/4 of Mosul dam capacity) but because it's half of the...
Soran | 11/19/2017 6:56:00 PM
Over a 1000 have died in sarpel in eastern Kurdistan. And there are earthquakes every day.
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